June 28, 2013

The 101 Lost Kittens Project : Mural Hunting Game

Hello I'm back with more stories now, but before I go on with those new places I went, I wish to share something before it's too late (it's on tomorrow OMG!). In some of my friends' eyes, I quite into those heritage and vintage stuffs, that's why if they knew there is something (suit me) going on, they will pass me the message or signal. Glad to have them in my life. 
When I was nearly fed up with those paper works in my cubicle, one of my colleague passed me this colorful leaflet and I straight away magnetized to this instead of those paper works. There are lots of events holding in Penang under the George Town Festival 2013, one of it is the Mural Hunting Game. The due date is on tomorrow (29-Jun-13), and I hope it's not too late to share this, you still have few hours to go and complete this by tomorrow morning! I drown in guilt. The treasure hunt is an integration of street art, treasure hunt, game, and public awareness campaign all taking places along Penang's Victoria Street. You may refer the map of these murals from here so you don't get lost. You may refer to 101 Lost Kittens for more information about the treasure hunt. 
These are the steps to help you win in the contest. First, you need to download the Muzy app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you download the Muzy app, you can sign in either through your Facebook account or create a new account with your email address. Personally, I feel that it's easier to sign in with your Facebook account, all it needs is a 'click'. After the sign in session is done, select the 9 frame Photobox for this contest. Now you can head to Georgetown area (there will have 11 mural paintings | miao miao paintings | scattered all over Georgetown area) to snap snap snap. All you will need to snap is 8 photos of the murals and 1 sculpture. The sculpture is actually the Mama Cat sculpture which will only be released on the 29-Jun-13. So stay tune to their Facebook page to find out the location of the mama cat! Once you are done with the photo, upload the photo with your full name as seen on your IC to on that day! 

You can win the limited edition Switch Their Live T Shirt if you are the first 200 contestants to upload the 9 frames photo. There will be a lucky draw for all the participants at 5pm for 3 Grand Prizes. Why wait? Let's go and get the murals now! Oops, before I end this, I would like to say that this project is actually sponsored by China House, LASSie, Switch and George Town Festival. Visit their page for more info and I hope you enjoy the game to the fullest. ^^

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No more hazy weather! Yeah!

June 21, 2013

Breakfast Bar at Langkawi

I'm going to have a post about where to breakfast in Langkawi which I promised before, and you may read another breakfast place which I recommended before over here, yup Red Tomato is it. I always love to have Asian style food as breakfast, we can easily get it over here. Yet sometime I love to have Western style food for breakfast pulak; if you wish to have both style as breakfast then you must go to Breakfast Bar. We went there during our last day at Langkawi, yum yum!
You can spot it with their bright yellow sign board and there is a buffalo standing in front with some kind of yellow magic broom (?). There is something I really heart about, the sign greeting with different languages, found language that you familiar with? 
Not only foreigners or tourists, there are quite a lot of local people visit Breakfast Bar for a cuppa or chit chat. Due to a flock of diners, I felt that the owner/staffs having some difficulty to serve all of us; we waited to place order, wrong breakfast were sent to us, no dishware for us and etc. Hire more staffs should have abstain this to happen (my thought), who care, let's continue with the food!
Langkawi Breakfast . RM10
All of us still stick with western style breakfast, because we don't want to have heavy/oily food as a start up for our day. Let's start with their langkawi breakfast, it comes with 2 toast, butter, jam, slice of chicken ham, slice of cheese and your choice of 2 eggs (either fried, scrambled or boiled). This set of breakfast is come together with coffee/tea. The scramble egg is way better than fried egg, all my family members had this set, but I chose to have another one. 
Turkey Ham, Cheese Sandwich (RM6) & Plain Omelette (RM3.50)
My sister said that I had a fulfill breakfast for that day, I was indeed. But too much of cheese nearly burst my stomach. Should have order their pancakes, heard that their pancake is quite good tho. You may have other side orders like sausages, baked beans and etc.
Natural Yogurt with Fresh Fruits . RM7
Since I didn't have breakfast set, so I don't have complimentary coffee/tea; and I ordered this healthy stuff for myself, really Western style! The yogurt is quite watery, didn't feel that I'm actually eating the yogurt btw and it's quite sour! I mixed the fruits together on every bites, to kill the sourness; it's because of they serve natural yogurt that's why it's so different from Nestle type of yogurt? No idea.
Phew~ I'm going to end this post with this beach view. Every time I see this kind of scenery, I feel that I found the sanctuary in life. ^^

Breakfast Bar
Location: Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi. (You will address it by looking at the bright yellow sign board along the road)
Business Hours: 7am - 2pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 04-9556533

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I'll play hard and work hard.

