November 19, 2010

Good bye Michelle

Another aimless day.
Michelle was back to us in hostel, but guess what?
She is going back to her hometown, tomorrow.
That means she gonna stay a night in airport with her friend.
What a sudden.
Still thinking to have another shopping time with her,
now we just can wait for the next semester.

| Homeward |

It's sad to see your back, pulling a heavy luggage.
You are heading home, while I still need to stay over here until December.
Going to miss you much.
Take care, little sister.

Something About Love

The first song that I had today: 
Something 'Bout Love by David Archuleta.
Not a new song of course, somehow it makes my day.
Love the lyrics of it.
"There's something bout love that breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh~
But don't give up
There's something bout love"

| Sealing Clip |

That's the Bevara sealing clip that I had bought from Ikea.
Heart it so much.
I love the colors, very nice.

What to do later?

November 17, 2010


It was public holiday and we went out to have fun,
since we have a tour guide willing to volunteer himself to bring us out.
Planned to go Sunway at first,
but I think IKEA is a way more allure than that.

I really in love with those furnitures, and the way they set out the showroom.
I finally got the Bevara sealing clip, love those colors.
I'll use this to seal my things (more in food) instead of rubber band.
Their concept is good
and they didn't provide any plastic bag.
*Go Green*

| Tableware |

| Kiddie's bedchamber |

Don't you think that the flower lamp very cute?
Heart it.
The lighting is warm.
Took a lot of photos, only furnitures are in it.
Too much to share here.

| The Fivesome |

That's us!
Ah Gan, Jayne, Syndy, Pauline and I.
Another weird combination?
But I do love this fivesome of us, because we love food...Super duper much
Our topic never run out from food.

We knew that Ikea have their restaurant right in the heart of their store.
They are so chary and warm because they think of us.
When people get tired with shopping,
the restaurant would be a best resting place for them.
Beside, We can indulge our taste buds with those food.
*Yum yum*

| Herb Baked Salmon |

| Swedish Meatballs |

The most well-known dish in Ikea.
Pauline's favorite.
We all love this, surprisingly I also love it.

| Pasta with Tomato Sauce |

I like the penne, it is nice to eat with that sauce.
Feel hungry again.

| Chicken Wings |

| Banana and Blueberry Muffins |

| Cate |

We really can eat and we did cleared our own table,
that's why we pay less for the food.
It only cost us around RM10 plus for each of us.
We also get the free refill of the coffee and soft drink.

Went to shopping afterwards.
He is really a nice tour guide, tell us whatever he know about the place.
I bought a pair of home slipper since the old one was spoil.
The new one is with zakka feel.
Heart it.

Every one say that the curry puff in Ikea is good.
People willing to queue up just to buy that.
Before went for our dinner, we decided to have that as our high tea.
Lined up for nearly 15 minutes just to reach the counter.

| Curry Puff |

Heavenly food we had over there.
Wish to back there again just to eat their food.

Had our dinner at Asia Cafe,
we don't know what to eat when surrounded by plenty of hawker stalls.
So we just ordered a few to eat.

| Hawker food |

| Butterflies |

Made by Ah Gan.
It reminds me of the Butterfly Lovers.
The Chinese legend of a tragic love story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai.
They are just the same like Romeo and Juliet.

I had a great night.

November 16, 2010

Let me stay

Somehow, I heart blurry photo,
it is like everything for me is in unclear state.
I belong to nowhere.
I'll just do my part well, nothing more.
So, let me stay.
I'm saying this magic word again: Please.

| Perfect Getaway |

I need a getaway, to somewhere I like.
How nice if the time stop, so that I can own you once.

I'd been given a glimpse of The Secret Book while waiting for someone.
And I read this:

No matter where you are,
no matter how difficult things might appear to be,
you are always being moved towards magnificence. Always.
-Rhonda Byrne-

ps: I'm so careless to scald my finger

November 14, 2010

Bio Career 2010

Another outing today, with certain purpose of course.
Went out to KLCC, my first time since I came here for study.

| Bio Career 2010 |

| Sticker with Name |

I accompanied 3 biology girls to Bio Career Fair & Exhibition.
And each of us got a orangy goodies bag.
And I like their quote: Meet, Speak, Connect.
Frankly, not many companies come over to set up their booth.
So we left the exhibition hall after a glance of each booth.

| KLCC |

We were too free,
so we just did some window shopping and have our meal over there.
After today, I'm not sure whether we have things to eat or not.
Our cafe is close for 1 whole week.
That's why we bought lotsa maggie mee and some solid food,
to prevent we die of starve.

I'm officially suffer for sickness,
flu, cough and fever all come together.

Pipit Wonderful Market

Today is the big day for those craft and handmade lovers.
Haha, yup, I went there too!
Did some exploration because I went there alone.
Somehow I heart it.

| Pipit Wonderful Market |

Took bunch of photos, but I'm so lazy to upload it.
Not don't want to share with you all,
so please do forgive my laziness.
Meet some of the handmade designer which I followed their blog.
They are amazing.

| Crowd |

It was hard to take photos actually,
people were blocking you, and it was hard to move from one stall to another.
I love all those products.
Didn't buy any of them, perhaps I'll make it myself?
If I'm free enough.

| Dollies |

Does this dollies look familiar?
Yeah, they are from *Evangelione's Handmade*.
Of course, her suitcase necklaces are cute as well.
Actually I planned to buy at first when I read her blog.
But I hold my itchy hand.

After that, met up with Jayne and Kang Zhan at Midvalley.
"Happy 1 hour anniversary"
What a funny statement for him.
Had some nice chit-chat with both of them.
Took polaroids with them is the most funny part after-all.
Hey, find some other day to gather again.

| Starbucks |

The snowy print on the cup remind me of Christmas is coming to us soon.
Favorite day of yours.
A good Christmas this year?
Hope so...

November 12, 2010


Like usual, we had our coursemate gathering after our final, 
just a simple one.
Watched a not-so-nice movie: Skyline,
because it didn't made me cry.
You all should go for a better movie.

| Jasmine Green Tea |

Went to check out some camera gadget.
Had fun in those camera show room in Times Square.
Hsim got her new toy that day!

| Christmas' Deco |

This ain't a crazy outing like the previous one.
Are we getting older and older?
We easy to get tired and lack of ohm to 'chiong'.

Still the same

I had finished my final already!
yet so many things still bother me right now:
where to stay during this period,
where to eat because our cafe is close during this coming week,
when should I go back to my hometown,
there is a company interview waiting for me to go,
and I haven't finish pack my thing.

Questions keep pop out from my head,
this ain't a good sign.

| Bracelet |

A souvenir from Cameron Highlands,
Thanks for the bracelet, perhaps another one from Singapore?

November 3, 2010

Dullhead me

And so I gonna start my boring life before the next paper.
Wait for my coursemate to bring me reference,
that's why I can't complete my task that given by lecturer.
What I can do during these days, like a routine:
study, movie, eat, sleep.
That's all, nothing else.
It is like I live my dull life without any purpose.

| Sunset |

Me, like a sunset, become gray before I have time to shine.
I want a getaway.
Away from the reality that make me breathless.

November 2, 2010

Hello November

Hello November and good bye October.
Time flies isn't it?
I had decided, will back to my hometown in coming December,
not this month.
Hope that I did the right decision.

| Solitude |

A perseverance heart is needed when you want to deviate from others,
and discover new thing.
I'll bear in mind that: Whenever I go, I'll go with all my heart.

ps: I remove the signature of mine.
So that it wouldn't trouble me when I want to change my blog layout.