June 24, 2010

I'm a clerk =]

10 days more
then I can be free - no more working for me
count down-ing now
but I don't wish to go back uni that fast
I haven't get enough playing and fooling around in this holidays

not like last time
I'm now doing all the paperwork and computer thing
I must finish it before I left
could it be possible?
I think so...
and I need to write out the manual
so that the new staffs can follow up what had we done
definitely this can ease their job
it's a tough job but I did learned a lot
many of us will never get to learn this in their life
but we're the lucky 1

I had sold a total of 12 perfumes
it's not odd of course
but what if I say 12 of them are the same?

He bought 12 bottles of this from me
that means we sold all of the stocks for him
he even grabbed the tester from us
because this perfume is discontinue and he can't get it somewhere else
I'm getting commission for this perhaps?

* * * * * * * * * *

Am I too thin?

June 21, 2010




* * * * * * * *


| So I look in your direction,
but you pay me no attention, do you? |

June 17, 2010

I'm just coming back from a tiring yet great outing
with all my colleagues and our big boss
Why can we had the chance to go out together?
because Emy did this:

We closed both shops just for this outing
it was awesome
that's why I get to off continuously for 2 days

we went to have our lunch at 'Water Drop Teahouse'
so call 滴水坊 in Chinese
a vegetarian restaurant at Penang Street
I like the ambiance
it makes people feel relax and peace

once you enter the shop
you will get to see this nearby the entrance

*no food photo in this post*
too much to post
I'm just lazy to resize all the photos
that's why I just leave it unshown

this is just a small group of us
another group already started to eat while
we were still snapping photo
okay, just me
but they used to it already

we went to Penang bowl after the lunch
we spent more than 3 hours at there
and each of us played 6 games
it was a league actually
big claps to my team
because we got the highest score among 4 teams
I got strike for few times
| happy |

then we went to dine
instead of sing K
too expensive at night and we don't like the buffer

I like my Jasmine tea
it tastes good

last but not least
we went for a movie:
Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang
I watched the 1st Nanny McPhee movie few years ago
now it comes out with the 2nd one

not bad I can say

there got fun fair
and we played bumper cars just now
more than 5 times I think
nearly jump out from the car while people bumped on me
| we are crazies |

June 15, 2010



June 14, 2010

A night out

Well, I watched [Karate Kid]
quite nice I think
and I learn a quote from the movie
| Never say never |
keep remind me about this quote
but I fail to do so
sometimes it's hard to hold it
hard to believe

we had plenty of time before the movie started
then we walked around in the empty shopping mall
of course~
all the shops were closed at late night
but we saw something nice nearby concourse area

Fighting Fish
Remind me of [Ice Kacang Puppy Love]
| be strong |

Every time when I pass through the G hotel
I like to see their sign
and they wouldn't disappoint me
by decorating their sign according to events or festivals
they are brilliant
now is football fever!!
let's have a look on it

let's yell: GOAL~

*but I didn't watch the match*

June 12, 2010

my boy's birthday

It's over 12 o'clock now
what day is it??
Today is my ahboy's birthday
[my stupid nephew]
he likes to call me ah girl
He said: people will thought you're younger than now
if I call you so
*can I piak him??*

Photo of him when he came my house to study

Happy birthday to my boy boy
and may all your wishes come true

June 10, 2010


why am I still raveling with my lappie in this late night?
1. Thursday is my off day^^
2. Just finish talk with my direct
he seeks for solution
but I just gave my humble opinion
didn't help much I think
but at least he can make a decision himself afterwards

A question for me
I knew the answer, but I didn't know how to do
that's what I can answered him
It's not that easy you know?

by the way, just want to tell you:
| Gambateh |

* * * * * * * *

Kenzo Jungle: Elephant
I like the design at the first glance
simple but nice

June 5, 2010

Glow gathering

Our colleagues is going to resign and prepare for their uni life
then we had a small gathering last night
we went to Annalakshmi Restaurant to dine with boss
an Indian vegetarian restaurant
that was my 2nd time to go over there with boss
and I met my friends at there as well

group photo of the day
our main characters of the day-Rainbow and Ivy
who seated on the right
say buh bye to them, they are going back to Kedah
just give us a ring when come to Penang next time
then we will have another gathering
and did you all see another trio on the left?
ny, me and angel again
and not to forget our big boss at the back, Emy

Because the restaurant changed their chef not long ago
we are not really satisfied with the food
yet we were bloated after the dinner

Ta da~
just show some photos here
because all the food look the same
but with different flavors

the night was still young after the dinner
at first, we wanted to sing k or movie
but plan changed
we went to Penang bowl to play
and a friend of mine did came along to play with us
and be our boss' coach
kinda funny

not to forget to take photo as well
gonna miss you all much
take care

June 3, 2010


A quote flash across my mind
it's from a movie-A Cinderella Story
do you all still remember?

[Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in the drought
Useless and disappointing]


| Please |

| Please |

is it really a magic word?
if I say it, will I get what I want?

* * * * * *

have a heart-to-heart chat with a friend
he share his things, and I share mine
although I still don't know how to make up my mind
but I'll try my best
I know there are 2 choices for me now
I just hope for the one I want

* * * * * *

why am I so emotional these few days?

Letters to Juliet ♥

Holidays is gonna end and it's time for me to work hard
but I'm so sick to go for work
too lazy
really had fun during my holidays
Fully enjoyed it

I watched [Letters to Juliet] finally
people go over Verona, Italy -
the romantic city where Romeo first met Juliet
and write a letter to Juliet
to seek for the answer
I also want to go over there

Like this quote:
| What if you had a second chance
to find true love? |
and it's never too late to find true love

you all will get to listen to [Love Story] in the movie
that's 1 of the reason I must watch this

"I got tired of waiting
wondering if you were ever coming around
my faith in you is fading
when I met you on the outskirts of town..."

* * * * *

Sometimes it ended without a start