November 28, 2012

Wacoal Luxurious Salute Line of Lingerie

Hi hi everyone, I had procrastinated this post for days and only manage to do the blogging now; friends who know this started to asked me when am I going to blog about this, so here it is! I wanted to ask something before I continue the story, what is most important to a woman? A good character and high EQ that help her get along in society, knowledge, plenty of achievement in career or family? All should have comply but other than this, I feel that body shape is one of the main factor to boost our confident level, this should be attributed to our lingerie. Despite whatever ladies doing outside, inside she sees that she is with sexy good plus comfy lingerie and yes it gives her self-confident. Oh crap! Should just skip the whole para and back to my topic~
Been invited few days back to attend an event held by Wacoal Malaysia with their new launch for the sophisticated lingerie line aptly named Salute (which literally means 'a gesture of respect or polite recognition'), dedicated to women with discerning taste (raise both hands and say: me! me!). This party event was held at Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang; to be clarify, the latest Salute collection is now available at Parkson Pavillion, Parkson KLCC and Parkson Gurney Plaza, ain't sure will expanding to more outlets not but glad that Penang have it now. Bear with me, continue this post for details and the design, the highlight is at bottom.
Just a teaser showing one of the design on mannequin, I can see many people were searching suitable lingerie for themselves, Wacoal even prepared fitting consultation, they were rushing here and there to help guests on their request. Buffet style dinner was prepared to cure ladies greediness moment while they shopped for their new lingerie.  
That's Ginny and your truly during the event, was really lucky to meet her, I never thought that she was back in Penang for the event. We know no one so we stuck together whole night like a twins, Ginny if you happen to read this, I'm glad you were there that night!
Before the fashion show started, emcee tried to explain the Salute lingerie concept from Wacoal, how Salute delves deep into the sensuous realm of femininity and accentuates the enduring and ostentatious beauty of laces. Lace this material always make me link with sexy, couldn't agree more right? So, prepare well to scroll down for those sexy babes lingerie design, Ta-dah
Those gorgeous were keep looking at me (or I should say my camera lens), and I felt myself like a pervert keep clicking on the shutter non-stop, thought of doing this will get me a few nice shots. Personally I like the black color lingerie with roses one, give me a feel of mystery and sexay~ or maybe it looks that nice due to the decor accessories? Laugh
Get myself a goodies bag that full of love from the event. My roomie during uni life is wearing this brand of lingerie, and she keep recommended Wacoal to girls around her, saying that how comfy it is when you wear it and bla bla bla. So why wait, let's get Salute

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I think I'll like ping pong although I'm not pro.

November 24, 2012

Breakfast @ Ferringhi Coffee Garden

Dragged this post for quite some times and finally I post it up today, there are few posts pending to up also, I wish I have more time to settle them all. Friend was back in the island and we planned for a meet up, I was the one who need to plan the activities for that day. Breakfast should come first before others, that's why I looked for something nice and special; everyone in the island should have tried the classic breakfast at Toh Soon Cafe, so I thought to have western style breakfast, something heavier, and let's call it as brunch.
Whenever I'm with casual dress code, I like to soak myself under the sun, walk along the street and get sweaty at the end, sunny girl I am. Laugh. The garden view is part of the restaurant (or cafe), garden is a big hint for you, do you know where is the place we dine?
Nah, it's not Ferringhi Garden (click here to read the post) but Ferringhi Coffee Garden, same owner they have. We met some problem on finding the restaurant yet they were so nice to direct us when I called them; it's not the same entry with Ferringhi Garden, but you can look for the entry along the main road, parking would be a problem I think.
You can choose either indoor or outdoor, I chose the latter, it is great to enjoy our leisurely breakfast with garden and plants surrounding us, don't you think so? At least I think so. Staffs over there are very friendly, don't hesitate to ask help from them if you have one, they are ready to help you. One of them even showed magic tricks to us!
They put a lot of effort to maintain the plants and flowers there, I can peep the Ferringhi Garden which located right next to here, closed for the morning of course. Jazz music was played when we were there, really enjoy the ambiance and it's quite comfy. You can spend your whole morning or noon time without realizing the time flies that fast, we experienced that. Haha!
This is where our great coffee come from. A random shot while waiting for our food.
Cappuccino . RM8.80
This drink is come together with a piece of sweet bite, to kill the bitter taste of the drink; I requested sugar from them and they gave me brown sugar, me love! Love the pattern foam they made on the drink, it's a cat or sea lion, ain't sure about this; it's too beautiful to drink, ended up I left there for more than half hour only drink it, not that warm when I had it, exactly my taste.
Freshly Baked Scones . RM12.80
You need to wait for 30-45 minutes to get this served, because they only baked the scones once they get the order, so just leave it if you don't have enough time to wait. Scones come with whipped cream (which I first thought vanilla ice cream, LOL) and strawberry jam, the scones were still 'smoked' when we want to eat them. I'm not really enjoy the scone because it's too greasy for me, a few bites already made me full, but I try to finish my portion; no more scones for the rest of my lifetime, I swear. But for the person who like scones, you guys should really try it, very fresh and highly recommended by the chef.
Burger . RM21.80
On the menu, there are two choices for the 200 grams patties, either Australian Beef or Free Range Chicken, I seldom have beef, so we chose chicken patty. A few minutes after we placed the order, they came to us and we told that chicken was no more available, they recommended us to try their marinated fish burger, I forgot the name, but the fish patty is mixed with minced vegetables and prawns. I'll try not to order burger if I have a choice as the way I eat will be quite ugly I guess, but luckily we ordered this, this is really nice and I still can imagine the taste when I writing this post. The burger is stuffed together with egg, Mozzarella cheese and vegetables, cracker chips are accompanied along. Order this when you are here, if not you will be very very regret on this. 

