January 30, 2011

Gathering: 1 + 1

Spent my sweet Sunday morning with my gang of girls - Zoo Is Cute. Been a long time didn't meet up and they did colored my day.
We had our gathering venue at House of Dim Sum, most of us were late except the organizer. Sorry for the wait.
Although not all the ZIC members show their face up, all busy with their final year project, it's fun tho.
Zwai says I look like Patty Hou (侯佩岑), did I? She and her uni friends all think that I kind of look like her, they are first to say so.
Before we left, we had our photo session again with weird poses, thanks to our photographer: CheeYan's love one.
Kinda weird to snap photos at that place, people eating and aunties look at us like we are weirdos.

| Flower Girls |

Fantabulous photos we had, hope that we have another gathering during the CNY.

. . . . . . . . . .

"Then I must be Jay Chou"

. . . . . . . . . .

Met up with Chung Hwa guys at night, thought it was just a few of them, but when we reached, they were having their gahtering.
Luckily I knew quite a number of them, still felt awkward as I'm not from the same secondary school.
Yet, nice meeting them, met up with Jeremy Choo as well, we just met up once a year; hardly meet up with him.

January 29, 2011

Butterworth de Tour

Not really stay at my sweet little sanctuary once I back to Penang, this makes me a bad daughter to my parents.
Just, I can't resist the temptation that keep offer the evil hand to me; I miss Penang so much, thirsty enough to see its new visage.
As I said, it changes bit by bit every time I come back here.
Went to have ferry ride since it is a trademark for Penang and, our last ride was a long-time-ago; we truly excited about it, or just me?

| Ferry de Tour |

We got ourselves some nosh after the ride, the curry puff at Chai Leng Park. I'm still missing the taste, wish to get another one NOW!
Before that, we already had the fried radish cake; I guess we never have a full-tummy. We's quote: Live to Eat!
Did some shopping in Sunway Carnival Mall, too bad I can't get myself a nice outfit.
It's chinese new year soon, so a answer-and-win activity was held at the center court. For kids only I guessed, since the free gift are stickers. Yet, I were so bold-faced to walk towards the emcee and say: I want the goodies bag.
(Actually I were 'forcing' by someone to do so)

| Good goodies |

A ha, I got the answer and took the yellow goodies bag that load with highlighters, photo frame, stickers and booklet.
Got myself a sizzler Bak Kut Teh as dinner, and shared a plate of fried oyster omelette.
I'm hunger for these as well (again), me, a all-time hungry person.
Wandered around by car, to have the night view of Penang island before heading home to rest.

. . . . . . . . . . 

I had a great day, had you?

January 28, 2011

Feel the air

So I'm now back in my lovely sweet hometown.
It's good to be here, food and people around make me feel alive.
I don't wish my holidays end that fast,
after all, this would be my only and last holiday, for my study life.
Please, not so fast!

Chinese new year is around the corner,
yet I don't have the feel and don't think that this CNY will be a good one, 
since we'll back in uni on the 5th day.
Okay, we should try our best to enjoy this precious days.
Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends.

Watched 'Shaolin',
quite a nice movie I think, and I did cried during the touching part.

| Shaolin |

Learnt something from the movie? I guess so...

January 25, 2011


What will you do if you're in my situation?
Another unspoken incident.
But I think you this little one will figure out what happen on me.
I mean you, if you asked.
Don't feel want to say it out now, in this moment.
Just recall back what I had murmured to you on the other day.
The moment that I said it's cool and comfort to say out the innermost feeling.

What am I talking about?
Oops, me myself also quite blur with what I had wrote above.
Just ignore me if you think it is just a junk.

| Soreness |

Don't you think that this doggy seems sad from its face?
I want one, buy for me?

Quote of the day, I saw it somewhere else:
We are like dominoes, I fall for you, you fall for another.

That's why our life is like a game.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oh ya, forgot to say that we had our steamboat gathering last night.
Just a few people going there, our gang I should say.
I like the way we are now, the bond between us is getting stronger.
I mean it's like back to the old time.

January 23, 2011

B u r p

Had already decided to sit bus back to my hometown in this coming holidays.
Will be departed on Thursday.
Am I going to have fun in this chinese new year,
or I should working hard with my mid-semester exam?
Papers waiting for us after a week of holidays.
How pathetic we are.
Couldn't enjoy ourselves to the fullest in the holidays.

