August 30, 2013

I'm on newspaper!

My company annual dinner ended well with all the help from committees, as usual I'm one of them, working through the hard time just to bring the best to the employees.  It was worth as long as they were happy with all the program and prizes. Let's throw back and see what's happening on that day; I do not have much photos to show and I only had the chance to take photos with others before and after the dinner. I was so busy (should say all the committees were) walking around during the dinner, taking the lucky draw bowl for VIP to draw the chosen one, like I said: their luck is on my hand. The walking really killed me to the max with the help of my heels, I took off my heels after the dinner, walked to my parking lot from lobby just with my bare foot. Laugh. It was damn good to step on the ground.
Joel is the one who design the invitation card for employees, ticket-like invitation card is simple but nice; let's jump to the dinner. 
Each year we will have a photo booth nearby the entrance of the hall, so that employees can take photos before the dinner start. Props for photo shooting is the trend now,  we prepared them our own, all handmade, except for the masks and hats. 
Photos before the dinner, 1: with pretty committees, 2: the only man in our committee group, 3: Taiwan trainees, only 2 of them were here, the rest went to KL on that night, they are smart isn't it? Thanks to the Gurney Hotel artist so making the background so nice, it's really prettier than the previous year. Btw, the wheels were done by us, and artists helped us to hang the wheels on clothes.
Photo after the dinner with some of the engineers, I do take photos with other engineers but it's not inside my camera, will see if they upload to Facebook not. Congrats to Vincent (middle) who got the first lucky draw prize, a touch screen laptop from ASUS. I was not in luck, that's why my number did not picked up by VIP, so sad! At least give me a shopping voucher mah. :(

I got something else from my big boss, together with my colleagues from different department. Each year (started Year 2010 I think) our big boss will have special award - Outstanding Performance, to give away and the person is selected by each department head who they think they are competence. I was clapping so hard for my colleagues who got it and out of sudden, I heard my name as well! I still couldn't believe I'm actually taking this award, thanks to my manager but too bad he was not there that night. 
This is what I got for the award, a trophy and a iPad mini with my name on it. Yippy yay yay. Heard that we are on yesterday newspaper, Kwang Ming; my sis took the newspaper back to her house, that's why I still haven't peek on that news, small column lol. 

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I was a dreamer, and will be a dreamer.

August 18, 2013

Eighty Tree Cafe . another gathering

It seems like I'm super inspired to blog this week, this is the third one for this week; I think I just want to blog most of pending posts before I create another blog-post-wave on coming trip. Can't wait, 2 more months to go. It was good to spend my whole day with my sista ppwen and Wei Wen after the piano recital, we didn't have this chance after ppwen stopped her job in Penang. Miss you miss you.
Here we were for our dinner of the night, Eighty Tree Cafe. I'd introduced this to my friends but didn't try it out myself, that's why I feel paiseh if they asked me the food is okay or not. It's hard to look for a parking lot alongside the cafe, there's a parking area just around the corner to the cafe, you may park there and walk a short distance to here. Spotted ppwen in the photo. 
The handmande menu and they also provide a food photo collection so that you can roughly know how is the food looks like. 
Comics are prepare, but look at the size, it's so tiny, and the wording is so small to read. Laugh out loud. It's so classic right? 
The owner put a lot of effort on their decoration, games are prepare as well (nowadays all those little cafe will provide a lot of classic games to diners, I think it's to kill the boredom or awkwardness during gathering). Love to take a shoot from top now. 
Mint Tea . Hazelnut Coffee . Orange Chocolate
Price range for their hot beverage (coffee and tea) is from RM4.90 to RM5.90. For coffee and chocolate drinks, they will serve together with some biscuits but mint tea did not come with one. Their drink is quite normal, don't really like the mint tea as the taste is too strong for me, but I did finish it off, don't waste mah
Grilled Red Snapper with Garlic Sauce . RM12.90
Ppwen ordered the grilled red snapper as well but with diavola sauce (lemon sauce), mine is with garlic sauce. I seldom order fish in western style restaurant/cafe as I prefer others, but this time I decided to give it a try and they did not failed me. When I saw the garlic sauce covered most of the grilled fish, I was so scare it will be quite greasy, but it's not and I was hoping they give more garlic sauce btw. Like the way they grilled the fish and it don't have that fishy smell at all. 
Egg Mayo Sandwich with French Fries . RM6.90
Wei Wen's. She is the one who always want to diet but we persuaded her to eat more, we sound so evil? NO, she is so thin and we have no idea why she keep saying herself fat, so end up she just order this sandwich for herself. 
When I went to foot a bill, I able to have a short chit-chat with the boss (I think) and he keep say sorry for no time to entertain us when we were there. What a humor owner. He explained why he used only red snapper instead of dory fish while others will use dory fish (cheaper) as the quality of red snapper is on top of dory fish. One thing I have to say, I don't really like dory fish, I think this is why I seldom order fish in western restaurant. 
Us on that night. Hope to have another outing with these 2 girls. Should I chop off my hair btw? 

