June 30, 2012

Huey&Wah and Marshmallow!

[Huey & Wah in Straits Quay is shut down and moved to Bellisa Row to serve you better, read here for more - updated on Year 2014]

Got a message from my deary Ah Theng to hang out for high tea session, without hesitation, I said "Yes" and we were out. Planned to have first high tea session together before picking up Tien at 5pm after her class, that will be our second round. It was a broiling Saturday, so we decided to go somewhere with air-conditioner supply in Straits Quay, that's how we bumped into Huey&Wah.  
The chair caught my sight once I stepped in the little cafe, "I'll scream if you fart!". Different colors with different quotes, me like!
You will find this handmade rack for magazine and wet umbrella if you have one. It's cool to have a magazine on hand with a cuppa! 
Open kitchen where they make nice marshmallows, cashier at aside. Huey was measuring the ingredients needed for marshmallows; wonder why Wah was not inside the photo. Laugh. Huey is so friendly and I chatted with her while snapping here and there.
They are selling marshmallows in pack as well; before you buy, you can always try a bite on their sample. Talking about flavors, they have stout, green tea, passion fruit, green tea, chocolate and vanilla. All handmade and make colorant added.
Beside marshmallows, they also have muffins and cookies. According to Huey, these are made by their parents at home.
The interior is simple with white based; the only menu of this little cafe is somewhere near the kitchen, order before you get your seat.
This is another side wall, set of postcards are hanging on them, as a decoration, and for sale too! 
Normally, the local drink can served together with 2 cubes of marshmallows [RM4.90 + RM1.50]. Vanilla marshmallow match coffee perfectly, while stout marshmallow (with alcohol content) with milo. It's best if you let the marshmallows melt in your drink, taste your drink again, you will realize your drink had changed its taste. We immersed ourselves in that environment,  enjoying the cubes.
Found this scene very cute, the customer fall asleep while handling his task. Peep the mustache pink cup! It's a good place for knock off.

Huey&Wah Cafe
Add: 3A-G-31, Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang.
Business Hours: 10.30am - 10.30pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 604-8903962

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It was a fine afternoon, trying new thing one by one.

Armenian Street

Been to Armenian Street last week for their function, some sort like art street event; a event that gathered people who like photography and arts. I rather go there during non-event day, lesser people and I don't need to rush here and there just to take a photo. Sign
Just happened to walk over here to snap their road sign. Laugh
14 Living Story, a shop right next to Cheah Kongsi and Amelia Cafe [here], selling classical stuff and you definitely will like it if you fancy about classical things. 
Everyday if you pass by this shop, you will find this uncle sitting in front of the shop and playing with his organ, classical song of cause.
Few pairs of clogs are hanging on wall; all are hand-painted with patterns, each pair selling for RM55, suitable for collection if you like.
Saw a abacus displayed up-side-down, and they took out others and left only 4 pins on the center, special no?
Seen this before? A mural once you turn in the street, the bicycle is real tho. It's even published in magazine and newspaper. 
Here's is the muralist - Ernest Zacharevic drawing on his 6th mural in Penang. He is the cause of traffic jam that day, everyone is standing on the road just to record / take photos at him. Thanks to him for beautify Georgetown; he is so damn cute!
Another hot spot of the day - Khoo Kongsi, lighting on night for their event. Took this photo before they light it. Not much photos taken on that night, crowded everywhere, surely I'll go again to take all the mural in Georgetown.

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Fell for Penang, more and more.

June 27, 2012

I ate this!

As I said, choosing a place to dine in is the hardest decision among friends; looking at the directory board, pointing up and down, at last we had Manila Place for this day. Simply chose from the board, and heard that their lunch sets are quite reasonable too.
Was wondering why not much people wandered in the mall, since it was weekends. The restaurant mostly in white and black colors, cozy one. As I said, their set lunch is quite worth, main course come together with soup and drinks, add RM6 to have Haagen Dazs.
Mushroom Soup
Grilled Fish with Mushroom Sauce . RM25.90
Spaghetti Cabonara . RM22.90
Oops, we added RM6 each to get Haagen Dasz ice cream! Too bad, they do not have Rum Raisin in the menu, only these two flavor.
Outfit of the day, Laugh! Didn't took a lot of photos in Manila Place, can't wait for my movie, Brave and Armenian Street, please wait for me! (back-dated post, should be posted on last Saturday, smack)

Manila Place
Add: 170-G-A2, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney Plaza, 10250 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am-10pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 604-2262005

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Need to find my passion back, towards work.

June 22, 2012

My lovely weekend

Now it's like I having 3 days weekends, one day more than others; so please don't take this privilege from me, and pray hard our production run smoothly within 4 days. Hooray! Passed my Friday with a nice movie: Abraham Lincoln - The Vampire Hunter at night; also dine together with my family for my mother's lunar birthday. I enjoy staying at home during weekend, again. 
Starbucks - To inspire and nurture the human spirit, one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

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Looking forward for the Armenian Street Art event.

June 21, 2012

You are beautiful

Rain poured for few minutes, heavy enough to chase the hazy thingy from our bluey sky; love to see my beautiful island in clear mode.
On my way back from company, hooray, it's weekend again! Laugh

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I'm getting hang on it.

June 17, 2012

"You are my sunshine"

Kind of enjoy to have my weekends at home, with my family, with a bunch of dramas to watch. I did went out, to have a quick chill out, movie; I watched First Time and being touched by the story, wish to pick up my ballet shoes and dance like Angelababy. Laugh!

