November 16, 2013


October and November (and maybe December) are becoming the travel season, you will get to see friends posted photos or tagged themselves at International Airport elsewhere. I also get some souvenirs from friends and colleagues, I gave some but I did not get enough souvenirs at Vietnam and end up I gave all the souvenirs to others while I left with nothing. I don't mind at all as long as they are happy. Decided to have a post with all the souvenirs I got before proceed to post the Vietnam trip. Procrastinating again
People tend to get nougat and pineapple cake whenever they go to Taiwan, which Taiwan really famous with. I just realized I keep eating these things for whole year long, maybe our company do intake Taiwanese trainees and they will get us these as well. The plum sweet is meh, so I didn't grab much of the sweets. Got the alcohol (the tiny bottle) and I'm not gonna drink this, just for decoration.
The best souvenir you can get in Hong Kong is their variety of cookies; I got some and just took these few to blog. Thanks to Jhu babe for the postcard which drawn by Chailie Ho, but guess what it was not posted to my house; she got this and pass it to me hand-to-hand. Laugh. On the other hand, I got the Winnie the Pooh key-chain from my colleague, TY, which he bought from Disneyland. 
Bangkok is like a shopping paradise for all girls, but surprisingly my colleagues MH and her friends just spend around half day for shopping; they actually hunting on food for the rest of time. Glad that she bought me this, my room now is full with iPhone casing, but I still ask my sister (she going to there on next 2 weeks) to get me some from there, since it's so cheap over there compare to here. 
Last but not least, got this cutie pie (body lotion) from Florence, I was actually planning to get one because it looks so cute, she also get us the pencil box from Teddy Bear Museum! I asked her help me to get the spoon and chopsticks set for me, 4 pairs for only RM8; kind of worth it isn't it? I'm quite into Korea, not because of their k-pop star (but Running Man is!), but for their food. Om nom nom.


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It's On-Call 36 Hours again.

November 10, 2013

Kaffa Espresso Bar

Backdated post. I should post this right before my Vietnam trip 2 weeks ago but I was so busy packing my luggage and scaling the weight until I have no mood for blogging. I need to pick up my enthusiasm to blog, and that can make me feel good I think. 
I think I mentioned before that I love to explore new places during weekdays as we don't have to squeeze with the crowd, and I don't really enjoy the environment; depends on circumstances of course. Feel lucky that I do not work on Friday, good company? Come and join us at Mini-Circuits Technologies then, promo for my company. ROFL. Back to topic. Every time I pass by the Green Hall road, the GOOD COFFEE HERE sign will always caught my attention without fail and I finally paid my visit to Kaffa Espresso Bar. Yii-hah!
You may need to place your order at their counter, pick a number, wait for the waiters to serve you and enjoy the cozy ambiance. 
Kaffa Espresso Bar provided spacious area for dine-in and chill-out, each of the corner with different design but nevertheless each of the design is with a little bit of vintage, retro and quaint. Since it was noon time during my visit, outdoor will definitely a nay for me (you may consider outdoor seats during night time, will be a awe experience with zephyr); I chose to face The Beatles painting.
Present to you the second floor with a solo exhibition by Rofi, so called PSYCHE; the exhibition dates is until 7-Dec-13. Rofi enjoys painting faces and figures, he embarks on a psychological study of the face. Feel free to pay a visit before it's off. 
Random shots while waiting for my food.
Cappuccino (RM10) . Salted Caramel Macchiato (RM12.50)
Guess which would be my cuppa of coffee? Grin. Definitely the salted caramel macchiato, no prize for those who got it correctly. My first choice will always goes to this prior others, I just love beverages with pinch of salt which tickle my tastebuds for a little. The taste of caramel doesn't overwhelm by the salt yet you can taste some saltiness in every snifter. The cappuccino seems too normal. 
Big Bites All-Day Long Breakfast Platter . RM18.90
Wonder why I ordered this breakfast platter during the lunch hour? I just simply feel that by looking at this hearty platter already make me drool so much, and I don't want to have sandwiches and burgers for my lunch. When the waiter served this up, I had some hard time on how am I going to start this platter; after-all I started with the bread and the slice of turkey ham (or beef bacon on your choice) is meant to stuff into the bread. Platter consist of scrambled eggs (milk makes the eggs so juicy with smooth texture), a golden hash brown, one jumbo chicken sausage, sauteed mushrooms and grilled tomato (both of these are my favorite, just the sauteed mushrooms are a little bit too salty on my last few bites). 
Creamy Tomato and Chicken Spaghetti . RM20.90
Other than the breakfast platter, this is the second highlight of the day. Unlike other bolognese spaghetti, the chef cooks this with tomato puree (I believe so as it really taste different) and the mix of cherry tomatoes and chicken cubes are kind of delectable. It finished up with blend of cream and parmesan cheese, sprinkle some basil leaves on top and here come our spaghetti. Normally I can only have this creaminess from cabonara spaghetti but I can have the same taste from this dish its own. 

Kaffa Espresso Bar served food with no pork, it's a great news for my Malay friends. Currently they are expanding their business and you will see a branch at Penang International Airport pretty soon! Stay tuned for that and follow their Facebook for their updates. 

Kaffa Espresso Bar
Location: 22, Green Hall, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 8am - 10pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 04-2622822
Facebook: Kaffa Espresso Cafe - Green Hall

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Please wait for my Vietnam trip blog post . Coming soon