July 16, 2014

No Signboard Seafood . Singapore

Told you, it's about food so if you are in hungry mode please do not continue this post, it might make you crave for food; I shouldn't post this in this hour as well, it makes me crave for seafood, especially crabs! Before the trip, we really work hard to search for nice food in this country, we are the one who willing to spend money on food more than anything else; this trip is said to be worthwhile after we had the nice luncheon in No Signboard Seafood
No Signboard Seafood have around 6 branches in Singapore, the one we went is at Geylang which is just 5 mins walk from our hotel; we planned to have a shower and rest after the lunch. There were not much diners when we were there, maybe it was just open or most of the people choose to have seafood at night time, so that they can slowly enjoy the seafood whole night long. There are 2 partition in the restaurant, one is outdoor another one is indoor with air-con supply; all of us of course went to the latter one. 
Sin-Chew Mee Hoon | $15
I just roughly state the price of the mee hoon as different portion are with different price, moreover we ordered another plate of this since this portion can't fulfilled us. Why we don't want to order another dish than this? Because it taste so good that we still stick to the same dish after we finished the first place. I'm not really like mee hoon as I always feel it is quite dry without any sauce, but this is different, it wouldn't too dry and it's up to my liking.
Crispy Cereal Prawn | $30
Wouldn't want to have only crab, so we order another seafood which is prawn, not bad tho and the prawns are so fresh. If you did order other seafood than crab, you should finish the seafood first before the waitress serve you the crab, because the taste of this prawn become so tasteless after we had our crab. The crispy cereal are so much until we couldn't finish, kind of waste I think. 
Chilli Crab | $60/kg
Fried Buns (Man Tou) | $0.50/ea
You can see that I keep mention crab in this post, but if you come here without order the crab, is it kind of weird right? So we order their signature chilli crab (you can order black pepper crab if you like, one of their signature as well) and the fried buns together as the fried buns really go well with the tomato and chilli-based sauce. The sauce are too much we couldn't finish it, if you are a big eater, you may order more fried buns to clear the sauce; without the buns it will make you feel a bit spicy. 
Wonder how big is the crab? Look at the claw in the photo, my thumb is only around 20% of the claw, so huge! The amount of fresh crab meat we can get from the claw are so much and juicy; this is the food that I missed the most throughout the trip, will definitely go back again because of this! 
Before they served you the food, they will first served you soy sauce and one bowl of water with lime inside, we do not know what's that until I asked the waitress. She told us that we will get the strong crab smell on our hands after the meal, the smell can only be removed by using the lime. We tried, and it did work!

No. 414, Geylang, Singapore 389392

Business Hours
12pm - 1am (Daily)

Contact Number
+65-6842 3415


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