August 30, 2015

Dear Diary # 5

I was quite busy for the past few months and my weekends always full of errand, that's why I preferred to get myself some rest time than facing the laptop. I think it's fine for me to continue the Dear-Diary post to sum up some of my activities in the past few months.
Attended my friend, Vernique's wedding that held at Kuala Lumpur, she is the first one to get married in our gang, and we have 2 more friends getting married by this year but I can't attend the one that hold on December as it crash with my date to Bangkok (finger cross that no more bomb attack over there). It's good to see my friends found their Mr. Right and stay sweet forever.
Even though Vernique got us a place to stay while we were in KL to attend her wedding, me and BenDan thought it will be better to stay at outside to prevent girls in the house feel discomfiture. I realized some of my friends who brought boyfriend together did the same thing as well. So we spent our 2 nights stay at Le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC which I'm going to blog the details soon, I would recommend this hotel to you as it's only walking distance to most of the mall in town like Avenue K, Suria KLCC, Pavilion and others. 
Sushi Mentai has finally open their branch in Penang and this gone viral among the Penangites; even after a month it open, people still queuing to get their seats for the cheap sushi. We were happen couldn't think of where to have lunch, so why not try our luck over here; we still queued but at least we went there earlier and we got our seats in half hour time. 
Do you ever have a feeling that you couldn't find any restaurant to dine-in in a shopping mall? I always have this problem and I have tried most of the restaurants available in the mall, I intended to have same food at the same old restaurant. So we went to Sushi Tei that time and we really had hard time scanning the menu to look for what to eat after cracking our head what restaurant we wanted to go. Variety are not much (I become quite picky when it comes to Japanese food) on the menu but I would strongly recommend this Ishiyaki Soba (Beef/Chicken) to all of you, this is the only time where I choose soba than udon. 
I have tried the dak galbi at Chun Cheon and Uncle Jang, both with their own plus point and weaknesses. So it was a cloudy day as I can remembered, BenDan wanted to have dak galbi for lunch and I suggested to go Chun Cheon since he never been there before. We like the banchan provided by Chun Cheon (at least more variety than the one in Uncle Jang) but we still prefer the dak galbi in Uncle Jang. 
In case you don't know, just to tell you that my sister is pregnant now and her appetite become so good. She yearn for Korean food after since she get pregnant (extremely that type) and she get mad with me whenever I go to Korean restaurant without her. So I brought her to Daorae as a compensate on her birthday and we had great time there. 
We went to another new Korean restaurant, Ssambap at Krystal Point with friends to celebrate BenDan's birthday, like what commented by people, the service ain't that good but luckily not too bad. Something special on their barbecue is they provided the steamed egg which is not available in other Korean restaurants, the food is okay but not surprising and I'm going to blog the details soon. 
The South East Asia's first ever outdoor Transformers exhibition is happening right now in Penang until September 2015, so those who haven't been there yet, hurry up as it going to come to an end soon. Sometimes I'll feel that me and BenDan didn't date for weeks (in fact we meet each other like almost everyday) so I dated him to go have some fruits nearby the food court at Esplanade. We had a stroll to the Transformer exhibition there to took some photos after the eating session. Thumb up for the environment there, it was great!
BenDan's birthday is on the month of August and I threw him a birthday surprise to have a staycation in Eastern & Oriental Hotel, we didn't go anywhere else but to spend all of our times in the hotel and utilize their services. It's a good staycation and we thought to have next time over there too although the price is not very cute. I feel that our stay worth every penny I paid, after-all it's good to stay in the five star hotel and keep us away from the hustle and bustle lifestyle.
The most important event in our company has ended beautifully and successfully, as usual I'm one of the committee for the annual dinner and BenDan join our team this year! To be frank, I don't really like to be part of the committee as we didn't get to enjoy a thing that night, but I like to work with those colleagues that in the same team as me, we made a good team I would say and made the night ended well. So we had the photobooth that night which is something new to our annual dinner, but I only get to take photos with committees but not others, spotted me in the photo?
One more house charm added and it reflects what I have in my life, you get what I mean? Laugh. So this post pretty sum up what I had up to for the past few months, till then.

. . . . . . . . . .

Cleaning in progress.