July 19, 2014

Joyeux Cafe . in the rain

Finally paid my visit to Joyeux Cafe which is located in the Nagore Square, we visited it during a rainy morning and there was no one in the cafe except us; rainy day or the cafe is still new and not much people notice it yet. Joyeux means happy or cheery in French, but the rainy day or the dim lights in the cafe a little bit made the cafe looks gloomy; my camera always hard to get nice photos in low light source and you will see there are noises in my photos later part. Nah, I'm not complaining, not going to spend more on camera anymore as my baby nex serve me well whenever I'm out for trips or event, so stay with me as long as you can yeah my babe. 

Seems like I always tell a lot of grandmother stories before I start my post, hmm I think I do so to let you know more about me, like people really care about it lol. The menu are quite limited here maybe they are still in the mid of thinking better dishes, but coffee selections are too less to choose from, I really had hard time to choose what hot beverage I want. 
I like the design with all the woods and brick wall, give me a feel that I called home. You will only find flower in glass pot decor on their long table, there is nothing on the small table and I observed that there are some tessellated mosaic on the long tables. Pot of chessman is prepare on the table, so that we could use that tessellated mosaic to play some chess game, how thoughtful. 
White | RM10.90
I just feel to have hot beverage in the rainy day and I give the espresso + milk a try hoping that it wouldn't be that bitter after added the milk in the espresso. Luckily it didn't turn me down, but I doubt it is the espresso as it tasted like normal long black, nah I have zero knowledge on coffee so excuse me on that. The table become a good background especially those water stain mark make it looks even better, I took the same angle on the food but I don't think it's good to share same thing here to make you feel bored.
Carbonara | RM18.90
The set menu that available during brunch/lunch time I guess, it comes together with one fresh salad and ice lemon tea. We couldn't finish the salad as it comes in big portion and another reason is the citrus sauce only drench on the top of the veggie, so the bottom part are too dry for me. They didn't cook the bacon and pasta together so you couldn't get the bacon taste on the spaghetti, but they are generous enough to give us one big piece of bacon, personally think that the basil leaves are too much for the pasta. 
Ben | RM14.90
Here I can finish the veggie because of the hollandaise sauce, it will be better if they give more hollandaise sauce so I can dip the pancake with that sauce too. I forced to poke the yolk so that the the pancake have something to dip with; overall I quite like the pancake as it's quite soft. It comes with 2 poached eggs but one of it was quite cooked and I don't get the running yolk but the bacon is so good! Sorry for my Malay readers, it's not a halal cafe. 
Will give it another try few months later and hope they have more selection in their menu. Finished my post with a photo on my favorite lacy pants from H&M with the geometric pattern floor tiles as background. 

79, Jalan Nagore, 10050 Penang.

Business Hours
9am - 10.30pm (Sunday to Thursday); 9am - 12am (Friday to Saturday)

Contact Number


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Bon Odori today but I didn't go, sometimes stay at home is another bliss.

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