December 19, 2014

Of Bluish Moment . Soul Cafe

I couldn't catch up with the cafe list which shared among the blogsphere or elsewhere, they are blooming in the island with uncatchable speed until I feel fed up to go and explore anymore, nah just kidding. Since I can't go so many cafes in one time, so I'll just choose the cafe I like and put them at Top 5 list after crawling some food blogs; I'll still visit those cafes which are not in the Top 5 list in the future, I hope. I think it was quite some times me and BenDan last visit new cafe/restaurant, that's why we thought to visit 2 cafe in a day. We went to Soul Cafe which located at Jalan Kek Chuan, in the mid of colorful houses. 
I like the interior where it gives me a feel of earthy; it becomes a platform for photographer's masterpiece, you can view the artistic photos hanging on the wall while enjoying your meal over there. If not mistaken, they will change the photos from time to time. 
They place one plate of coffee powder on each table, this is why you can get the coffee kind of smell when you step into the cafe. People tend to bring their gadget or laptop to cafe/restaurant and sit there for hours, this is why WiFi also play an important roll to attract people for visiting; the password is available for diners so that you don't need to ask from their staff.
Passion Fruit Smoothies | RM13
Wanted something chill that day and it served in the camera lens, glad that we shared it that day as I don't think I can finish it by my own. I like the texture of the smoothies where we can still have the bits of passion fruit seed, with right amount of sweetness and sourness, it a little tickle our tummy, quite savoury and I can't wait for our main course to come.
Homemade Creamy Mushroom Soup | RM11
Every soup comes with a piece of garlic bread that placed on the stone-kind of plate, I dipped it in the soup for photo purposes. Laugh. Mushroom soup is like everyone's favourite soup, it is so creamy and rich with generous amount of mushrooms! I like it were they spill some olive oil that a little bit enhance the taste, will definitely go back for this.
Creamy Pumpkin Soup | RM9
It's quite hard to find a place that serve good pumpkin soup, I once had nice pumpkin soup at Smoky Jack (the restaurant is shut down few years back), but the pumpkin soup here totally rock it, better than the one I had. Roasted almond flakes are added in the soup; the soup is pretty creamy and thick with the cream added in it. The pumpkin soup is kind of sweet which might come from the pumpkin itself. 
Cute bowl design. That's the stone-kind of plate I mentioned earlier, not really user friendly I think, waitress have hard time to put it on table or take it up because of its weight and thickness.
Linguine al Carbonara | RM15.90
Linguine al Vongole Pesto | RM18.90
There isn't much choices of food in their menu but I read plenty of good reviews on their pasta, temporary there are only 5 types of pasta available in the cafe, more to come I hope. Most of the shops served pasta in angel hair or spaghetti, but I prefer linguine or fettuccine nowadays, penne are welcome too. The Carbonara is topped with pork bacon and mushrooms that cooked in olive oil, it is very creamy with the cheese that added in the pasta, thumb up for this. You won't feel greasy with the amount of cream and cheese they added, it makes you want for more.
As for the linguine al Vongole Pesto, it cooked together with white wine and some basil leaves, luckily the basil is only the side flavoring agent, I can't really stand the taste if it is too strong. Clams are fresh and I think there are more than 10 clamps in this plate of pasta; overall it is quite good, my favourite of the day! As you can see, the price is quite affordable with this quality food, worth it~

12, Jalan Kek Chuan, 10400 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
11am - 11pm; Closed on every Sunday

Contact Number
+604 226 8200


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Christmas is coming but why I don't get the feel yet?