June 15, 2013

Langkawi Wildlife Park Experience

Oopsie, haven'd done with my Langkawi posts, I'm gonna slap my mouth on procrastinating all my posts again. Laugh. So despite of those hot spots in Langkawi, I seldom see people recommend about the Wildlife Park, so I decided to write this out because all of us really had fun there. We gave it a visit before we aboard and we thought we will only spend the most 1 hour inside the park; end up we spent almost 2 hours inside. We used up quite some time to look for the Wildlife Park, luckily we didn't lost in the mid of jungle.
The weather was berry hot when we were there, please don't be so happy when you saw the building and thinking of finally you will have air-con area. Yeah, you will have it at entrance hall but once you get through the gate, you only have the natural air accompany you again. Laugh. The first thing that fall into your eyes is not animal but the booth that selling all food stuff for animals; we bought one (around RM6) to share thinking of should be enough, yet we were wrong, we wished we can get more at the end of the visit. 
Le daddy was feeding the macaw, I was a little bit scare of their beak which is so hard; I always took back my palm when they about to eat the peanuts. Hahaha! Don't be scare as per le daddy the macaw use their tongue to take the peanuts, not beak. The most enjoyable moment was during budgerigars feeding, you may put corn seeds on your palm, as many as you can; raise your hand up high, within few seconds you'll see group of budgerigars cease on your palm and start eating. The highest record we got is 3 budgerigars in one time, you can slowly move around so that you wouldn't beat them up; they will finish all the corn seeds and fly away. So cute!
Here they don't have big animals like what we can see in Zoo Negara but those small animals are more than enough and they are energetic all the time, moving around and waiting you to feed them. Om nom nom. I like the mandarin duck very much, I didn't saw them until le mom say: see the mandarin duck, in pair one, in pair one~ yeah, they always move around in pairs.

The feeding food got a lot of varieties, that's why whenever you go, you can also use the bag of food to feed animals. Cool right? So let's give it a visit now!

Langkawi Wildlife Park
Location: Lot 1485, Kampung Belanga Pecan, Jalan Ayer Hangat, 07000 Langkawi.
Operating Hours: 8.30am - 6pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 04-9665855

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Happy to have shorter hair now.

June 2, 2013

Red Tomato dining experience in Langkawi

I'm going to update some posts about Langkawi that me and my family went there 2 months back, no more procrastinating. Laugh. Thanks to my bro-in-law to be our driver throughout the vacation, and sis for planning all the itinerary for us although I'm the one who been there before, but really lazy to do it lah. The weather really killing us and I became darker after getting back from Langkawi; our vacation was quite relax because we don't want too pack and rush, after-all Langkawi only have few places to go. 
People always ask where to find food in Langkawi, and those seafood restaurant only available at night, how about morning and noon hours? Apart from those kopitiam and mamak stall which serve food with cheaper price range, I'm going to share 2 cafes/restaurants which serve good food as well but with slightly higher price range. Having luxury breakfast once in a blue moon is not overmuch, the most important is you enjoy yourself during the trip with friends/family. So stop guilty and scroll down for the sake of good food.
Let's start with Red Tomato first, the second cafe will be reveal on the coming post. When my sister told me we are going to have breakfast here, I started to flash black that I'd been here once but the photos in the website are way different. Previously, the old Red Tomato named as Red Tomato Garden Cafe closed it's door and moved to a new place as it is now with a different style of design. Personally I love the old one more because it make you feel like you are dining in the mid of jungle. It's not hard to locate the restaurant, once you see a conspicuous pinky Beetle along the Jalan Pantai Cenang, then you found it!
We were quite early that day, there was only a few tables occupied and we chose outdoor seats to enjoy the birdie chirping and tree creaking sound - the natural! The indoor is quite dim due to the lighting and they brought along a few decor from old shop to here as well, peep the bird cages at the counter side! The interior design is quite nice with Oli's (shop owner) artwork ;Oli leads a life as restaurateur by day and artist by night, big claps to him to merge both of his passion with the unique interior design.
Red Tomato not only serve breakfast, they do have lunch and also dinner, so you can drop by Red Tomato anytime; I still remember me and coursemates dropped by there (the old one) after we finished our island hopping. We didn't ordered much drinks, so 5 of us only share 3 drinks, dad's espresso, mine is milk and sister's watermelon juice.
Garden Special . RM12.50
Over the western style restaurant, of course the choices also become western-ly, here comes mum's pick of the breakfast - Garden Special. It's actually an omelette cooked together with fresh mushroom, onion, tomato and fresh basil; and you can choose either beef bacon, turkey ham or just veggies to put in your omelette. Apart from this, they served with homemade bread or toast; we chose homemade bread and the bread taste like coffee? Laugh. The portion of their breakfast is quite huge, so we were sharing all together to try different thing. 
Farmers Choice . RM12.50
From the name of this breakfast, you may roughly know that farmers always have this as their breakfast because the ingredients can fulfill them for their whole-day-work. This hearty meal is cooked with lots of potatoes, tomato, mushroom, egg and cheese; of course, again you can choose either beef bacon, turkey ham or veggies. I kind of like this dish with the potatoes, yeah I'm potato lover also!
Egg Benedict . RM18.50
Wanted to try egg benedict for times, here comes the chance! Me, sister and bro-in-law ordered this together, just we chose different kind of bread, either normal toast or homemade bread. It's a poached egg with spinach (I wonder why they want to put so much of steamed spinach on top, the taste together is kind of weird) topped with sauce bearnaise. Then you can choose fresh salmon, beef bacon or tomato and fresh mushroom. I finished the spinach first before I touched other ingredient, the bearnaise sauce is so creamy that make you feel like cheese! 
Last but not least, family photo before we left the place. Omg! My face is so round is this photo and I look stupid with the messy hair. 

Red Tomato Restaurant & Lounge
Location: No.5, Casa Fina Avenue, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi.
Business Hours: 9am - 10.30pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 04-9554055
Website: Red Tomato

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Why I don't have replacement holiday tomorrow?