Eighty Tree Cafe
Location: 83, Lebuh Cintra, 10100 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm, Closed on Monday
Contact Number: 04-2630361
FaceBook: Eighty Tree Cafe

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I wish I can explore all the cafes in Penang!

August 17, 2013

Dear Diary # 4

Whenever there are too many food posts in my blog, I'll write something personal to 'neutral' it; more food posts are coming soon. ^^
| the second time |
Attended Wei Wen's piano recital performance (should say, it's USM piano recital performance) for the second time, probably the last time as she is graduate this year. Like I said, thanks to her, if not I don't think I will go for this kind of performance in my life. Cause of this, I think I would love to attend another one as if there is another performance again. Bravo to her and her mates.
| face to face |
Went to Face to Face Noodle Face for their pan mee as I miss them again (KL's one of course). Was really hoped that the pan mee can make me surprise but they didn't turn out quite well, still prefer I Mum Mum Pan Mee compare to this (in Penang lah). 
| sushi tei |
Was planning to go Sushi Zanmai at first, yeah, it's finally open in Penang; but I heard that they don't really like it over here, I shall find a time and try it myself. To skip the queue, we went to Sushi Tei instead. Don't really like the service over there as we need to ask for our food to serve, awww, disappointed. But the salmon sushi did a little bit calm me down, quite good btw. 
| the lucky one |
I'm living somewhere near to Penang Turf Club for two and a half decades, but I never went inside the Turf Club until boyfie dragging me to there last week. He never been there either. I bet we are the youngest inside the club, you can only find aunties uncles over there. They were so excited when horses scamper towards the finish line, all of them shouting the lucky number they bought; we were the only one sitting still on the bench.  
| the key to success |
Saw this little hearty box on my table, a key-liked thumb drive which design by my big boss. Some of us were helping out the event during the Chung Ling High School visit weeks ago, and I was so lucky to be chosen as one of the presenter. As an appreciation, big boss gave us this for our hard work to make his event goes well that day. 

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Change is needed.

