January 26, 2014

Tropfest SEA 2014 . Penang Esplanade

Tropfest SEA 2014 which held at Penang Esplanade yesterday was awesomely ended, I saw lots of people went there to support young and creative film makers; there are total of 12 finalists and the theme for this year Tropfest is RICE. Sitting on the grass (I was actually sitting on the cube chair provided by Digi) with group of people and watching the short films together make me feel like it was a backyard cinema, so nice! Food and beverages stalls are provided but not much choices, end up I went to hunt for supper after the event. I'll let my photos to do the talking because I'm so lazy to write, enjoy scrolling and enjoy my photos too.
Watched total of 12 short films and I really feel youngster nowadays very talented to make a film like this. Congrates to the winner Sothea Ines from Cambodia, if you missed the event, you can actually watch her short film here. Before the Tropfest ended, they actually announce Year 2015 Tropfest SEA theme which is WHEEL, for more info, please follow their website
Found a booth during the event which caught my attention due to their simple yet nice design and decor I think - Scoops which selling ice cream. Their ice creams are homemade, preservative-free and come wih unexpected flavors such as chempedak mint, mango pulut, LOL (Lots of Lemon, this really make me lol), banana pistachio and many more. Of course, they are also selling those normal flavors if you wonder. They only makes two flavors last night which are nutter butter and gula melaka ice cream; I choose the latter, really love the rich and creamy texture! They do not have own shop now, so if you want to get their ice cream, please email them on or leave a message in their facebook page. They have rum and raisin flavor, my all time favorite! Wink

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CNY please come faster, I wanna wear my new clothes asap!

January 24, 2014

Get through it with Gaviscon

In few days time, we will get to celebrate the most joyful festival for most Chinese; as for me, I enjoy it too simply for my short holidays and the ang pao. You will started to see friends around post similar status in social network like: It's time to gym/exercise so that I can eat as much as I can during CNY, few more days to shape-up myself, and etc. I ate a lot (you can read from my blog lol) and hope that I wouldn't grow fat with those food I consume *cross fingers*. For most of the youngsters, it's all about EAT during this festival; seafood, steamboat, tit-bits, and anything else you can name. Started to feel excited about this? Before this, let's read on.

I still remember in the past CNY, I keep on consume different type of food whenever I have gathering or family reunion. I still get the hang of it for the first few times but started to feel unwell and hard to digest the food I consume; end up it's disappointing as I couldn't enjoy the celebration to the fullest and got sick. Thanks to Gaviscon, I just taught about different body type shall consume different type of food to neutralize our body and prevent to get sick that easy. We can categorized food into 3 categories according to their "hot-cold" property, it's correlate with your body type (either "hot" or "cold", I'm both btw). You can refer to infographic below which provided by Gaviscon and take a simple test to determine your body type.
Now, you should know what's your body type and choose the correct combination of food to consume; with this, I'll not suffer from sickness anymore and eat non-stop! If you used to suffer for heartburn or indigestion, it's better for you to prepare some Gaviscon sachets up-front, it's good to cure heartburn and indigestion. Prevention is always better than cure mah
This is how the Gaviscon works on your heartburn and indigestion. To know more, go to and get more information, after this what you going to do is enjoy the hectic celebration! Happy Chinese New Year!

January 19, 2014

Gangnam Style . Tanjung Tokong, Penang

The spraining incident did its magic on me: let me have more time to rest, more time to finish my dramas (bad thing was I cried a lot whenever there comes the saddest moment) and have my own free time to update blog. Yeah! Few posts down and 16748 posts to go, just kidding lah. I'm kind of obsess to Korean food after Japanese food now, nope I'm the kind that love the new and loathe the old; just the Korean food somehow tickle me a lot. I dined a lot at Korea Palace, the one at Tanjung Tokong (click here for my first post) and now they renamed as Gangnam Style; everything still remain the same - staffs, boss and great food. 
The happy hour deal is why I keep going back to Gangnam Style (other places like Korea Palace Crystal Point still remain the same name, but with this promotion as well). The set lunch only cost you RM10, worth till drop for your lunch during weekday; they used to have only certain dish with this offer on particular day, now they cancel it off and you can choose between 5 dishes. The highlight for this promotion not only on the main course but also for the BBQ! Buy 1 get 1 free, such a good deal (I still couldn't believe until they asked me what to choose for the free BBQ)!
All these (2 set lunch and 2 BBQ) just cost around RM50, normal day I think it will cost around RM80++. So lucky I always have my Friday off and by chance I can go there and strike off the Korean crave, yum yum, I'm actually keep drooling while writing this post.

28-1-2, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Penang.

Business Hours
12pm - 3pm and 6pm - 10pm (Daily)

Contact Number

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Found another hidden gem (Korean food) in Penang, gonna blog about it soon. I guess.

