January 1, 2018

Highlight in 2017

Happy New Year lovelies! It's gonna be my first post in Year 2018 and I thought to throwback the highlight of the year.
I tried some new restaurants or cafes of course, I'm not going to share about those but people and important things that matter.
1. My babes were here in Penang
After graduated from university, me and my uni-mates seldom hang out together as we are from different states.
The only event that make us unite is wedding, attended Jayne's and Syndy's wedding at Kuching and I hope more to come.
Of course on and off some of my uni-mates did came to Penang and we planned a meet-up;
so we were talking about the mini gathering in Penang and I'm glad some of them are able to make it happen!
I stayed with them throughout the period, had pillow talk with the girls, they are just like my sisters from another mothers.
Another gathering perhaps? This round with full members hopefully.
2. I'm part of the committee team
People who know me well will definitely know that one of my wish for each year is not involve in company's annual dinner.
But it never come true; I'm always in the committee list and I'll always complain on how busy I'm on that night!
Yet, it's pleasant to work with the committee team and make sure everything run smoothly that night.
Our chair-lady will held an appreciation dinner with the team after our hard work and I feel it did compensate a little bit. Laugh.
Anyway, it was a great night, indeed.
3. Ning Ning is turning 2!
Missed my niece's 1st year birthday as I was attending friend's wedding, so I couldn't miss it again when she is turning two.
A little party was threw and she was practicing the birthday song herself throughout the days.
I can see that she is extremely happy on that night, singing here and there, dancing like a boss and laugh non-stop.
Stay happy and healthy always, I love you so much!
4. Jimui for her wedding day
Attended a few weddings last year and this is gonna be a memorable one as so many things happened on that day.
Still remember that Penang was paralyzed by floods previously? And it was the day when my friend got married.
We faced a lot of problems but luckily we managed to overcome it with the help from hengdai, too bad one of the jimui can't join us as she was trapped due to the flood.
Wishing you a happy life together with your love one!
5. Bangkok trip (again) with bf
Went to Bangkok last 2 years and we felt in love with the city, we know that there are more places in Thailand worth to visit,
but we decided to visit Bangkok again this time, for a total of 9 days. Laugh.
Never get bored when we were in Bangkok, we explored more places this time and we will be coming back again!
So you can foresee I'll be sharing the Bangkok post again after this.
6. New toy from bf - Paperang P1
I always like cute little small thing, and I thought to get myself a Instax Printer but the cost of the film scared me off.
I happened to know about the Paperang thermal printer from Facebook and bf said he will get this for me!
Since it is a thermal printer, so the photos that printed from Paperang will be in black and white.
Not sure if you guys like it or not, but I like it pretty much, you can get the special thermal paper which can last longer period.
Wait for my review post on this Paperang then. So many pending posts to share, laugh.
7. Bf started his own business
Some of you might know that my bf and his friends started their own business last year.
They are specialist supplier for massage oil, foot cream, scrub and products that you can find in spa or massage center.
 The brand that they supplied is Beautain, all products are manufactured and packed in Singapore with NOT & HSA certified.
All products that supplied to spa or massage center are in bulk of course, but they do have massage oil for own use,
which is 20ml per bottle and there are 6 types of massage oil to choose from:
Jasmine, Lemon, Rose, Lavender, Ginger and Lemongrass, each of the massage oil has its own function.
For those who are interested, you may pm me or them (Facebook link as below) for details, do support them!
Facebook Page: Spa & Massage Oil Supply

* * * * * * * * * * 

That's all, wish you all have a great year ahead!