December 26, 2010

Be merry

No chance to eat at the restaurant which we wanted,
look for the location for 2 days.
It is close on Sunday!
Too bad, hope that I got chance to dine over there.

Went to Ikea to have lunch.
I didn't have empty stomach in these days, I seriously ate a lot.
My tummy is going to burst in one day.
Took some nice photos when we were at The Curve.

| The Terrace's |

Went to eat at kopitiam, the hawker food.
Had nice food for few days, 
and this does a little bit make us become poor.
*Laugh out loud*
I love hawker food!
Don't really have empty stomach that time we went there.
That's why I can't fully enjoy all the food.
Yup, I mean ALL the food.
| Quote: Eat, Drink and Be Merry |

Really have a nice Christmas and outing for days.
Hope you also enjoy the day.
That's how I ended my Christmas for this year.
Merry Christmas.

Happy birthday to you.

December 25, 2010

HO Ho ho!

Merry Christmas!
How's your christmas day peeps?

I had a simple but awesome Christmas day night.
Wish to find a nice place to dine in?
Bangsar should be a great deal for you.
Lot of restaurants locate in this area, more than enough for you to choose.
We didn't came out with a decision after walked for few rounds.
In the end, we decided to walk around in the BangsarVillage.
It's a dignity mall, greater than Pavillion?
Don't doubt about it.

| Lego's |

Christmas theme of the mall - Lego.
The tallest Lego Christmas Tree in Asia.
Made-up with 850,000 Lego bricks, and it's 7 meters high.

In the end, we dined in Delicious.
A restaurant with a fine color.
Kinda look similar with the Tiffany blue.

| delicious |

A cozy big round sofa is place at the shop-front.
The combination of color is amazing.
Different types of blue color which make people feel ease.

| Hot Mocha |

They are using the Illy coffee and FarmHouse milk.
They seriously stated it.
Laugh out loud when we read about this from the menu.
They are so nice to include the coffee sleeve while served the drink.
*Thumbs up*

| French Onion Soup with melting cheese crostini |

Quite salty yet the cheese is great.
Not a good choice for you if you don't like onion.

| Spicy Zucchini Spaghettini with Feta Cheese and Pine Nuts |

It does smell good but no taste when we eat that.

| Mascarpone Pesto Chicken |

It served with fried potatoes and asparagus.
The portion was huge, need to force myself to finish all of it.

Bought a pack of FarmHouse chocolate milk.
Love the eating spree in this week.

December 24, 2010

Purplish Christmas Eve

Went to KLCC during my purplish christmas eve.
Why I said purplish?
You will understand it once you see the deco of the mall.
It's all about purple!
My favorite.

| It's all about Purply |

Had our dinner at DOME.
It's hard to make decision on what to eat over there.
We just realized there is not much restaurants to choose with after read the directory.
People did their chit-chatting over there 
while waiting for the countdown.

| Flat White |

I had my Mango Fandango, which mix mango fruit puree with yogurt.
The taste is RICH!
The flat white is good as well.
It was cool to have a cuppa and enjoy the breeze in the night.

| Sea-bass Fish and Chips |

| Creamy Seafood Pasta |

The pasta is nice, 
it can be better if the cream sauce given is more than that.

We left the place earlier before the countdown event,
to avoid the crowd.

December 22, 2010

The Trio 2

Finally I got all the photos, but will only upload some to share.
Too much to pick.
Went out to Pavillion just to have tea time lunch at Ichiban Boshi.
Did some mistake over there,
because the place that we really wanted to go is actually 
the Hokkaido Ichiba located at The Gardens.

| More than just sushi |

Warmth advice: Don't ever have Japanese food with this 2 fella.
We ordered a lot 
because we can't assumed the portion of the food.
Ended up we forced ourselves to finish it and barely moved after that.
I still can recall that we had been in this situation before.

| Tam Chiak's Ray |

He is going to kill me once he know I upload this photo.
*Laugh Out Loud*
In fact, I feel that it's suit to be his new profile picture.
Do you feel the same as me?