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"Your smile, that brings me sunshine"

Hello lovelies

The most excited moment in June is meeting up with my coursemates and friends, after 9 months apart from each other, not all were coming but it was more than enough. All of us including Penangite were staying together in Aurora Court's pent house, all of us kept talking about our pass when we were in uni; staying together make us immersed ourselves in the pass, I wished the time can stop there.
We just had some food sessions together, and create more memories together. Girls can't help themselves not to go Charlie Brown to have a photo on the coffee while boys got their Chatime while waiting for us without complain. Laugh! A must-go place - Hard Rock whenever cousemates are here, to get high decibel and rocking ourselves with the rockers. Hoot! I got the feeling!
Got our healthy morning on the next day up to Penang Hill and they were quite enjoyed the scenery on the top; they started to plan for the next trip, can't wait! Like the laughter and joyous moment together with them, keep in touch always! Cozy

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Once upon a time...

Aji Noren aka 味暖簾

When we talk about Japanese food, always we will only think about those in shopping mall such as Sushi King, Sakae Sushi and etc. It's great to have Japanese food other than those restaurants, and glad to have dinner with Calvin weeks ago at Aji Noren
The red curtain welcomed us at the front door; impressed by its environment and interior design which mostly made up from woods.
Didn't made a reservation before we went, so they lead us to the back of the restaurant which also seems cool to me, a little bit look like the gardening feel in Ferringhi Garden [here], you wouldn't feel hot as they placed a few big fans over there.
Love the Easter Island Head, and it reminds me of Night at the Museum: Me no dum-dum, You dum-dum, You bring me gum-gum?
Hot green tea, like the words printed on the cup.
Salmon Steak & Moyashi Itame Set . RM24
Teriyaki salmon style topped with mashed garlic (I guess) and onions taste good and served together with fried bean sprout and fruits.
Saba Shioyaki & Buta Pi-Man Set . RM24
Teriyaki Saba without fish bones is simply awesome to me; easier to eat with, and I like the taste they fried the pork with capsicums.
Hotate Yaki . RM12
Last but not least, teriyaki style scallops, still miss the chewy texture of them! The price range is reasonable because all the food is nice.

Aji Noren Japanese Restaurant
Add: 98-G-35, Prima Tanjung, Jalan Fettes, Bandar Tanjung Tokong, 11200 Penang.
Business Hours: 12pm-2pm (Lunch), 6pm-10pm (Dinner); Closed on Monday
Contact Number: 604-8994720

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We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey
-Kenji Miyazawa-

June 13, 2012

The day with them

Went to Cruises Steak House months ago with ppwen, you can read back the post at here; couldn't forget the beauty of the restaurant and I decided to bring my parents over there to have lunch. It was 2 weeks back, procrastinate this post until now. Laugh
Once saw this wooden horse in front of the restaurant, my daddy said the one they displayin New World Park look better than this.
The coolest area of the outdoor, I think people rather sit indoor than here under the broiling sun.
People were a lot when we were there, this show that they served good food with reasonable price, moreover, their set lunch are cheap!
Like their idea to put the play card as the number of table, special no?
Grilled Chicken Chop Butter Rice . RM17.90
Salmon Steak . RM19.80
Chicken Spaghetti . RM14.90
Found this lovely bike at the corner of the restaurant, with number plate somemore! So old-school style, that's why me like!

The Cruises Steak House
Add: 8, Bishop Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 11am-12am (Monday to Saturday); 4pm-12am (Sunday)
Contact Number: 604-2611622

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Those are not belong to you.

June 8, 2012

Hello, Princess

4 girls in a car had a food hunting out from Penang; of course the purpose we went to Ipoh was to visit Ms. Phang and her little princess.
The conclusion we made: great food need to wait and queue for it. Laugh. Started to miss all the food we had that time, yum!

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Step by step... 

June 5, 2012

Pik Nik anyone?

Time flies and it's June now, my stress accompanied me to get through my May, eventually it will continue to follow me as long as it could. Back-dated post where I had high tea session at Pik Nik and got my very first Starbucks tee, jumping up and down
The sky looked dark yet it's still shining with hot sun. Like their signboard that has a classic feel for me.
Thought that there wouldn't have much people during that hours, yet hardly to get ourselves a seat proved that I was wrong. The specialty of Pik Nik is their hanging lanterns are made up from basket and dustbin. They actually did hand painting on their wall, nice! 
Their menus are kind of simple, printed paper that put on the clipboard; menu for dishes and beverages are separate.
Ice Honey Milk (RM7) on the left and Winter Melon Lemon Tea (RM5) on the right.
Waffle Salmon . RM12
Most of the people who come over will definitely order this, their signature; waffle topped with scramble egg, smoked salmon and cheese. I have no idea how they have this creative idea to put up all the things that turn up very delicious, gonna go and grab it again.
Cheeky Roll . RM14
Ordered Salmon Roll at first, but they said that salmon was out of stock, might due to high order of Waffle Salmon. They stuffed chicken thigh meat, mushroom and cheese in the pastry roll, it's just okay, a good try but it's too simple and taste like chicken pie.
Cheesy Mushroom Platter . RM10
I'll say that I'm a mushroom lover, how could I resist not to order this? Little cheese bake mushrooms look cute and their taste is great!
A basket of napkin papers was given while we enjoyed our dishes; peep the hanging lantern at the back. Laugh
Small antique metal box was given to us when we asked for bill, a unique way to collect money indeed. 
View from my seat, big pillows are provided so that you can have your seat comfortably, that's how I spent my Sunday, two weeks ago.

Pik Nik
Add: 15 & 17, Jalan Nagore, Penang.
Business Hours: 3pm-12am, Sunday to Thursday; 3pm-2am, Friday to Saturday
Contact Number: 604-2260562

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I have my own way to live, which you can never change it.