Tropfest SEA 2014

Always my friends will ask me: Penang still have any places to hang out ah? Usually I'll tell them either go to unveil some awesome cafes or to have heritage walk around the Georgetown area. By this month, if you ever ask me the same question, my answer will def be different: either you can go to Ernest Zacharevic's solo show at Hin Company Bus Depot (went to the opening last night, gonna blog about it soon) or enjoy the Tropfest 2014 (short film festival). Tropfest South East Asia (SEA) Festival Night debuts on next Saturday (25-Jan-14) at Esplanade, Georgetown. If you still wonder what is Tropfest SEA, check the official website for more info.
Good news from Tropfest SEA: the festival is FREE to attend! Even there is no charge but registration to this event is require so that you are eligible for lucky draw prizes. On actual day, the gates will open to public for last minute registration (as for pre-event registration, you will get fast track admission) at 4.30pm. Immerse yourselves with the atmosphere with food and beverages facilities and the music performances leading up to film screening and award presentation.
The early registration for this event is ended and those who are manage to registered on time entitle a reporter notebook with hastag #bojio on the cover (bojio in Hokkien means a act of not inviting your friend to go out together). It's easier to register up-front, so click here to proceed your registration for this event; it just require 1 minute to complete the registration after-all. Now don't say I bojio, I'm jio-ing you to go this event with me. See you guys there and let's enjoy the festival together!

Oh yeah, if you are a photographer, you may contact the organizer for this event as they are short of photographers for their event. They will credit your photos back to you. All you need to do is ready your camera and shoot perfectly on the actual day.

Official Website

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I sprain my waist, how lucky! Feeling meh.

January 11, 2014

Statue of Jesus Christ . Ho Chi Minh

Decided to end my Ho Chi Minh post with another attraction - Statue of Jesus Christ which actually located at Vung Tau; you need to sit one and a half hour in hydrofoil in order to reach Vung Tau Jetty from Ho Chi Minh. You don't need to get 2 way ticket at the first place since you don't know how many hours you going to spend in Vung Tau (other than the Statue of Jesus Christ, there have other not-so-attract attraction lol). The sweating journey is begin once you get down from the hydrofoil. 
Took a cab and we reached the entrance. No entrance fee is require, all they need is your strength to have the 30 minutes hike up the mountain (thousand plus staircase if not mistaken) in order to get pleasant panoramic view of Vung Tau. Along your pathway, you will get to see lots of statues giving you a picture on Jesus's life since the day he was born. Was feeling awe once I reached the top of the mountain, saw the Statue of Jesus Christ with outstretched arm (you can actually see people standing on its shoulder) and my next task was to climb up the hollow and spiral staircase insides the statue. Remember not to bring extra thing with you as you need to leave your bag, slippers, water bottle and etc in order to step inside the statue (except for camera bag). Each shoulder is able to accommodate up to six people; the breathtaking view stunned me much when I was on the shoulder. Love this kind of feeling, to explore the beautiful and flawless places in each countries. Hope to have more trips in future. 

Ho Chi Minh . The end. 

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Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better. I want travel lah

January 1, 2014

AXA AFFIN 110 Cancer Care

It's brand new year for 2014, let's say good bye and throw every bit of saddest moment back to 2013 and welcome 2014 with a happy and bliss heart. Here the first post in year 2014, it's not about food, not about my trip or my life, I want to write something which bring hope and bliss to other people. Have you guys started to watch the Hong Kong drama - On Call 36 Hours II? I'm actually near to the ending and I might finish them by this week. If you watch, you may understand that there is ups and downs in our life, maybe on the next minute you will be diagnosed to have some chronic disease by doctor. Some of us might not understand what tumor and cancer mean, we do actually carry the abnormal cell that might cause cancer cell under some circumstances. 

Here I share one video on how our healthy cell can turn into cancer cell. In Chong's family, my grandpa was dead with cancer and I never see him before in my lifetime; he died when my father reached his 20's. In this high technology era, we do have way/treatment to control the cancer cell. One quote I learnt from the HK drama - show your love to your loves one on time before it's too late.
Thus, I come across to write this post about AXA AFFIN 110 Cancer Care when I received a mail from Cassie. AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad (AXA AFFIN life) collaborate with the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to launch a campaign where each blog post that linking back to AXA AFFIN 110 Cancer Care [], they will be supporting one day cost for a cancer patient which undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
My dearies, if you do have a blog, I truly appreciate if you can write up this post as well to give a bless for those unfortunate cancer patients. This campaign will reach its end in 4 months time. Before I come to the end, I want to say: the biggest wealth is health. 

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Happy New Year and have a great year ahead.