March 31, 2010


Something happen just now
not for awhile I think
this thing will continue until he get bored
guess what?

noticed anything?
I am chatting with myself
lacking strength after I realised he change his nickname
and display picture
which is same as mine

March 29, 2010

UO dinner

We had our Kolej Ungku Omar Dinner
at DECTAR on 26th of March

1st, we need to thank Syndy
because of her, we all attended that dinner beautifully
Theme of that night was De Enchanted Night
we really saw people wearing fairy wings
I just share group photos here
for other photos, please kindly log in to fb

I just love this photo
I love you all
You all look great

taking photo in toilet is a MUST for us
our tradition? haha

here come our family photo
Our daddy Raymond is proud to have 6 of us as his daughters

It was a wonderful night
and we all heart it


March 25, 2010

nice luncheon

Michelle, 7zai and I went to UPM to have a luncheon
which was prepare by
the students of food science over there

this is where we had our luncheon
this place is run by food science students
look like a real restaurant tho

this week theme is about Bugis Heritage Cuisine
and we were served by 7zai's gf
she is happy because of our support


Traditional Bugis Jack Fruit Spicy Acar
served with Keropok Melinjau
but we might not used to the acar
taste weird for me

Main Course

Chicken with Galangal Sauce
King Prawn cooked in Coconut Milk
served with Steamed White Rice
this was good
I love the sauce of this dish
at 1st, they planned to serve king prawn for us
too bad they can't get it at last
but then that rice was not enough for a big eater like me


Steam Custard in Pumpkin
pretty nice
I just realised I like pumpkin
the strawberry was sweet
and we did made a joke about it

last but not least

sugar cube and milk

Coffee, Tea or ME???

if got chance, I think i might go again
I said IF lar~

March 24, 2010

混 . MIX


* * * * * * * * * *

I miss you

* * * * * * * * * *



* * * * * * * * * *

share some thoughts here
heart me you

March 22, 2010


但是庆祝起KaiYien darling的生日还是那么的好玩

我们去Mom Mom Mia西餐厅吃晚餐




March 21, 2010



station game

my friends and I woke up early in the morning
what was the purpose?
to set the station game for participants
it just take a short while to end those games

*find sweets in the flour*
we were enjoyed looking at the participants
which tried hard to blow the flour

I like their colour
so bright

is time to throw balloons
*woot woot*
it was fun and after that game
we threw all the balloons where ever we like
all of us got wet
but still laugh non stop

hero of that day: William
he is the one who clean up the basketball court
while we all looking at him but doing nothing
big clap for him

March 20, 2010

我爱你 ♥


March 18, 2010

Baby ^^

New singer:

Justin Bieber
and he is just 16 years old
so young and talented
try to listen his new song - BABY
in love with this song now
keep repeat the same song since last night

[You know you love me, I know you care
Just shout whenever, and I'll be there
You want my love, You want my heart
And we will never ever ever be apart]

March 17, 2010

They are here with me!!

I met my parents at Midvalley
they came KL to play? or visit me? or visit cousin?
I am not sure
but they did have fun here
1st, we went to Madam Kwan's to have our luncheon
It had been a long time (just after cny holiday)
I did not have lunch with my parents
too bad my sister is not here

my cousin recommended us to try their nasi lemak
I like the curry chicken
taste good

had a happy shopping with my parents
Mama just love here
she said clothes are cheap here
isn't it?
then we had a break at The Coffee Bean
my daddy is 'coffeholic'

his cup of coffee
He was enjoyed that moment

Center Court of the mall
guess what?
I saw White Princess and Knave of Hearts in person
just the cosplay
I haven't watch Alice in the Wonderland
although some of my friends said it is just okay, not that nice
but I still want to watch it

March 15, 2010

For You

A card for Arif
100% hand made
and glad to know he love it
and i'll be strong
so no worry
take care there

tears drop

Our bao bei Arif back to his country already
it was a sudden
and this make us feel sad
I had been cried for several days
everytime meet up with him
then end up with tears drop
that day
whole gang of NewTune people
were went to airport with him
a farewell for him
quite a big group over there

Ta da~
this is the group photo b4 Arif left

Baobei's gang
our eyes were watery
yesterday when chatting with ahwang
knew that Arif told him that he kinda 'she bu de' me
I'm glad to heard that
because I got the same feeling with him as well
Gonna miss you much much

Our apple pie's last gathering
hope we can gather again next time

March 11, 2010

Course Trip (5-7/3/10)

We had a course trip to Perak last week
share part of the photos here
I'll just let my photo do the talking

We were gathered at UO bus stop before the departure
and took a photo with our banner
"Lawatan sambil Belajar ke Perak"
this is just part of the 2nd year students
1st year, 3rd year students and masters were not in the shot

we went to ISF before went down to Perak
and we had a great time over there
*gaining knowledge*
after that visit
we were late and cannot make it on time to reach our hotel
so we decided to stop and have a meal 1st

we ate KFC
please ignore my silly face

we took quite a lot of funny photo
and I like this 1 the most
nice huh?

Ta da~
and we reached our hotel - Abby Hotel
not that good yet not that bad
just a place for us to sleep and rest

2nd day
we went to another factory
we used more than 3 hours to reach there
because we were lost

we ate a lot
lots of free food over there

after that, we went to a park
and our station game were held over there
-Da Vinci Code-
we need to figure out what's the riddle they gave
and run to the station to complete our task
indeed it was fun
we were so tired and off to bed around 10pm something

3rd day
we planned to go Teluk Batik (beach)
but we run out of time
so we straight away went to our coursemate, Hakam's house
his parents prepared free food for us
thanks to him

that's our journey
we did not played much in this trip
because we spent most of our time in bus
lost lost lost

we played poker in bus
watched movie (malay movie of cause)

[up] girls
took it after we reached the abby hotel on the 1st day
[down] boys + girls
took it at Hakam's house
can spot my legs?

View along the highway

March 5, 2010


[why I smile?
cause you make me smile ♥]

March 4, 2010



March 2, 2010

I live to EAT^^

I went to Sunway Pyramid with my coursemates
and it was all about eat
we had our brunch at Pasta Zanmai
we were satisfied with the food over there

before our movie, we went for:

Ireland's Potato
it is located nearby the TGV cinema
I like it's proverb
[There are 2 things in the world that can't be joked:
1. Marriage
2. Potato]
nice huh?

for a small cup of fries, it's quite expensive
but we like to eat
spot its name in chinese?
means that potato is their tradition in Ireland

the purpose we went to Sunway was
Full House

It is a lifestyle store and cafe
where you can dine and shop in the same time
you will feel cozy when you walk in
Full House is unique with its interior decor
and it's all in white colour
I was so impressed by the decor

The comical menu
we had more fun looking through the menu than ordering the food
they even had the comics at the back

I like the chandelier in this restaurant
it's so artistic

when you enter you will see a statue
it is Thomas
the father of the family
then there have clothes section
and I found something that is sweet
a pillow
[I love you

even the food also look nice
yum yum
we really had a great dinner over there
I wish to go there again

they have a yellow mini cooper in front of the shop
for us to take photo

I'm loved