July 28, 2014

By The Sea Lifestyle Store . bubbly hi-tea with sister

Due to the Raya holiday, all of us have a long weekend this week but I wanted for more, 5 days just simply couldn't satisfy me now, nah just kidding. Did not plan for any short trip this time, but I kinda have a fruitful days for doing those spontaneous task/event, originally my main task was to settle my company's annual dinner photo-booth props but I did not really doing it, put it to least priority then. Smack. Viewed my old album and realized that there are some nice places that I forgot to share, be prepared as this is a very very backdated post! I still remember my sister brought me to By The Sea Lifestyle Store after I done my CNY visiting to my friend's house at mainland; this is not our first choice but due to the holiday some cafes got themselves off day too!
Since it called by the sea, so the beach feel is a must in the cafe; they whole cafe is cover with sea blue color and they even put sand and the sunshade to make you feel beach-y. They sell not only food and beverages, some cute items, clothes and accessories are put on shelf and mean for sales. I was eyeing on some of their phone casing and booklet but I left the cafe with empty hand.
If you like those stuffs that they put in the cafe and feel to grab it home, you may just ask the staff for the price (if I'm not wrong). Personally I like the corner with all the postcards sticking on the bluey door, told you I always have a thing with postcards thingy. If you happen to be there and if you are so lucky that there are not much diners in the cafe, I would suggest that you can pick the seat with shorter chair near to the retail corner that sell lots of accessories as we seated on the taller chair, and our butt are too big to be fitted in the chair and make us feel uncomfortable. 
Ta-dah, their handmade menu with cute hand writing in in, they provide a lot of small bites in the cafe and I had hard time to decide what to have. End up, we just order what we like from the menu and realize that we had too much for both of us, compare to others
Peach Dream | RM7.90 . Cafe Mocha | RM8.90
Wanted ocean blue on my first glance on the menu but I don't like to have bluey thing goes inside my stomach so end up I have the peach dream that really cool me down in the hot weather. As for my sis, she never wrong with mocha, she will only order mocha or mocha and still mocha from their coffee selection. We had too much food and this explain why we couldn't finish both of these beverages end of the day. 
Rum & Raisin Mille Crepe Cake | RM12.90
Since it was during Chinese New Year period, most of their cakes were sold out but we were lucky to get the rum & raise mille crepe, I was thinking that the taste would be quite similar with those rum & raisin ice cream we can get outside. But I was wrong, the taste is quite weird to be put into the mille crepe cake, maybe it's just not up to my liking; a little bit of bitter but the chocolate chips on the top of the cakes kind of neutralized the bitter taste. 
Honey Toast | RM7.90
The toast is served in a fish-shape plate that quite suit me and my sister laugh out loud, you see how thick is the toast that make me full until I couldn't consume anything more on that night. I guess we ordered too much of food, anyway it was only 1-2 hours after we had our lunch; my only idea during that time was to figure out how to settle all the food on our table. Overall the toast is quite good together with the vanilla ice cream, the honey won't too sweet after mixed with the melted vanilla ice cream.
Sebastian | RM7.90
The snack that I heart the most that day, the sebastian in bigger portion was sold out so the staff recommended us to have the one in smaller size so I assume the price will be cheaper than RM7.90. They put the prawn, scallop and cheese in the sea shell and baked it, a paper umbrella is put on top before they served us our sebastian in smaller portion. The taste is good just the portion is really that so small, each of us only manage to get 2 bites on it. 

6924, Jalan Ong Yi How, 13400 Butterworth, Penang.

Business Hours
3pm - 11pm (Monday to Friday); 2pm - 11pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Contact Number
04-323 3449


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Holiday can don't end so fast? Laugh.

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