May 31, 2011


Were dined with family right after I finished my work, brought along the smelly scent of food lab together, this is not so cool. They were doing their shopping while waiting for me, and I had no mood to try those beautiful clothes on me, too tired to do so, but I saw plenty of garments that are nice. We had the J.Cool Fruit Base at J.Co after the dinner, I just realized today is Baskin Robbins day, missed a chance again. But I'll have one at the end of July, a promise. Smile. Can't wait for the coming of weekends, 3 more days.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Forget the risk and take the fall; I'm in it.

May 29, 2011

The fruitful results

Started my day with Subway to spice up my lovely Sunday at the Gurney Hotel there. Brought my Starbucks tumbler to claim the free beverage as well, the ice latte. Slurp. Penang Bowl with Chuk Leng later, will go there again with the gang, another league between us again? Can't wait for that. Were not playing bowling for quite a time, but I'm glad that I still can play well today. Jumping up and down.
The highest score for the day was 136, broke my own record; now I'm trying hard to get over 150. Guys beside our lane were definitely got shocked when they saw me had some strike in the game. So proud to see them clap for me when I back to my own place. Big grin.
What's next? Here we go. Nando's at Queensbay Mall.
Peri Soup and Bread, Portuguese Salad with hot peri-peri chicken and quarter mild peri-peri chicken with two sidelines; hot peri-peri is a little bit too spicy for us, I'll only go for the mild one next time. Met up with  Chee Yang and friends, the bowling gang, and had some chit-chat with them in the restaurant. Daiso is open in the mall now, and I bought something hearty there, will visit there again soon. 
Got ourselves a free member card from Genting Singapore this afternoon, we were so excited about the lucky draw, because one of the gift is Universal Studios Singapore tickets. But all of us were only get the mystery gift from them; stood there to see people got their draw, same result as us. I think the organization did made some tricks with the lucky draw, so unfair. Anyway, I got myself a keychain.
The booth besides them is Libresse, I think girls will definitely know what the brand stand for, so I leave out the explanation here. Played some games, and ta-da, here comes my samples and free gift from them. I had a henna on me again, this time is on my arm; my sis thought that I made a tattoo, fainted. Somehow, I feel that I'm lucky to have all this lovely moment and free gift. I love weekends!

. . . . . . . . . .

Thanks for the plan and your chariness, that's warm.

May 28, 2011

The passion

During the broiling day, a Malaysian shaved ice aka ice kacang can surely cure the hottish. It was so insane that I went to Butterworth again today, while I already need to travel across there every weekdays. Went there just to find a shop, A tu Z, selling wedding thingy and those handcraft raw materials, yet I couldn't found anything that I needed. Feeling down because of this, but the ice kacang cheered me up at the second it melted in my mouth. Back to cozy island and have some walk along the Beach Street, I love the place and buildings there. Gonna put some shoot when I back the the lovely place next time. Looking forward.

It satisfied my thirst on the day.

. . . . . . . . . .

I played Naruto! With one small kids and one big kids. Laugh out loud

May 27, 2011

Greeting from Taiwan

A little sweet greeting from Taiwan, as promised by a friend, reached me and waited me at home. Thanks to him, Ah Gan, for the postcard; seeing the 101 Taipei gave me a feel that I'd been there before. He is such a good friend to think of me when he was traveled around the lovely city alone there. Anyway, take good care over there, and we shall meet again.

We might have a trip together? Who knows.

May 26, 2011


Food are share in this post, please prepare yourself to drool, laugh out loud. A date out with my ex-boss, Emy and friend, Seow Woon on the night right after I came back from my work. Straits Quay again for me, people now are going to this mall, nice ambiance, nice feel, nice decoration and etc. Went to delicious for their food, although I had already tried it once at Bangsar. Were impressed by the upholster as it is totally differ from the place I went that time, with a style of art; divided into three parts in the restaurant.
Emy . Seow Woon
Gado-Gado Traditional Indonesian Salad with peanut sauce. My first time to try on it, and it is really not bad with the sauce together.
Seafood Linguine; see the slices? There are chesses which is too much for me, too rich to finish the slices and I left some in plate. 
They recommended me to try on Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova, love it by its look yet the taste failed me. Kind of too sweet as the crunchy pavlova is made up from only egg white and castor sugar.
That's the part I heart the most, white bird hutchie with blue hang over on ceiling, arty chandelier. Thumb up.