Went to Sunway Pyramid after bought our bus tickets.
Still craving for food yet I'm not sure what to eat whenever I'm out.
I think I got this decision-making phobia, gosh.
Randomly, we went to have our dinner at The Street Cafe, Korean food!

| The Street Cafe |

Before that, we had our Korean food a year ago at Midvalley.
We think that the food over there is better than here.
I miss the Korean Kimchi Soup now.
The spiciness of their can really make my taste-buds popped.

Need to stop now, I'm now craving for food again.

January 20, 2011

Happy Thaipusam

A day out with my coursemates in this public holiday.
YiWei has been join our gang for times, and I'll always have the thought that he is one of my coursemate.
Pretty good right?
Settled our lunch at Teppanyaki.
We really had no idea what to eat in Times Square, nothing special perhaps.

| Teppanyaki |

| Furnish |

Those guys bought more than we girls.
I think it's because we girls had already finished our shopping spree.
 We walked to Pavillion for movie.
Season of the Witch.
Quite a nice movie although we sat on the 2nd row in front the screen.

| Michelle, me, Sin Min |

Haven't show you all the ornaments of Pavillion right?
That is it.
I like the cutie bunny in front the doorway. 

Quite a tiring day for me and Michelle.
We slept in the car while heading back to our hostel.

January 17, 2011

Little Getaway . Day 1

Day 1

Planned for long time, and the day was come.
Before our vacation,
went to meet up with Shelvi and have some dim sum nearby Serdang.

| Dim Sum |

As they say, the dim sum is quite okay.
All of us need to wait at KTM station at 12 noon,
 but we were a little bit behind the schedule,
that's why we changed our route to the easier one.

| KLIA Transit |

We sit KLIA Transit to LCCT, it was my first time.
Reached there on time, and we managed to grab some lunch.
Due to the flight was delayed, 
we have our feet rest over there and we were so lucky to meet up with our senior which is now a stewardess.

| Air Asia |

It is fun to have whole group of people traveling around together.
Noises around, and we were prominent in the chaos.
We have another 4 friends already waiting for us at Langkawi.
They went there early in the morning, 
because we couldn't get so many tickets in 1 plane.
Met them up once we landed at Langkawi.
Here, we started our little getaway from all those assignments and reality.
Bought beers and wines before we had our dinner.
We prepared these for our night activities used.

| Orkid Ria |

Seafood is a must if you are there.
But we didn't ordered crabs as we lazy to eat.
Orkid  Ria is the most popular restaurant at Cenang Beach I think.
People over there got shocked when we said we have 22 people here.
2 tables to fit us in, 11 people for each table.
Went to have some walk at the Cenang Beach and splash the sea water.
Night time at the beach was great.

This would be end of our first day,
since the showplaces are close during the night time.
But, wait!
We wouldn't wasted our precious night by doing nothing.
That's why we had our party on.

| Drunkards |

Played card-game and the punishment was to finish up 1 cup of wine,
1 shot to finish it.
Felt hilarious when we shouted "HOK DA LA!" together.
It means drink finish it without any left.
We can really finished 5 liter wine in 1 night, Oops, we are alcoholic!
Some of us were seriously drunk and laughed non-stop.
We laughed with no reason.
That was the best part I feel, friends laugh together with no reason.
This tight us up together.

Little Getaway . Day 2

Day 2

Woke up early in the morning, we needed to get out to have some fun.
We went for island hopping.
I didn't went there on the previous trip, this was why I felt excited about it.

| Yeeha~ Yeeha~ |

Sitting in the boat, viewing the scenery...
I felt like I were already in my own dreamland, out of busy life.
I love this kind of feeling, feel free.

| Pregnant Maiden Lake |

Our first destination was the Pregnant Maiden Lake.
The scenery is really breathtaking.
Some of our coursemates swam around in the enclosed sections,
it is 10 meters deep.
Some of them dip their feet into the water.
I were enjoyed snapping photos of them and the scenery.
After awhile, we were brought to see the silhouette of the pregnant maiden.
Seeing it from a distance is truly awe-inspiring.

Our next head on over the Wet Rice Island, another Langkawi Beach with clear water.

| Wet Rice Island |

We soaked up the sun and relaxed ourselves there.
Those boys had fun there,
Swam and played in the water.