November 30, 2014

Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe . Gurney Plaza

[ This restaurant had closed its door to public ]
I just realized that I never blog about my food experience at Namoo, the Korean dessert cafe, when I browse through my photo albums. I once crazy about this cafe when their first outlet opened at Kuala Lumpur, because there isn't much Korean restaurant available in the island that time (around 1-2 years ago) and this Namoo cafe is a photo-worthy place. I still remember that I was so excited about it when they have their second outlet in Gurney Plaza, and I went there twice but never blog about it. Don't ask me, I don't know why either. Before it is too late, I think I should just put my both visit in a post here. I went there again as I feel that their food is quite okay (not too bad), but with higher spiciness level compare to other Korean restaurants.  
Something keep bothering me when I were out for food hunting, where to place my bag? Namoo is so nice to prepare a hook under every table for ladies to hang our bags! I didn't realized it until I was using the napkin lol. 
Yuza Tea | RM9.90 . Green Tea Latte | RM9.90
I don't really bother what to order for my drinks whenever I'm in restaurant/cafe unless they do have their signature beverage stated in their menu; if not I'll just order something I like. Moreover, I can't really finish a glass of drink after the meal, so I prefer to share drinks with my accompany, only if they willing to share lol. I ordered green tea latte for my both visit to Namoo, not too bad but not the best that I had, I like it as it comes with strong milk taste. From the menu, the only special name I found on it is yuza tea which is actually honey grapefruit tea, quite special and not too sour. 
Chicken Nuggets | RM12.90
This is nothing related to Korean food lol. Just wanted to order this to share with my accompany while waiting for our main course, ended up this came after our main course. The deep fried stuff never goes wrong and I don't think it needs any special intro here. The chicken nuggets came with vegetable salad and the portion can fit 3-4 pax if you all just want to have a small bites. 
Kimchi Soup | RM17.90
How can I not order Kimchi soup in Korean restaurant, so I ordered this on my first visit; I also added RM2 for the Korean rice. I was quite impressed with this as the kimchi stew is so rich and 'thick', you can imagine the spiciness level by looking at the soup, I was sweating non-stop while having this. So it is highly recommended to add-on a bowl of rice so that you can counteract the spiciness of the soup. You will get numerous of kimchi, tofu and chicken sausage slices in the soup; I can't finished that bowl of kimchi soup btw. 
Bibimbap | RM18.90
Maybe it doesn't look like a bibimbap for you as normally bibimbap should served in hot stone which cost RM20.90 in Namoo. I ordered the bibimbap which served in normal bowl as I don't want the rice stick on the hot stone after awhile and wasted some portion of the rice. And, sometimes if the chef over-heated the hot stone, your bibimbap turn out too hot to consume and might hurt your tongue. Yup, I always think too much when I dine, is it good or bad? You can choose either beef or chicken for your bibimbap, it came with only 1 side - kimchi and the chili paste is separated in another bowl, you can just pour the amount of chili paste you like in the bibimbap. Is it quite good but I don't really like it when they put so many bean sprout that a little bit spoil the taste (my thought). 
Sweet Chili Omuto | RM20.90
White Cream Omuto | RM19.90
There are some choices of omuto or pasta listed under their Korean Western categories, which is a good move for people who can't really accept traditional Korean food. For omuto, you can choose either chicken or prawn, obviously we chose chicken against prawn, they came with 2 sides which are kimchi and salad. Both are quite good but I prefer the white cream omuto as it is quite special compare to the normal chili paste for omuto, don't you think so? We only had main course but no dessert for both visits, so I can't intro their signature dessert here lol. 

170-G-40, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

Business Hours
10am - 10pm (Daily)

Contact Number
+604 226 4810


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Keep calm and Move on.

November 22, 2014

Always have a Plan b . Ipoh

I'm back with more food post! We checked out the Lost World Hotel earlier before the time reach noon as we were thinking not to reach Penang too late, to avoid traffic jam I guess or any other reasons. Before we left the town, we decided to have lunch at Plan b, which I waited for so long after my last visit to Ipoh, glad that we can make it this time. It was a total disaster to locate a parking lot nearby the restaurant as everyone were out to hunt for their lunch as well.
I like their menu, especially the wooden plank as the base for the menu, next would be the typewriter font printed on the menu.  
The restaurant is rather empty when we were there, it seems like we were the first customer of the day. So we just pick the seat we like (always go for sofa seats) and enjoy the moment. The restaurant is quite spacious and divided into few sections, indoor where you can enjoy the air-cond during broiling weather, outdoor where you can dine with trees and breeze around you. If not mistaken, their kitchen is 'hiding' somewhere else where you can't really find it, I saw waiter/waitress served food from outside. 
Free lemonade water will be served once you are seated. You can don't need to order other beverages if you feel that this is enough for you; btw I just like their brown bottles, or I should say I just like everything there!
Butterscotch Milkshake | RM12 . Carrot Juice | RM12
Still, we ordered drinks to share. They do not have much selection for their milkshake, only chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch. The waitress recommended us to have butterscotch milkshake, which is one of the most popular drink in the restaurant. We were thinking: okay, no harm trying new stuff. The drink is really 'mind-blowing', my first time to have butterscotch kind of drinks and I'm madly in love with that, too bad not all restaurants are serving this. It is so rich and creamy, me likey! The normal carrot juice seems to be lost the battle against butterscotch milkshake lol, still it is quite fresh!
 Spicy Aglio Olio Spaghettini | RM16
The simplest dish among the pasta, yet the most challenging dish for a chef to prepare it as delicious as other pastas since the only ingredient for this is only olive oil and chilies, my thought. The portion is quite huge, and looks plain. We shouldn't judge the food by looking at it, even though it looks plain, but it is quite tasty to omnomnom together with some roasted garlic. Yet, if you finish it alone, you might feel that it is becoming quite greasy at the end.
Wild Mushroom Linguine | RM24
BenDan wanted Carbonara so badly but it was not available during the day we visit, I don't know why; so he ordered this at the end. The dish comes with different types of wild mushroom (at least 3 types I think), he is a mushroom lover so this dish a little bit compensate him for not able to get Carbonara. I like the lemon slices they put in the dish, making the pasta taste so refreshing with a bit of tartness after squeezing it. Overall, it is quite good!
Smoked Salmon & Salsa | RM23
Don't want to have the same categories with them, I ordered this instead. When it first served to me, I don't really like the salsa topped on the ciabatta (a type of Italian white bread) and lovely smoked salmon; too much corn and cucumber cubes. I was expecting something more to tomato cubes and lots of sliced onion, that's why I finished them first lol. Oh yeah, the poached egg is awesome, you can see the running yolks after I poked it. The smoked salmon is very fresh, a smart choice to put it on ciabatta as the white bread is not too hard to munch. 
Chargrilled Kimchi Chicken Burger | RM28
Everyone were so excited when this dish was served, I was aiming on the sweet potato fries, too good to have this! I didn't have a chance to try the kimchi chicken tho, my dad kind of finished it quite fast and claiming that it tasted heavenly good. Papa, you should give us try some mah. While he is munching his kimchi chicken burger, he shared the side salad and sweet potato fries with us. Not really like the side salad as it served without any dressing. 
Plan b is under BIG group, one of my favorite group as they have the nice logo. There is a good news to share with Penangites, next time we don't need to drive so far for Plan b, as they are coming soon in Queensbay Mall! Definite a yay from me.

