April 1, 2018

[ Penang ] Fuku Eatery & Desserts | Beach Street

When I told others we stop food hunting for quite awhile, then my BF and I went to visit some of them recently, laugh.
We really cannot say NO to great food, and diet is always not in our bucket list.
I bumped into some reviews on Facebook about Fuku Eatery & Desserts - the new cafe-like Japanese restaurant;
so we decided to pay a visit on this newly open cafe during the weekend.
Fuku Eatery & Desserts is actually right inside Mano Plus Select Store, which located along Beach Street.
Not only Fuku, there are also Timeless Design, Moonshop (plant), Love 18 (chocolate store) and etc inside Mano Plus,
if you are interested to get anything from Mano Plus, just head over their website and have a peek on it.
Before I share about food, let's have a look on the entire Mano Plus area, there are variety of contemporary objects selling here.
I wish to own most of them myself, too bad some of them are quite pricey. 
You who love / write journal should visit here as they are selling items from Traveler's Factory as well!
It makes me think of Leonardo DiCaprio, his Inception totem.
There is an area displaying and selling ana tomy notebook where you can personalised your own notebook.
Love 18 is selling quality and premium homemade chocolate, it is originated from Kuala Lumpur;
same with Feeling 18 (Taiwan, Puli), they believe that 18 degree is the best temperature for chocolate storing and presentation.
They offer chocolate workshop here as well, we saw ladies were making their chocolate during our visit. 
That's how the name 'Love 18' come from - presens of perfect love to someone special.
You will find a photo spot at the very end of the store, which is decorated by Moon Shop Gallery,
if not mistaken, they are selling their plant (or they call it Forest in A Bottle) in Mano Plus as well.
Fuku Eatery & Desserts is on your left when you step in Mano Plus Select Store. 
It was just about dinner time when we were there, the cafe was crowded due to the hype, we needed to wait for few minutes (luckily) to get our table. The friendly staff will arrange the table with first come first serve basis;
just give your name to the staff when it is full house and they will call you when it's your turn.
That's how the cafe looks like, simple yet nice. Oh yeah, they do accept reservation here,
we saw they reserved some of the tables when we were there, do make reservation to avoid any disappointment.
Menu will be provided when you are seated, same with other cafes, we need to order and pay upfront at the counter.
Selection of cakes is not available in the menu, just head to their counter to order if you need dessert. 
Chicken Cordon Blue Curry Rice | RM15
I love how they 'organised' this curry rice, curry (with carrot and potato), rice and chicken take one column each.
The chicken cordon blue is nicely fried, the chicken is juicy and there is a layer of ham around the chicken too!
Normally Japanese curry will give you a kind of sweet taste, but theirs with a bit of spiciness,
but trust me it's not spicy at all, you can inform the staff if you love to make it extra spicy.
Unatama Don | RM20
Both portion is just fine, looks small at the first glance but it can fills you.
Unatama Don is like Oyakodon but they just change the chicken thigh to grilled unagi, I know exactly how to cook it,
but I always skip the seaweed and scallion part, these enhance the taste of Unatama Don perfectly.
You can just add on RM3 to make it a set, you get yourself extra green tea and mushroom miso soup with the price.
Ryu | RM14 . Kaiju | RM16
I wanted to order Momo at first (as I like the name more, sound cute), too bad they did not served it that day.
So I change it to Ryu instead, it's a mixture of lemonade and homemade roselle syrup,
two frozen longan is served on top of the drink, it's pretty refreshing to have this drink on the humid day.
As for my BF, he ordered Kaiju, a premium stone-ground Uji matcha, milo mountain and cane syrup soaked pearl.
I knew BF order this because of its name, Kaiju, we went to Fuku the next day after we watched Pacific Rim, laugh
The drink is creamy and taste rich with the help of milo powder, strongly recommended!

Fuku Eatery & Desserts
Location:37A & B, Lebuh Pantai, 10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 9am - 9pm (Friday to Sunday); 9am - 6pm (Monday to Thursday)
Contact Number: 016-302 2102
Facebook Page: Fuku Eatery & Desserts

[ Penang ] Golden Shower by ChinChin | The Pink Bar

There are plenty of speakeasy or hidden bars mushrooming in this lovely island.
I have no intention to visit any of it until one of them caught my sight.
It offers a more welcoming vibe compare to others with its pink and gold interior.
When I mentioned pink here, I think most of you already know which bar I’m talking about,it is Golden Shower by ChinChin.
BF don’t really like to go fine dining place that cost a bomb with small plates,
so I went there with my friends instead, who also wanted to have Insta-worthy picture here.
It’s just located opposite of Public Bank along the Bishop Street,
but you will not know this is it when you are there, as you can’t even find sign board around the bar.
You will first welcomed by the luxe bathroom decorated entrance,
and it becomes the first photo spot at the bar, people like to take photos with the bathtub especially.
We were there quite early, we thought to get nice photos before the crowd, or without other diners as our background.
There is good and bad to go there early, good is we can take our own swee time to take photo,
bad is the sunlight make our photo taken in the entrance doesn't seems right, so we took it again after sunset.
After the entrance, before the bar, there is another area for you to take photo and you finally got to see their 'signboard'.
With the dim light, photos taken here look quite cool. 
I don't really like pink, but I can accept this kind of pastel pink, of course the gold does make it looks perfect and grand here.
As you can see, we are the first group of diners here, the first thing we did was to take photos instead of order.
Even the bartender also asked us to take nice photos of the bar and share it through social media.
You can choose to sit at bartender table or the couch area. 
At first, we find it quite difficult to eat at couch area, so we opt for the former one; but I think we made the wrong decision,
sitting at the couch will make us more comfortable, and bartenders will not focus on us that often.
But sitting at bartender table, we can see what they are preparing here and there; our drink and food are come from here.
Apple XX Cocktail | RM39 . Prosecco | RM22
I forgot what my friends ordered, but it was some kind of cocktail with the name started with 'Apple', it looks nicer compare to my Procescco; they can't finished the cocktail so it was my pleasure to help them on it.
It is like liquor with citrus kind of taste; Prosecco (white wine) is good as well but the serving size is quite small.
Crostini with Mushroom & Parmesan dip and Bacon & Onion dip | RM32 each
We visited the bar during Shower Time (5.30pm to 8pm), the menu is pretty limited as they only serve snacks.
We can't wait for the dinner as we had other plan that night, so we ordered crostini instead.
There are multiple choices of dips to choose from the menu, each dip comes with 12 pieces of crostini (I think so).
The crostini is crispy like biscuit, I prefer Mushroom & Parmesan which come with a thicker texture that goes well with crostini.
So happy that I got plenty of nice photos here, till then. xoxo

Golden Shower by ChinChin
Location: 86, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 5.30pm - 2am; Closed on Monday
Contact Number: 04-263 6868