August 16, 2013

Cozy in the Rocket with bestie

Still remember the time when I went to Amelia Cafe with my Jhu babe? Click on the link if you forgot about this. I think most of the Penangites knew that Amelia Cafe is shut down and this little hidden gems is gone from the island; but then the proprietors of Amelia Cafe are back in business with a new name, Cozy in the Rocket. It was launched like few months back and caught my attention since then; didn't have a chance to get there until I got a call from my bestie Yin Shin. Managed to make a time with her (if you want to know, we didn't met for each other since we got into university), we decided to look for a good cafe as our first stop. 
Again, you can see the effort they put on their sign board, all handmade like usual. Spotted the flying pig with the word "la cucina", it means "the kitchen" in Italian (I'm actually googled it). Had no idea why they named it as Cozy in the Rocket, I can ask for the answer but I had zero contact with the bosses, they are still as cool as last time. Their services should improve (my personal thought). 
If you are a frequenter of Amelia Cafe, it's not hard for you to spot they actually move most of the artworks here. Lovely no? You can find fresh flowers are place on every wooden table, still love their idea to plug those flowers in bottles instead of proper vase.
The huge bar with tiny tin mugs hanging on top. Menu is chalked on the wooden board, so get your place and refer to this board for your order. The banana make me think of minions, gosh, so wish to get the plastic toys tho, minion-fever mode still ON. 
Miss wooden tables that you used at your 10++ ages? Students love to use liquid paper and make some doodling on the table, still remember no? Other than magazines, they also have event flyers; spotted the "Switch Their Life" from ASA.
Caffe Latte . RM10
I'm not a coffee lover but if you didn't try their coffee during your visit, it's a waste! In fact, there are no other choices for you instead of coffee, they do have juice, but only limited for one per day. Wine of course in the list as well lah. Didn't add a bit of sugar, still the caffe latte is good even with its bitter taste. Luckily I didn't feel a thing after this cup of coffee, took it with empty stomach. Gosh
Homemade Spaghetti with Bacon 'n' Asparagus . RM28
It sound so normal but the taste did surprise us. Never understand how the 'homemade' come from until I had a bite on the spaghetti, it's totally handmade! Not the normal pasta that you can get from supermarket and throw it into broil water, but they make the pasta themselves with flour. Literally, we finished it in a minute. Thanks to the bacon that boost the taste and also asparagus for making it not so oily. Bit of cheese slices is sprinkle on top to make the spaghetti become creamy-er. 
Homemade Gnocchi with Mushroom 'n' Truffle Oil . RM28
I did some research before meeting up my bestie that day, and the review on their gnocchi is quite good; so we gave it a try and it's totally worth of our penny. In case you don't know what is gnocchi, it's a kind of dumpling that mostly made from potato, wheat flour, egg and etc. I was so scare the gnocchi is full of wheat flour that you can't taste anything, in fact I was totally wrong; I can tasted the potato in every bite. I really adore this gnocchi until I can't even find a word to describe it.
Reflection of us on that sunny day, ps: her boyfie was tagged along and it's really a good outing overall. Wish to have more next time. ♥

Cozy in the Rocket
Location: 262 & 264, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 10am - 5pm, closed on Monday
Contact Number: 012-4967838

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August 2, 2013

Sabah, the land below the wind

Woke up early morning again (not that kind of 8-9am but 5am in the morning) and felt that it's time to have something done while listening to the drip drop rain. The drip drop sound remind me of Sabah, why is it so? Because the days when I was at Sabah, I listened to it like almost every night and it accompanied me when I was going to bed. So here comes my Sabah post after one month. 

Told you I was there not for playing trip but to join the Mangga Travel team for their fair. If you followed my blog, you should know I joined them once during Penang Matta Fair and they are all from Kuala Lumpur. Knew them through my cousin and this time they offered me to fly with them; went to Sabah which is the first time for most of us. Took leaves and poof I had my short holiday with them.
I was flying alone from Penang to KL a day before we departed to Kota Kinabalu; thanks to Mike and Davian for adopted me from the LCCT, it was late in the midnight if you want to know. I quite enjoy that moment, I mean flying alone to somewhere; it is like I only have my own for the entire exploration, I don't need to bother how others look at me and I'll just do what I want. Dreamer
Many first time for me during the trip and I'll keep reminding myself about those memories I had until my brain cell died. Yeah, I was in MAS and compare to AA (AirAsia), the seat is really much more comfortable and bigger space. Yet, each time I really dislike the way they landing, so hard! Grrr. Had our meal inside the plane as the flight is 3 hours to Kota Kinabalu; I brought a book too but I think most of the time I was asleep than reading it, but I did finished the book on the 2nd day and I wished I had brought more books tho. 
Love the sea, and the scenery. We were able to find some time before the fair, walking around the city to get some nice shots. Sabah is a good place to travel, because everything inside the city seems 'slow' and calm, somewhere away from your hustle and bustle life.
During weekend, we went to their pasar pagi to have a walk, hunted for souvenirs. You have no idea how clean is the street, we couldn't find a rubbish on the street, amazing no? The souvenirs I bought were not enough for all, sorry if you couldn't get one. 

[ F o o d i e ]
These are some of the food we had throughout the trip, no fancy seafood (which I think we should really go and try it) and nice dried shrimp (heard that it's really famous in Sabah), all we had is what you can find along the street and hawker center. Quite tasty tho.

[ A c c o m p a n i e s ]
Here comes the nice accompanies I have with me, nice travel with them and I wish we will meet again at somewhere somewhere. Davian don't like to be captured, so the one he playing with his phone is the only photo I can put up here. Specially thanks to Mike, Davian, Jimmy, Weyson and May for the wonderful days, you all made me feel like a princess and kiddo in myself throughout the trip. Miss you.

. . . . . . . . . . 

Chubby face, go away from me!