August 7, 2014

me . the postcard collector

I didn't manage to share something here last week as I need to work on Friday, I just have 2 days weekend left to settle my own errand and company annual dinner stuff which I procrastinate until lately to finish it, can't imagine that the dinner is actually on this Saturday. Hope that it goes well and I can live freely without bother it anymore until next year. Also, I'm kinda addicted to another game after the Brave Frontier (a RPG game which is more suitable for boys as per my bro-in-law) and still playing, new one is Hay Day! I know I'm quite late to join the game, somemore I saw most of my friends' farm with level that far away from mine. This also a little bit distract me from blogging, laugh

The guilt strike me for not blogging here last week, not that I want to maintain my pageviews but sometimes I do feel upset for not seeing any new post in my own blog, will you feel the same? Instead of only post about food, I feel to write something else which is about myself or products review only if I find it useful so that all the lovelies who come across my blog can get extra information about me that is useful for oneself. Thanks for your patient and bear with me on the wordy post; from the title you might already know what the post is all about - postcards! So if you don't get excite from this, you may just ciao after scrolling through the photos. 

Sure you will know I have a thing towards postcards if you follow any of my social platform, and it would be a good news to me if my friend told me that I can get some limited postcards selling in a short period of time. It was March when I got this set of postcards, I know it was long ago, and I promise to share any upcoming event on time so that all the lovelies can get the same information. *Cross finger
During the opening day of Penang 2nd bridge, there was an art exhibition by teacher Chong Hon Fatt called [ Impression . The 2nd Bridge ] held at DUN Penang; this art exhibition is held for almost one week and I manage to visit it on the last day. Teacher Chong is the only person that was allowed to go up the unfinished 2nd bridge and get his oil paintings on the bridge done, from the early stage until the bridge was fully constructed. There were almost 20-30 oil paintings being displayed in DUN, teacher Chong is so friendly and keep introduced his artwork to us and tell us some stories he faced during the painting days.
I got the one set of postcards (18 in total) regarding the 2nd bridge but only 6 of the teacher Chong's oil paintings printed on the postcards, the rest were those photography done by reporters.Since he was there in the art exhibition, I couldn't miss the chance to get his signature on those postcards with his painting printed on it, his signature is quite similar with my dad's. Two ink stamps were available during the art exhibition, you can just chop in on all the postcards like what I did. So, my friends sent some postcards but I decided to keep all especially those teacher Chong's postcards; I can give you anything except postcards lol
Just want to show some of my postcard collection, the one I heart the most would be this one: Keep Calm and Carry On which I got it from Dulcetfig, Haji Lane during my birthday trip to Singapore. Normally people only collect postcards with some greetings and stamps from friends, I do collect that and brand new postcards; whenever I feel the postcard is nice, I'll grab it home without second thought. 
Another type of postcard that I also heart is those wooden one, it's cool right? I got some wooden one and all of them are sent from Taiwan; sometimes when I know my friends go to travel, the only souvenir that I requested is postcard from that country. I didn't show all my collection if not you will just leave here out of boredom. Seldom write things other than food, so the first time always sound awkward; practices make perfect btw. Hope you enjoy!

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People who love to eat are always the best people.
-Julia Child-

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