Did some window shopping and took bunch of photos.
That's the deco in Pavillion:

| Jingle bells~ Jinger all the way |

Once you walk-in the Pavillion, you will get to see the grand decoration.
Greenish christmas tree match with gold ornament.
*Thumbs up!*

Had our dinner at 'Lot 10 Hu Tong', my very first time.
Not much choices left because it's kind of late when we reached there.
They already prepared to close.
Still manage to order something to fill our tummy.

| Bowls |

Anyone who love cakes, 
Su's Cakes for Kicks setting up a kiosk at Fahrenheit 88.
Free testing for the cheese cakes before you buy any.

| Cheese Cakes |

We bought Lychee (favorite of mine) and Mocha cheese cakes. 
I like the concept:
At Su's we don't just bake cakes,
we create a finesse in taste...
to light up your lifestyle and enjoyment.

Too tired, and I felt asleep in the car.

The Trio

Had a day out with Bamboo and Raymond,
the trio again.
Went to have nice food like usual, then ended up with bloated tummy.
Like what did Ray said, this would be his pre-Christmas outing.
After that he'll back to his hometown, 
and I guess he is enjoying the home-cook right now.
A happy winter solstice day with them, 
and I'm so lucky to have a bowl of TangYuan although the taste is just so-so.
No regret for this day.
Will update about the food and Christmas deco once I got the photos. 
Stay tuned.

| Tang Yuan |

A tired yet happy day.

Winter Solstice

The new semester started before I had enough holidays.
First schooling day ain't a good day for us,
lecturer started the class and we had our very first assignment.
I think it's time to try hard in this last semester of ours.

Oh ya, I finally remember to bring along my watch.
My sister has a new watch from hubby as well,
a gift for her when she take up her occupation as a teacher.

| Everlasting |

White in color.

Happy Winter Solstice,
too bad I don't get to eat the TangYuan.

December 12, 2010

Straits Quay

Had a nice day during my off day.
Spent my precious day to the fullest and I love the day.
I didn't get any off day since the day,
because we lack of people to help out in the booth.
5 days more then I'll quit the job. Forever?
I guess so.
This would be the last time I'm working in the perfume shop.

Went to Straits Quay on the day,
the newly open shopping mall, and I just realize its existence.
It's not really a shopping mall, a hotel indeed.
I love everything inside the mall especially the design,
and the ambience is so good!
Wish to go there again

| Portrait? |

Saw this drawing hanging in the mall and I like it.
But I don't understand why the pots are in the drawing with the girl.

December 8, 2010


Working is suffer, luckily I have my colleagues to play with.
I get to meet my friends while working too.
Met up with Jhu when I walking around in the shopping mall.
She said the color of my shirt catch her eyes.
Sharp pink with white pants.
It's very noticeable,
people will keep looking at us wherever we go.

| Jhu |

Brought her to my working booth.
I think she had fun with boxes of testers there.

A whisper for myself: stay strong!

December 6, 2010

Eat. Play. Love

When people talk about Penang, what will you think of?
The heaven of food.
I ate a lot during these days, which make me sick soon again.
Not enough water I think.
Need to drink more from now on,
I can't get sick in this period.

| Mess kit |

I want to 'eat, play and love'.
Say no to work!
Yet I still need to work...

You, my dream

Had my very first movie at Penang once I reached here.
Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale.
A movie that I wanted to watch for long time,
luckily I didn't miss it.

I really love those Disney fairy tale.
Although there are not much surprise in this movie,
(as you should know the story of it)
it is still nice for you to have a watch, strongly recommend from me. 

| Rapunzel |

My new dream is you

* * * * * * * * * *

I love my purply flower earrings. 

December 4, 2010


Currently, I really need more time and rest.
I need time for the little project of me and Michelle.
I need rest because I do need it.
When can I have a free day to do the thing I like?
This is what I keep telling myself.

By the way, I went to the interview session.
Thanks god I got my internship over there.
Some of the people already knew I'll pass the interview session.
How come?

| McDonald's |

I know it's not good to have fast food too often in a row.
I just can't help it.
I ate the McDonald 4 times in a dozen of days.
Save me please.

December 3, 2010

I'm back

I'm back to blogger life again, sorry for the procrastinate.
Too busy for a week and
I barely have time to get myself online.
Will update the happening during the period soon.
I'm gonna off to my interview session for the internship.
Just wish me luck peeps.

| Fish's watch |

That's the souvenir from Singapore.
A symbolic of me.