August 11, 2019

[ Penang ] WhatSaeb Boat Noodles @ Carnavon Street

We knew about this little Thai restaurant long ago but only managed to pay a visit recently, better late than never right?
WhatSaeb Boat Noodles re-inventing the traditional small dish serving on boat to a normal size noodle,
other than their signature boat noodles, they do serve a series of tantalising Thai dishes, which we are more interested with.
For filling meal, WhatSaeb provide a series of scrumptious noodles and rice set, you can even order their snacks for sharing.
One dish that we couldn't find from the menu is Tom Yam, it will be perfect if they include it in the menu.
Cha Khiew Nom Green Tea with milk | RM5.80 (regular) . Cha Yen Thai Milk Tea | RM5.80 (regular)
Thai milk tea is what you need to order whenever you are in a Thai restaurant,
both of the drink that we ordered are up to our liking, the milk tea is so thick, you can still get the taste even the ice melted. 
Green Curry Fried Rice | RM15.80
This green curry fried rice is one of their signature, and all rice set comes with omelette.
WhatSaeb indicates this under spicy category, I feel that the taste is just nice, not spicy; and you can get a lot of chicken cubes.
However the portion is rather small, but if you order some snacks together, this will be quite filling after-all.
Pad Kana Moo Krob Crispy Pork with Gai Lan | RM13.80
We always feel that the Thai style Gai Lan is way better than our Chinese style Gai Lan,
so we ordered one of the set rice with Gai Lan that cooked with crispy pork and we really like this dish to the max.
Although it is just a simple dish, it can tackle your taste-buds to the max.
Moo Krob Crispy Pork Platter | RM14.80
We always can't get enough crispy pork, so we ordered one of their signature snack, the pork platter.
Other than the crispy pork, they even give some fried pork skin in this platter!
Overall this is quite good, it will be even better if they can cut the crispy pork in smaller size, easier for us to chew.
The chili sauce is another plus point that enhance the taste of the crispy pork.
Deep Fried Moo Bing Grilled Pork | RM13.80
Moo Bing is made from succulent of pork meat with whole piece fat that skewered together and grilled on top of hot coals.
But I don't really like the big piece of fat that skewered together, I feel that it's too greasy to finish it.
The Moo Bing that served in WhatSaeb is different, you can't find the big piece of fat yet the pork meat is still so juicy!
I can eat a lot of these, just take all my money and serve me more, laugh

WhatSaeb Boat Noodles
Location: 173, Lebuh Carnavon, 10100 Gerogetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 12pm - 10pm, Closed on Tuesday
Contact Number: +6012-555 2033