Talked a lot, and thanks to Emy for the treat again. Gonna have another gathering with all colleagues when time is allow, another Bowling League for us this time, maybe. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

Thanks :)

May 25, 2011


Were back to my R&D part after the two days spring clean in our lab, all of us went to work with a pair of maimed hands; got hurt during the work a day before. Say no to spring clean, if not I have to bring all those smelly scent back to my home again. Oh ya, yesterday was my supervisor, Eddie's birthday, we ordered Domino's and celebrated his big day in the meeting room. Didn't snap any good photo of it, waiting my colleague to upload some to facebook and I'll show you my working place and lovely people there.
Waiting for the X-Men First Class and Transformer now. Smile.

. . . . . . . . . .

Trying my best to help when you need it.

May 24, 2011


Slept late on the night before, pulled a tiring body and soul to work, it was really a bad feeling for me; no next time. Had some spring-clean in lab today an hour before we back, tomorrow need to continue for more sweep-up, drastically. My leader said something funny once she knew I'm the one who caught the cockroach, "You are such a erratic girl, act like a boy with a girlish look." Oops. Dinner at Kapitan, Nasi Briyani Chicken and Tandoori with Naan; I had half of them, shared with the one who brought me there. He said, no spoon and fork now, called me to use my hands to eat. A new experience for me, but kind of fun to try it, was really fingers licking good meal for me. Laugh out loud.

. . . . . . . . . . 

Are you really care?

May 22, 2011

The climb

A wonderful Sunday with dim sum as my breakfast, delectable enough for me. I seriously need my cellphone back, are using my sister's now as the keypad of my cellphone is failing me again; yet I didn't want to have a new one now, perhaps half year later. Force to use hers now, don't really like the photos that took from the phone, not as pretty as mine one. Me, a girl that couldn't live without camera?
When I kept my head held high, upon my head, I saw hope.

. . . . . . . . . .

In front of you, I lost my confident.

May 21, 2011

The piratic in you

Another happy Friday I had, and this day has become a day where we always go for a movie, now. Were not planned to watch it at first, Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley are not in the movie already. Got the ticket online after went back from working, and all the tickets for earlier times were sold out indeed, so we decided to go for a midnight show, 12.30am; where we still managed to get a better seats.
This movie is 2 hours and 20 minutes long, long enough for a good movie. You can see people were rushing to toilet in the half-way of the movie, laugh out loud. This time, Jack Sparrow is embark to find the elusive fountain of youth, which is on the map he got from the last episode. New faces are introduce when the old people are gone, and they have mermaids here, gorgeous, sexy but vicious.
Yet, Syrena is the only one with a kind hearted when she is totally in love with the guy named Philip. If compare to her sisters, she is just a ordinary mermaid, but I feel that she is the prettiest among them. I like their tail in the sea, when they out of water, you can see their legs, a great concept from this movie. When I out from the theater, standing next to all those movie posters while waiting for accompany, I found out that I had watched all the movies there. Watched it once they just released on the second day, Something Borrowed will be the next :)

. . . . . . . . . . 

You didn't call me by my name already. Grin.

May 18, 2011

Baking Life during work

I am still in the food lab now, just another session; this is all about the Flavour/Fragrance. Were so fast to finish off the orders by customer and no more order is awaiting; that's the time I came to help my another colleague on her R&D work: bake! We were tested on two different baking powder, to figure out which one is better and we are going to order this from the supplier. All of the members in the food lab were so excited when I started to take out the baking appliance; I actually made the tea time cake for them.

Everyone was vied to choose the flavour of the sponge cake, orange flavour for both cakes at last. They even made jokes, that me, the baking chef will only bake with only one flavour cake for my entire life, no other choices, and famous with that. Applause
This is so-called Fish's Brand Cake, they finished the cake in a blink of eyes.

. . . . . . . . . . 

"Check on the location, I'll bring you to have a visit."

May 17, 2011

Sister-hood day

This day is the reason why I didn't had Monday blue a day before, we are off on Wesak Day! Went out shopping with sister instead of staying at home to have a good rest. Were totally ran out of energy and I knew I need some food to heal me. Went to J.L Gourmet Cafe located in Prangin Mall to have our dinner, no other places to choose with; and I really miss their mushroom soup.

That's the legendary mushroom soup, you will keep on cast back the taste of it.
My Chicken A la King with rice and sister's Baked Chicken Lasagna.
Mint flavored ice cream as our dessert, not to forget our hot green tea. 
One good thing about the restaurant is, they didn't charge us on the taxes, just pay for the food and drinks you had, thumbs up. Sister couldn't find any nice shoes for her wedding, and I didn't bought any dresses which I planned to have one. I heart vintage style now.
This is my only booty of the day, rosy white belt.
Bought the cafe Mocha from Starbucks and when I on my way to pay the bill, the barista in a jubilant tone, told me: Miss, congratulation! You are the lucky customer of the day, you'll get a free tall beverage on the next visit to any Starbucks cafe when you show them this receipt. Excited. I done the survey online and got myself a beverage ID then, so a free beverage is waiting for me now.

