July 4, 2014

Busy Bodhi Cafe

It's started to rain after few weeks we suffer from the hot and hazy weather, the rain chase away the haze. No more hot weather and I can put on my blanket during my sleep, I used to be a person that put on blanket even it's not cold but I kind of abandon my blanket last few months, damn hot. I know I haven't finish my Singapore posts (I think only 4-5 more to be posted here, nothing much on my last day), but I feel to write something else or something new to me. 
Before I started, I want to share some grandmother stories on how this post come along. You know, Georgetown Festival 2014 is coming real soon and there is a campaign so call GTFWORD, some kind of alphabet hunting around the heritage area; entrance ticket for some GTF show will be given away to those lucky one who found the word (fixed by GTF with weekly basis), you may read here for details. I thought that was an easy task and wanted to get the alphabet hunt but I only manage to get 3 out of 26 alphabets. I almost walked the whole area but I think I might missed some hidden corner, better luck this week. 
I missed the alphabets, but I found a new hidden gem - Busy Bodhi Cafe around the heritage area, not really hidden as it is actually located at one of the mural that drawn by Ernest Zacharevic. Quite a good spot to have small cafe nearby the mural, people tend to look into the cafe after photo session with the mural; they might go in and give it a try after few more glances. 
For God sake, there was no one when we were there and I pretty love that kind of situation, it means I can walk around the place without bother anyone else, not good to make people feel annoy when they enjoying their moment there right. There are only 4-5 tables available in the cafe, don't complain it is too small as it would be a perfect stopover place if you feel tired after strolling around the area. You know what attract me to go in? It's the umbrellas! When I browse Facebook and I saw people sharing the photos and I promise myself that I need to pay a visit and I did it the next day, efficient no? Empire Damansara has the floating umbrella which photography is prohibited unless you ask permission from the management, we do have it now in Busy Bodhi Cafe. 
The cafe is not big, but I still took some times to look around and take some nice photos; they decorate the place with some old school thingy which I heart so much. Oh yea, don't expect air-conditioning here but they do have big fan blowing in the cafe, even the sun was so hot out there, I can't feel that either, the umbrella and trees did some magic too. 
"Don't play Candy Crush, play Can-Crush!". Saw the cute poster near the bar table, the waiter is kind enough to invite us to play the that and keep top up the empty can when he saw the quantity of can is less than two. The secret to successfully crush a can is Hit-It-Fast, I tend to play it gently at first as I scare I'll spoil the thing. A big biscuit tin is prepared to put the crushed can. 
Peach Fizz + Mango Fizz | RM13/ea
Umbrella seems to be a signature to the cafe, you will get your beverage with a paper umbrella on top. As you can read from the menu, there are not much snack available in the cafe, but I feel the beverages are more than enough. I want to try their Heavenly Clouds next time, it is actually an ice cream topped with candy floss, I just couldn't had it that time as ice cream make me feel thirstier; so I got myself the fizz beverages under the Thirst Quenchers column. 
Ended this post with my blurry photo, I look good when the camera didn't focus on me lol, it was too hot so I tied up my hair, if not it would turn to be a messy grass, how to solve my dry and fizzy hair issue? Laugh.
Ps: no Wi-Fi available in the cafe, as they support "Disconnect to Connect" campaign.

64, Lebuh Acheh, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
7.30am - 1.00am (Daily)

Contact Number
012-497 5599

Busy Bodhi Cafe

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It's been half a year, did you achieve any goal?

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