May 29, 2013

Dear Diary # 2

My second attempt to write the | Dear Diary | post, still haven't think of a better name so let's remain as it. I'll skip all the grandmother's story and start with the items; ola hope you enjoy the readings!
| new toy in the house |
Finally can strike one of the item in my wishlist, got the Sony NEX-5R duo lens two weeks back and I'm still learning the its features now. From now on, all my photos here will be captured using this baby if I'm not lazy to bring it out everyday and photos below were captured by NEX-5R, awesome no? I knew I once said I'll buy a DSLR but I do feel the weight and bulkiness burden me a lot and after did some study comparing most of the semi-pro cam, I feel this suit me well. ♥ 
| when hello kitty meet Ronald McDonald |
I have this doesn't means I like hello kitty, I never have a crash on her btw; just she really looks good in the Ronald's costume. My sis has the whole collection but I only have one. Laugh. Was lined up at McD for almost half hour just to get the hello kitty, and search for the Birdie hello kitty for my sis even I was out to Kuala Lumpur. The kitty is too small to hug, end up I just treat it as a decoration. 
| the intimate moment |
Bought my intimate lingerie in La Senza and got myself this Prestige VIP member card last weekend; heart the polka dots design on it. If you aren't a member yet, it's time for you to sign up for one, after-all it just cost you for RM30 and you will have 10% off on your purchase for the whole year. Of course, you can get special offer during your birthday month (like 20% off) and you can visit here for more information about the member privileges. One of my hobby now is to collect nice and pretty member cards, I do have a lot now; it's time to get a card holder as my wallet is going to burst in one day. 
| dose to cure the desire |
It's been few months I didn't join my partner in crime to have some delightful moment - food hunting. Glad that we manage to find a time and went out together to have food hunt but too bad what we planned always keep up with changes, yet I think that would be a quite-good outing overall, luckily the flurry didn't affect our mood. Ended our day with hi-tea at The Daily Dose Cafe, we wanted to go Mugshot Cafe at first but no seats for us and the Daily Dose Cafe just located somewhere near there. Tried some new food and personally I heart this Cheese Cake topped with strawberries, so yummy!
| miss the time when I'm still a student |
Thanks to my manager, I'm able to attend a few training courses and until now I still feel that being a student is way too blissful than a employee. The trainer impressed me a lot with all his sayings, and one of it sounds like: don't love your company, because you don't know when your company will stop loving you. So, please enjoy your life to the fullest instead of keep on working and working. 

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Think wise, act wise.

May 21, 2013

We love Burps & Giggles

During the time when me and friends had crazy road trip to Cameron Highlands few months back, we stopped by at a new cafe in Ipoh before heading back to the island. If you were there, Burps & Giggles is the place where you must visit! I always focus on Penang foodie sometimes on Kuala Lumpur foodie, and I'm kind of neglected other states which are now chasing up with new cafe like this; thanks to my friend who intro this to me. Let's have some historical talk before moving on; this cafe is a new venture of Indulgence's boss, and now you will ask what the hack is Indulgence? Indulgence is a fine dining restaurant somewhere around Tambun Road in Ipoh. If you are not fine-dining kind of people, you may want to visit Burps & Giggles which serve great food with cheaper price range.
When I first step in, Burps & Giggles give me the Pik Nik's feel; everything in the cafe are quite similar with Pik Nik! Both have big painting wall, comfy sofa and pillows, the most important is both of the interior design are kinda retro, old-school and handmade style.
The cafe is quite huge and they even provide a number of tables at their back lane but personally I feel it's quite creepy to have meals there if it's dark in the evening right? I can't show all the shots here, so let's have a look at the photos that shoot by a blogger name Zane, seriously his photos are way too awesome and those shots impress me a lot!
Sweet Crepe stuff with fresh strawberries, hibiscus curd topped with Vanilla ice cream . RM13
When I ordered this, I was actually thinking about those layered mille crepe which stuff with fruits. So, when they served this up, I was like huh, what's this? I didn't ordered this lah~ but the waiter confirmed with us that this is their crepe looks like. We cared nothing and started to munch the sweet bite, this crepe turn out quite good and the taste is great when the crepe is still heated. Too bad the strawberry cubes were too sour and I can feel them tickled my gum when I chew on them. 
#1 Sister Flo (Soft egg, spinach, pine nuts, lemon hollandaise and turkey slices) . RM14
#2 Brother Dick (Soft egg, smoked lamb rashers and feta cream) . RM14
#3 Pope (Smoked duck, foie gras mousse, oven-dried Roma) . RM16
#4 Reverend Mama (Soft egg, smoked salmon, dill, gherkins and ricotta cheese) . RM15
They have only 4 types of bagel in their menu, and we ordered all of them! We didn't try their so-called 'Hot Spuds' which are something like sausages, lambs, potatoes and etc; might can try them on next visit. We wanted to equally divide our own portion of bagel and share with others, end up we were exhausted on cutting the bagel before the eating, phew~ I posted about burger posts continuously, this doesn't mean I'm burger lover, it's just coincidence and I really prefer Burps & Giggles bagel as they stuffed lot of veges instead of only meat. Like their idea on naming the bagel especially the Brother Dick, have no idea why they named it so. Laugh! Come and try the bagel or other foodie by yourselves; for small eater, no worry on the portion, it's actually smaller than normal burger. Om nom nom!
The Marilyn Monroe's mural at the back lane of Burps & Giggles, we did some stupid pose with that which I better keep them for myself.

Burps & Giggles
Location: 93 & 95, Jalan Sultan Yussuf, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Business Hours: 8.30am - 7.15pm (Daily); Closed on Tuesday
Contact Number: 05-2426188
Facebook Page: Burps & Giggles

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Time to hit the bed now, seriously lack of sleep nowadays.. ciao!