. . . . . . . . . .

I want to have a perfect day with lots of sunshine and someone special like you.

May 15, 2011

I am LOST!

After decided for times, finally I went to have a hair cut; my hair is too fizzy. Dislike. It is 2 inch shorter after I came out from the saloon, but I quite okay with it now. Many people (not that sure) are afflux to the new shopping mall, 1st Avenue since the day of its grand opening, but this is only my first time to go there. Were totally magnetized by a shop which sell all kind of cameras I heart, mostly of them are film cameras. Spent some time over there and had a talk with the shop-lady, she was shocked when I told her all the info that she planned to tell me; I just can't help it, my favorite. Had put some list in my cart, need some time to consider which one I should buy, too many choices for me. Excited. Happen to meet up my cousin and friends over there too.

Were then went to Queensbay mall just to go their Borders. Used my Sakae Sushi's vouchers at the same day and I got to eat the raw salmon that I longing for; gosh, I'm still crave for it now! While aiming the food, we saw a car key lie among the food.
As a kindhearted person, I took it and wanted to bring  it to the concourse area where the Nissan roadshow held at, thinking that I might get something lovely in the gift pack. Without noticed on the time, we were enjoyed in the restaurant and a girl stopped by, told us the gift packs were finished dispatch to people and wanted to get back the key. I missed the chance, too bad. Disappointed.
Got this book from somebody, as people been told that I didn't have self-confident; this is for me to work it on myself. Hopefully it can really help, I don't want to waste the money and thanks for the book. Warm.

. . . . . . . . . .

You do care me, in the different way.

May 14, 2011

Win-Win Situation?

Ever think that: who are you and what you really like to be? I had, I have to think. Too many questions pop out since the day I finished my study, working or continue to get higher education? Which one you prefer? If continue, what do I want or I should say what field is fit for me? I don't feel to get any closer with science thing, okay, maybe not chemistry, too much for me, and I think I can't really handle it. Can I soar over the sea? Or I should just stay over in this little pond?
I said before, I like something, but people always do better than me, I think I just need some self-confident, I totally lack of this. How?

So, I prefer office work than lab work, I can wear like this. Chuckle.

. . . . . . . . . . 

Stand at my place, and you'll know why I worry that much.

May 13, 2011

Movie (s)

Heart Friday so much as I can rest and no job for me a day after it, I am waiting for the day to come every Monday. Another movie for me this day, Priest. A little bit too short for the movie, I expected it for 2 hours long, yet it is a good movie to watch; got shocked at some scenes. Psych out. My Sister have 2 free tickets, and she gave me! Something Borrowed, will be up at end of this month. Anyone?

It's a thin line between Love and Friendship.

. . . . . . . . . .

I feel, that's a cleft between us. 

May 9, 2011

A day for you

How's the celebration of Mother's Day? Well, we didn't had one last night, to avoid all those crowded place which is my mom's nightmare, we celebrated a week earlier at Sakae Sushi. Get another voucher again and I like raw salmon so much now, they are just dainty enough to lock my taste-buds. Remember the homemade mille crepe that  I said before? My sister just love it and ordered again for my mom; and we tried something new this time. Wishing all the grandeur mothers a happy mother's day, a belated one.

Humble Beginnings
See those peaches? 
This photo is flaw but I like the effect.

. . . . . . . . . . 

Everything seems so great now, can you hold it until the end?

May 8, 2011

A dream is like a bubble

Didn't went to jogging at last, my body didn't let me to do so, too tired; I woke up and slept back after a few seconds. Laugh out loud. A deliveryman was then stood in front of my house, and handed us our mille crepe cake for Mother's day, will show you more about that in the coming post. This is a easy Sunday, just a little bit too broil; still, I went out to shop at the nearer mall.

Before head back to home, we went to have the famous laksa with spring roll at Farlim, the good thing about the laksa there is they give you a entire fish instead of put some in the soup only, a fish ball is added in it as well. Finger licking good. Got myself a piece of earthy booklet from Chuk Leng when we passed by a shop which sell lovely stuffs. A pair of sneakers on the cover, bringing a message to me: a beautiful and comfortable shoes will bring you to anywhere you heart, and there, you will get yourself an inspire and find your dream.

I do not have a lucid dream, or I should say that I can barely dream because anyhow it will blight like a bubbles in the end.

. . . . . . . . . . 

I believe on what I see and read.