I think we spent a few hours there, played some magic tricks with the staff there, I walked around the restaurant and people over there greeted me like I were the VIP, hehe. I want to have another drop to try their Egg Benedict, didn't really eat this before. Who's on? XD

Ferringhi Coffee Garden
Location: 43-D, Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang.
Business Hours: 7am - 10.30pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 04-8851192

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Today is the first time I'm enjoying the raining weather. Love it.

November 18, 2012

New mural at Step by Step Lane

After had our good time at The Twelves Cup (go chill there and give them a strike), we were trying to look for the new mural nearby Chulia Street Ghaut; we saw many people posting it in FB, the mural just up for 1 week I guess. It's not hard to locate the mural as they installed a banner over the back alley few days ago (after we been there, glad that we found it without any help). 
This is it, the "Brother and Sister on a Swing" mural at the back alley, they even created a street sign call "Step by Step Lane". They make another swing set right to the kids, and the sister is looking straight at you if you sit on the swing, it's so cool!
We were invited (I should say all of the people who visit the mural) by SBS Paper Products to leave our signature on their back door. Now the rusty back door is well adorned with signature, I left mine one at the right door, you will find mine with the girl I always draw.
We were so lucky to meet the muralist, Louis Gan who was also wearing red shirt with the boys; he is so funny, imitated my post kissing the sister on wall, not going to post that photo up, I look hell ugly with the post. Laugh. It's good to have him here now to continue the mural painting which was started by Zacharevic, heard that he is now working on his second mural!
Last but not least, it's us with the mural. We spent quite some time there, took silly photos with the mural, felt the natural vitamin D soaking up in our pores, and the laughter we made along the back alley. It's another sweaty outing with them.

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I wish my weekends never end.

November 17, 2012

The Twelve Cups with friends

Scrolling my FB news feed from top to bottom, I can see most of my friends from secondary school chilling at the same cafe nowadays, you know why? One of our friend open a cafe together with her dearies for the sake of their dream; so as their friend, it's a must to give them our support and intro the place to others. Calvin, Sock Keng came out from Butterworth to jio me and Jie Xiang for high tea; I was the one who decide the place for them since most of the restaurants/cafes are on my fingertips (learn from my manager LOL).
Ta-dah! Present to you, The Twelve Cups, it's not hard to locate the shop, I was so excited when saw the signboard along the way.
The interior once you step into the cafe; the little landlady, Chendy was so busy preparing diners' orders at the counter there, see her?
Heart their idea to put contrast colors on their wall, here we can see black, white and mostly is in yellow color. Once come in, the first thing you need to do is to find a seat for yourself, then place your order at the counter there. Menu is written on the board and you can pick your mille crepe next to the counter, more variety of beverages are coming soon, stay tuned for that.
Found something that caught my attention in the cafe, the union jack bike! Scroll down for more interior of the cafe.
Told yea, mostly in yellow color which represent the happiness; the "Never Stop Dreaming" make me start my dream again, and again. Met a lot of secondary schoolmates in the cafe, keep greet and say HI to them, nice huh? Now, let's go to the next chapter: Food!
Tropicana Breeze . RM12.90
While waiting for the drinks, we were talking about the weather; normally when near to evening, sure Penang is raining cats and dogs, but the hot sun came out that day. So let's the smoothies do the job to kill the torrid feel, like typical Tropicana drinks, it consists of apple, orange and mixed berry. Should have try the taste but I was too busy to walk around and hunt for the crepe.
Cappuccino . RM8.90
SK's cup of coffee, she took lots of brown sugar pack, of course for us as well. Something make me laugh out loud was she added 2 packs of sugar yet still claimed that the coffee didn't taste right, when she planned to add another pack, she just realized that she never stir the coffee, so here's come the no wonder! Cute girl she is, glad to have her around during outing.
Caffe Latte . RM9.90
My cup of coffee is slightly bigger than SK one, I just added 1 pack of sugar and the taste is just right, but I feel that even if I didn't add the sugar, the coffee still that good. Seriously like the coffee brew scent when we stepped into the cafe, at first also thought to get smoothies but the coffee really quite tempting, I believe you understand my feeling.
Hokkaido Chocolate . RM10.90
I'm not sure for this name, I just remember it has Hokkaido in front, and since it's in black, I just add black at the back; tell me if I'm wrong okay? (Changed since my accompany of the day remind me of the name LOL). Saw the brown thingy between the crepe layer? At first I thought they are red bean, in fact they are chips!
Tiramisu . RM10.90
I'm not fancy about chocolate cake, the next one will be Tiramisu; don't know why, maybe I don't know how to taste it, taste-buds problem. Laugh. But this is different, because the Tiramisu taste is not that strong, which still can accept (I mean by me).
Matcha . RM10.90
Nowadays, green tea and red bean become a perfect match, the first I'll thought of Starbucks' Red Bean & Green Tea frappuccino, now the next I'll thought of the mille crepe here. The green tea flavor here not that strong, so still acceptable for those who doesn't like it.
Hokkaido Milk . RM10.90
After since I started to have mille crepe in my life, I never think that I like cakes anymore, only crepe can satisfy me now I would say. Original always the best for me, so I like this Hokkaido Milk the most which topped with chocolate slices, feel to have one now! 
The master piece of theirs, it's like mural is a hit thing in Penang nowadays, stay tuned for the mural photo-shoot after we had our high tea at The Twelve Cups. So, let's pay our friends a visit, support and enjoy your day with the coffee brew, awww, I'm feeling good!

The Twelve Cups
Location: 12, The Whiteaways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 8am-10pm (Sunday to Thursday), 8am-12pm (Friday to Saturday)
Contact Number: +604-2626812
Facebook: The Twelve Cups (Click Like!)

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