May 20, 2013

Burger time in Woody Cafe

Ola, I'm back with more food post, like always, Laugh! When I view through my album I found out that there are still plenty of places I wanted to share with my readers yet I keep procrastinate it like years; I'll try my best to finish all the old posts like in 2 weeks time, when the time comes, the new posts will bundle up pulak! No choice, I insist to write them all than keeping those little gems myself. 
Woody opened in Penang for times and still operate until now, it's closed when I passed by the cafe last week and I thought they were shutting down but luckily they are not! Phew~ that's why I have this post done first.
Woody only open at night and it's located at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling that near to Eu Yan Shang, no worry it's not hard to locate it.
The interior, so you might have an idea now why they named this cafe as Woody, you can also find a lot of old-school stuff inside the cafe like black disc, Coke jar and etc. Be careful when you sitting on the wooden chair, they didn't polish it well and you might stab your hands or legs. They provide menu but they also have big reference on the black board hanging on the wall.
If you come with a huge group of friends/family, you can tell the staff and let them seated you at upstairs; upstairs is with air-con apply, games corner and also TV corner. The best part is they are all f.o.c, all you need to do is ask for them.
The funny guy (I forgot his name aldy) that talking with us all night long and he is damn friendly and kind! He was taking photo on the food to share on FB page I guess, he is smart to use the table's light to make the food seems juicy underneath. Drool
Can't wait for the food? First let's have a look on how's the homemade patty been grilled; the size of the patty is quite thick as you can see from the photo and Woody basically only selling chicken, beef and mutton patty for their homemade burger.
Mutton HandBurger (RM9.90) on the top and Chicken HandBurger (RM5.90) on the bottom; yeah it's not typo error, they named the burger as HandBurger because they wanted you to try it with your bare hand, not with fork and knife. Previously they do provide glove for you when they serve this up, I knew this from a blogger but now the tradition is no more preserve; they do serve fork and knife if you ask for them. We have single handburger, but if you are meat eater, you can order twin or triplet to double up your patty! Overall, the taste is quite good with lots of sauce, the sauce even dripping when I bite on the burger!
Onion Ring . RM6
I'm so guilty to show all unhealthy food here, but I think it's okay once in a blue moon right? Promise to have more water if you go there as they serve all heaty food. I like onion ring but they over-fried it, the crispy char skin covered the original onion taste. 
The great idea to put the bundled bills together; there is actually a transparent string on the wooden wall to hold the clips. 

Woody Cafe
Location: 64, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, 10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 6pm - 12am (Daily)
Contact Number:  04-2612421
Facebook Page: Woody Cafe

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Recharge is done, next up is on early of July!

May 12, 2013

Kurtos Spiroll, Queensbay Mall

Few months back, I had no idea that there is a Queen Street inside Queensbay Mall, until I accidentally walked by and found out some great restaurants and cafes; thanks to my curiosity. Was shopping with my parents and decided to give it a try in Kurtos Spiroll.
The cafe is quite simple with white, blue and earth colors which at first give me a feel of ocean. I think it might be due to the bluey signboard with the seashell-like logo beside it; the seashell-like logo is actually Kurtos Kalacs (a.k.a Chimney Cake). Only 2-3 tables are available in the cafe and the air-con supply is not sufficient, either the shop is too near with the car park or they baked the chimney cake inside the cafe which make the surrounding so warm. 
Same like other restaurants, frames with artistic photo (of course related to the cafe one lah~) are hang on the wall, to twiddle your eyes and tummy while you waiting for your food to serve. Laugh
Here comes the simple menu for a la carte and set mealp; there are 9 choices for you to choose under 3 different categories, Original Kurtos, Favourite Kurtos and Premium Kurtos. Next, you can choose your choice of dip and beverage, too bad the beverages are limited especially for cold drinks; I suggest you all to take cold beverage in the warm environment. 
This is the promotion they held when we were there, lucky us to have denim element on us and grab a free hot beverage and one handmade dip. I only noticed the signboard after I made my order so we got extra drink and dip. 
Here's the making of your Kurtos Kalacs inside the cafe, opened-air; I wonder how they ensure the cleanliness of the Kurtos Kalacs for whole day long, maybe the dust will stick on the chimney cake! Hmmp, they were inside my tummy and I didn't suffer from diarrhea. 
The dips! I straightly ignore the chocolate dip once I first saw it, I knew I shouldn't have this thought, but I just can't help it. Left 2 for me to grab - Butterscotch and Garlic Cheese; the butterscotch is way too sweet for me but the garlic cheese is really suit my taste-buds.
Premium Chicken Floss on the left and Original Hungarian on the right. If you order the chimney cake which is with toppings, then the dip is not necessary as the topping already added some aroma on the chimney cake. I still prefer the original one dip with garlic cheese. Yum yum! 

Kurtos Spiroll
Location: 3F-01B, Queen Street, North Zone, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Business Hours: 10.30am - 10.30pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 012-5020331
Facebook Page: Kurtos Spiroll 

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Dentist said naturally I lack of 2 tooth, I just know about it!

Change to have a better life

I still remember I complained once that Facebook had nothing to see/read after-since I graduated and started my working journey. Yet, nowadays we get all the uncover true stories from Facebook on the Malaysia election issue, thanks to those who share and care about our country. I'm glad that most of the youngsters fulfilled their duties to the nation as a voter, so did I voted for the first time in GE13. As you can read from Facebook or newspaper (those reliable one), this is the dirties election throughout 55 years; people started to ask: Where is our democracy? I love Malaysia like everyone else, that's why we fight for a cleaner Malaysia, hoping that we can have a better life as Malaysians, not only Malays, Chinese and Indians. So fighters, continue fight for the right and don't lose hope.

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