All of us were exhausted after a day spent at those islands.
The journey end with a visit to Big-Lion Island.

| Big-Lion Island |

The boat stopped just shy of the shores
and we were so excited to watch the king of the skies - eagles
as they soar overhead.
They dive to catch the chicken bits that thrown by the boat driver,
they are deadly precision.
This sight successfully boosted our energy up again.

Had our lunch over the Red Tomato Garden Cafe.
We planned to play water at Cenang Beach, but we were too tired for that.
We decided to head back to our hotel and rest.

| Bella Vista Langkawi |

This is the view of our hotel, seems grand right?
I soaked myself in the swimming pool since I do not know how to swim.
Saw the sunset with my coursemates as well.
One of the famous seafood restaurant - Wonderland nearby our hotel didn't opened for 2 days.
We had both of our dinner time over Cenang Beach.

Another 5 liters wine for this night.
But we just grabbed some of that, the rest were finished by another group of girls.
(Some of us are cognizance as boys - me, bie, mich, pin and sam).
They didn't treat us as girls, somehow I feel that this is great.
We can talk what we like to each of us.
We passed our night sitting on the chaise longue besides the pool.
Stars above our head,
and we simply had a talk over there.
It's been a long time last we did it, few years ago?

Wonderful night we had.

Little Getaway . Day 3

Day 3

Last day of our vacation.
None of us wanted to come back here, we enjoyed too much.

| One Big Family |

Had our group photo before we left our hotel.

What to buy when you are at Langkawi?
Chocolate and liquor of course.
Went to duty free shops (as we already surveyed which is the cheapest),
and bought whatever we can.

| DOM |

Ta da~ 
That's for my family, it's very cheap.
Is only half price compare to the original price in somewhere else.
Bought chocolates as well although me ain't a chocoholic.
But my housemates and roomie are.
Whole Serena was full with our things, can you imagine how many we bought?

Then we forficate into 2 groups,
some went to seven well waterfall, some went to cable car.
We were the latter.
The temperature were dropping and a windy breeze begin flowing into the cabin as the cable-car ascend.
We were on the way up to Mount Mat Cincang.
We enjoyed our high tea session at 700 metres above the sea level.
My coolest experience over there.

Then we climbed a set of staircases that brought us to the observatory deck.
We enjoyed the magnificent view on this bridge.

| Observatory Deck |

I like the weather there, cool and windy.
When we reached the base station of cable-car,
we went to feed rabbits and deers.

That's the getaway we had in these 3 days.
All of us miss the moment in Langkawi, miss the time when we HOK DA LA~
I don't want it to be an end.
Let's have another crazy getaway, shall we?

January 13, 2011

The Reunion Dinner

Oleochemistry Reunion Dinner.
Our theme color of the day is RED, just some of us didn't wear that.
5 tables of juniors and seniors.
We were so noisy and
 obviously we became the spot light at the place.
1st time to have a big reunion dinner like this.
Thanks to our super-juniors for organizing it and the surprise too.

| Oleochemistry family |

I'm glad to join this big family.

Little babies

Feel depress for nearly 2 weeks.
The thesis lab work really drive me crazy.
I need to make oil and air miscible.
It's really a tough job, I mean I need to find a correct chemical to make them so.
Is a trial and error method.
Tried for bilion times yet they didn't fit any of it.
Frustrated I were.

Howbeit, miracle happens.
See my little babies:

| Half-done perfume |

I got 3 miscible liquid finally.
Still, need to put for few days to see whether they are stable or not.
Gonna try another surfactant in coming week.
Hope it do help.

Life is just a cup of cake.

January 12, 2011

Buy 1 free 1

Had a nice dinner with some of my coursemates.
Kenny Rogers Roasters is doing the 1 day promotion,
buy 1 quarter meal to get another for free.
That's why you'll see people around wearing the red color shirt.
Just they didn't bother whether you have it or not.

| Kenny Rogers |

| Yummylicious |

The muffin is delicious.
For the chicken, I prefer Nando's.
Second time for me to dine in Kenny Rogers, normally we would go for Nando's.

Glad to reach there before the dinner time.
If not, we gonna suffer by waiting to be seated.