No. 75, Jalan Panglima 30000 Ipoh, Perak.

Business Hours
10am - 12am (Daily)

Contact Number
+605-249 8286


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I want a short trip badly (soon!), a very relaxing one and to throw everything related to work from my mind.

November 15, 2014

Yet . Another One

Let's have something different today, I'm going to use bilingual in this post. It seems like nowadays I only share post about beer and skittles, there is nothing much about my personal thought. I used to crap everything over here but now I only share good thing, as I think I need not spread my own thing to the entire world, and people don't give a damn on it. I think I grow up a lot lol. Something remain the same is I will definitely have a photo in a post as I realize that readers tend to read your post depending on your photos. 


Just wanted to share that I received a postcard from Lindsey all the way from Singapore, glad to know that she was quite enjoy her trip there. I went to Singapore right after she is back to Taiwan, it will be better if I could meet here there. This round I only got a postcard from Gardens by the Bay, the most regret thing is I totally forgot to get some postcards from USS. Then I received this, as a compensation. Thank you!


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Big Hero 6, I'm coming!

November 14, 2014

Lost World of Tambun . Ipoh

This is the part 2 that I promised. After we checked-in one of the room, we decided to go to the theme park for a walk under the hot sun. You shouldn't expect too much on the theme park, it is not like others that with lots of roller coaster or games, we came here for their hotsprings lol, that's why we didn't expect so much. Since we were not expect that much, so we really had fun over there eventho others might think that there got nothing much to do. Bear with me, I'll let the photos do the talking. 
If you read the part 1 here, you will know that we got the 10% off for the Lost World entrance ticket after checked-in the room. But we didn't used that, we got another 15% voucher off from Watsons, this explain why we got the Watsons word printed on the ticket. 
If you read from the giant map nearby the entrance, you will notice that they actually have a few food court in the theme park, but I had no idea why all of them were shut down when we were there. Food (mainly small bites) that sell at the Ipoh Street are not suitable for lunch, so we went back to our hotel and had lunch at Papparich. They gave us a re-entry ticket when we wanted to go out from theme park, before re-enter the theme park, we need to take a verification paper from hotel lobby and show it to the ticket checker. Hmm, I think they need some improvement over here, it is quite troublesome. 
There are quite a lot attractions in the theme park, you may visit their website for details. We had fun in the Petting Zoo, my parents love the little friends, that's why we always spend most of our time with animals. 
Tired of walking around the park? Just go to their train station and enjoy the view on the train.
Our timing is quite good, went to walk around the park and play with little friends, sat the train to enjoy the scenery and back to the Tiger Valley on time to enjoy the tiger feeding show! Roar, yet this tiger seems a bit lazy lol. Right after the show, all of us caught in the tiny rain, we managed to go back our room before it became bigger. 

[ H O T S P R I N G S ] 

The hotsprings are open on day time too (the entrance ticket is including the day time hotsprings), but I don't think we will enjoy the 30-50 degree water under the sun. I tried to dip my foot inside the hotsprings but it's way hotter than 40 degree because of the weather. We went there again on night time by using the free entrance ticket given by the hotel. Since I did not bring camera on night time, I captured all the photos during day time so that I can have some images post in my blog. 
There are around 7 type of hotsprings available in the park, we tried most of it, some we couldn't locate where they are, they should have a map for the location; or maybe they have it but we didn't notice. They even have fire show from 8pm - 9pm, we can stay in the Saphira's Liar (last photo) to enjoy the show, how thoughtful they are! We were quite sad to leave this place, especially the hotsprings. Some day, I'm going to Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat which only located 5 minutes away from Lost World of Tambun to have little getaway from this hustle and bustle life. 

No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Perak.


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I have decision making phobia, what if I get the wrong one? Hmm.