May 7, 2011


A day out again, to do some serious thing at first, but ended up meeting up with new friends and crap for hours until I started to feel my tiredness again. Enjoyed the day as well, never have this kind of life since intern (it is just a week that make me feel like a year) and I have a non-stop-eating journey in this day. Food in Penang never success to make me feel disappointed on them, palatable always.

Not this of course, this is just a meeting point of us.

The Uncertainty

If you ask me to choose between the study life and the current life of mine now, I'll definitely go for the former one; ignore the harsh-exam-period, my study life were fun and interesting! Now, I'm stepping into working life bit by bit, and it just brings tiredness and chucks away my personal time which I might can use them to do something nicer. I do learn a lot from the company and all the colleagues are nice to us; just I feel to slow down my footstep now. What can I or I should say what will I do after 3 months? Till then.

Spot the black dot at the upper right corner? I thought it was because of the dirt on my lens, yet it isn't. Do you think it is a bird soaring in the sky to seek for their freedom?

. . . . . . . . .

I can hear you when you whisper, but you can't hear me even screaming.

May 6, 2011


Get myself some rewards after a week of hardship, movie time! Longing for this movie: THOR, like I said, I like myth and magic thing. It is a good movie indeed, throw yourself in the cinema and enjoy the movie. Chris Hemsworth looks great in that, mad for him for awhile, and did you all feel that he looks like Brad Pitt in Troy? I shed a tear in the end of the movie. Oops.

. . . . . . . . . . 

She is still busy...looking for him.

May 5, 2011


Were long lost from blogger life since the day I started my internship at Euro Chemo Pharma, only 1 week tho, but I think that's more than enough? The hit topic among my friends now is all related with internship, discussed what we had done in the very first week of work. For me, I fag at doing my works, my leader said in here, we never get to stop, too many orders to complete. I never yawn during my working hour, too busy to feel sleepy perhaps; when I get back to my cozy home, I'll start to feel the tiredness flows to me then.

That's my tract in the company, I've been isolated from other chemists just because all the thing I used for my formulation is extremely smelly. Gosh. Is this a good thing to be like that? I can see them through the window in front of me, just I couldn't join them, it just give me no excuse to stop doing my job. As you know, I'm now in food lab, doing the seasoning part, quite a huge task in this company as they earn quite a lot from this? Who knows. Everyday, I need to complete few formulations and I bring home the smell with me, strong and not favorable one; even if I wash it for times, the smell just can't get off from me. Other than leaning those chemical thingy, we seem to have cooking lesson as well: maggie mee, mayonnaise, chips, cookies, chicken rice and etc., we need to prepare all those things, just to taste the seasoning we made. Sounds great? That's why I always find my work is quite interesting and fun, or maybe I'll get bored soon, but for now, it is good enough for me, I feel to learn more than that after some times.

People there are nice and friendly to us, and we always tag ourselves along with them during our lunch hour. Some of them were went to Thailand on the week before and brought back things and share with others, I never thought that I also have the honor to get to share with them, they gave us dodol. A small little snack that truly warm my heart. Will definitely blend myself in them and another heavy-hearted moment to leave after 3 months?

May 2, 2011

Exuberance day

Were out again today, might won't get this chance after tomorrow, I feel that my internship gonna kill my cells and energy rapidly. Laugh out loud. I really need to get a GPS once I got money, I can't even remember a place correctly, how pathetic, as I've been staying in this cozy island for 23 years. Smack head. Were so thirsty and we went to U Soya to satisfy our thirsty. First time to step in this place although I had pass through this place for hundreds time. Read this: Leadsafe for a healthier living; they mean soya.

Ever try the soya custard with topping? I tried the almond topping but I still prefer the original one, simple is always more than enough to allure my taste-buds. Went to another place to get the same thing, just to compare which one is nicer; the roadside soya is much more better! Healthy today. The first ever family dinner once I were back in here, Sakae Sushi at Gurney Plaza, and we enjoyed the shopping moment. Were so regret that I didn't get the jeans I tried, it is nice on me (my thought), wait me and I'll get it pretty soon!

. . . . . . . . . .

You never know, little things mean a lot to me.

May 1, 2011


Had a whole day out again, it's my life once I'm back to Penang. Headache over something which I'll blog about it soon after I feel it's time to show. Went to Straits Quay to meet up some friends yet we were reached there earlier than others; were luffed around and I saw Charlie Brown. I totally forgot its existence, will find some time to go there again and get more shots.

When I thought the meet up was to have some cackle and laughter, they actually planned to watch the football match (MU vs Arsenal that day) at Finnegan's Irish Pub and Restaurant. Luckily Jhu was there with me, at least both girls wouldn't get boredom throughout the night. Happy to meet you up girl, too bad I need to leave earlier and dump her there. It was a great night indeed.