August 30, 2010

Ice Room

[ Ice Room ]
Went there with Mich, 7zai and Shelvi
for our lunch
I had been craved for spaghetti for quite a while
finally I got to eat at there
it delights the cockles of my heart
*big grin*

August 27, 2010


I'm sick
Sickness: unknown
not feeling well and no appetite for a day
what happen to me?
I miss my mom
she is the one who take care of me when I'm sick

to myself:
get well soon

August 26, 2010

Blinky Night ♥

We had our faculty night on last Friday
stave off the post for a week
and I just have some time to update it now
our theme for this year was - The Sparkling Retro Night
me and my coursemates had a inside joke regarding to this theme
a day before the night
*blink blink*
do you get what I mean?

This was the last faculty night for the 3rd year students
so mostly of my coursemates were attended
and we did enjoyed our night
although food was not enough for us
I'm proud with my juniors
they did well in their sketch
the best sketch that I had ever seen
bravo guys
you are the champion in our eyes

The gang that I always hang out with:

Michelle, Daniel, Siang, WeiQi, Kc and Boss
7zai is the only one who didn't attended that fac night
(I mean for my gang)
so there are only 2 girls whenever we hang out
Kinda weird?

and this is my family tree's photo
Pei Pei-2nd year
and Wen Hao-1st year
they are direct juniors of me and Daniel

3rd year Oleo's family
but 4 of my coursemates were not in

I love my coursemates
love my juniors
and we should love the course that tighten us together
all the best to you all

August 23, 2010

The Oleo's Best Senior-Junior Award

and the award goes to
UO gang's seniors and juniors

Jeremy, AhChai, Michelle and I

read Syndy's blog and I saw her post this out
and it makes me wanna share with you
Kinda weird why both of us are so close with both of them
might be stayed in the same hostel

keep in touch

August 18, 2010

love yourself ♥

Michelle post something on my wall
here they are:

| Sometimes you gotta love yourself more
You gotta do the things you like to
play the games you like
eat the food you like
Give yourself some empty spaces and leisure times
Made yourself comfortable being alone
doing whatever you want to
And don't love anyone or anything so much
that you forgot how to love yourself
Because you,
yourself is even precious than anything else |

seriously I love this so much
thank you

and I think of another quote to share:

| The moment I love you
I forgot to love myself more |

with love,

August 17, 2010


| Magnum |

It's like a temptation to eat an ice cream
I want to have another bite

August 16, 2010

you FEEL it ♥

Piglet: 'How do you spell love?'
Pooh: 'You don't spell it, you FEEL it.'

[ someday
someone ]

you get what I mean?

with love,

August 13, 2010

♥ snap

the convocation's period was ended
everything is back to normal now
no more rushing here and there for our seniors
hope they are doing great
with their new life
and we shall continue with ours

I like this 1
pressie for someone who is a camera-freak
how I wish it belongs to me

if you guys had check on my facebook album
you will get to know that
I'm having fun with my pinky baby
heart it so much

August 8, 2010

sis's convocation

I were back to Penang to attend my sister's convocation
that's the big event
I mentioned in the previous post
like what I said
I didn't made any shopping while I were back
no time for me

first thanks to my coursemates that sent me to ktm station
very rush but luckily I were made it on time

thanks to my housemate-Jayne
that gave me an apple
she was insisted to gave me the apple

thanks to Michelle that lent me her novel
will give it back to you once I finish

gonna end this post with this photo:

spot my pinky baby?

August 5, 2010

hello Penang

In less than 12 hours
I'm gonna back to my home sweet home
quite excited with that
and the time is fully pack when I going back there
no extra time for me to do shopping
how sad...
and I can't watch The Last Airbender with my coursemates
I'm gonna die!!!

I realize my hair is growing longer
at least longer then last time
I think I'll have a cut when I go back, cut my fringe

to my roomie, housemates and sisters
in case you miss me
I upload one portrait photo of mine
going to see you soon when I back to uni

goodbye UKM, hello Penang!

* * * * * * * * * *

Friday! Big event of my family

August 4, 2010


force myself to wake up in such a nice weather to sleep
and I'm so lazy to eat breakfast
tomorrow I'll back to my hometown
can't wait

| sunshine |

did you all see the pinkish on my fingernails?
hard to see actually

August 2, 2010

when I kissing you ♥

When I kissing you
It all starts making sense
and all the questions
I've been asking in my head
Like are you the one should I really trust
crystal clear it become
when I kissing you