July 13, 2014

A walk after drip-drop

You are a fish, a fish that can bring water to places wherever you go, sometimes. Friends tend to say this to me when I hang out with them as I brought rain together with me, but why I can't have rain when I feel hot? So this statement doesn't make any sense lol. Just a short prologue to tell you that rain followed me to Singapore and it started to pour on the city after our visit to China Town. 
We had this before the rain, the famous ice cream sandwich that you can choose either bread or waffle biscuits to sandwich the ice cream block with your choice of flavor. Obviously I had the mint chocolate chips and the uncle is kind enough to give us big portion of ice cream, it started to melt before we can finished the ice cream; so I munched it with high speed and rain started to pour on us ruthlessly, we had no choice but to stay in Raffles Hospital until the rain stop. Why Raffles Hospital? Because the place we were about to go next is just a street away from the hospital, it is a good spot for us since we manage to access their free Wi-Fi. 

After the rain, we continue our journey to Haji Lane and Arab Street, places that I looking forward so long when we started to plan on this trip. I'm the kind of people that easily amazed by tiny little thing, or artsy kind of stuff or building; so these places are just my cup of tea. Each of the shop along the lane/street is so cool with their own design and make the lane/street so colorful. While taking photos along the street, I need to control my desire to go in each shop-lot as I might end up with empty wallet to get all the items I love.
Saw this hearty potted plant in front of a restaurant, quite convenient right? If they want some basil leave to top on your spaghetti or risotto, they just need to pluck from here; so fresh! 
Went to a shop named Dulcetfig where vintage meets the modern girl, the slogan said. Told you I never plan to go in a shop-lot but the cat (who wear a garland flag on its neck) sit in front of the shop, yawning and staring on us made me feel to step inside the shop and find out what the store is all about. They sell apparels, shoes, bag, accessories and stuffs that you definitely feel to get if you are a girl; so I bought some items there, one of it is passport cover, I have a thing to passport holder/cover, forgive me please.

Ps: next up is about food again.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Ciao, I'm out now to grab my breakfast!


  1. This street is nice!!! :D I like it too

    + ah Jayne +