January 11, 2011

He's 23

First birthday celebration in this year.
Our boss' big day.
Planned to celebrate at McDonald's nearby our place.
But the place is too small for all of us, 
of course there were full of other people too.
So we switched back to their house after supper
and have our simple party over there.

| Make a wish |

May all your wishes come true and good luck to you.
Chase for the thing you wish.

Aha, we gave him a special treat.
Leftover vodka which we didn't finished on the other day.
He did finished it under our intimidate.

| Recipe |

Can you see how big the bowl is?

Had a discussion or some sort like a meeting about our Langkawi trip.
I really can't wait for it!
3 days more to go and I'll stand on the land of it.
Let's cheer! Party ON!
Quote: Study smart, party hard. 

| Coursemates |

Took it in McDonald's.

January 10, 2011

Healthy lifestyle

It's Monday again.
I paid my fully attention in the classes, yet I were still dozed off for some time.
At least I tried to focus my mind. A good start for me.
*Laugh Out Loud*
I had the to-bring-list for my Langkawi trip already.
4 more days to go!!

We going to have another gathering, our course reunion dinner.
Together with our juniors and some seniors.
I do not know whether the reunion is on going or not.
I hope it is.
The last reunion dinner for my uni life.

I did some exercise today! 
I enjoyed the play. It was really awesome.
I can feel my energy when I hit the shuttlecock.
One more time!
More and more to go.

| Shuttlecock |

I ♥ badminton.

January 9, 2011

Reddish season is coming

Had a wonderful night walking around in Bukit Bintang area.
Main purpose: to get a new flip flop.
The old one makes me slipped for times in this 3 years.
White with color polka dots.
Sound fancy?
Dined in Lot 10 HuTong again, 
the stall of roasted duck rice was closed before we manage to grab one.
Better luck for next time, I yearn to try the roasted duck.
They do have savory scent.

Red comes after white.
Here comes the Pavillion's Chinese New Year deco.
Did you see the purple lion-dance?

| Dong Dong Dong Qiang |

Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Peace.
Beat the drum in order to get your wish in this rabbit year.
We beat all, and hoping for the great fortune.
'Huat ar!'

January 8, 2011


I never had a toy soldier before.
That's why I'm so happy to have one from my roomie.
It's our new year pressie.
Most of us got the blue color one,
and we not yet figure out who is the lucky one to get the red soldier.
Might be no people?
She got the sponsor from Midvalley, oops, from her friend.
Did I mention before that he is the one who in charge with Midvalley's deco?
I met him in person and he is talented.
Because all the deco come out great and awesome.

| Tiny sailor |

As we sail through life, 
don't avoid rough waters,
sail on because calm waters won't make a skillful sailor.

So, tell yourself this: Keep Going!

January 7, 2011


Something tragic happen to me just now.
I were fainted!
Not really fainted like a dead people, 
just I felt dim and energy-less.
Luckily I were with Jayne and Syndy, I did freaked them out.
Isn't it?
I'm still here buddies, no worry.
Seriously, I need a body check-up once I back to Penang.
Because this isn't my first time to feel so.

| Argh |

Gonna bring along some candies with me whenever I'm out.
I need them.
Bring back the healthy me please.

January 6, 2011

Busy bee

Start to have my very busy semester now.
Yet I still hope that I have a little time to enjoy my life.
Can't wait for the trip we had planned.
It's on next week!!
Going to enjoy it to the max.

Went to The Gardens for a simply window shopping.
Not really have a mood for shopping spree.
There was a 18@8 Art Exhibition,
each artist creates their original artwork by using the Absolut bottle.
Isn't it sound cool?
I really impressed by the ideas of them.

| Arty Absolut Vodka |

Actually not much to share within these days.
It is like a routine for me to pass my every single day.
Class, lab work and assignments.
More to go.

Still, enjoy your day.

January 1, 2011

Hello 2011

Happy New Year!
I guess this would be my very first post of year 2011.
A post without photo.
Everything should start with a blank paper,
and I'll color it with all my stories and people I love.
In this very new year, had you came out with a new resolution?

Many happenings in year 2010, a very memorable year for me.
Went to places that I never been,
tried out new thing,
met new friends and many more.
Thing changed during the year, to be better or worse?
Still, I haven't figure out the answer either.
Will you help me to find out the answer together?

Everybody's gonna love today!!