October 31, 2010

Want some ice?

This is a hot sunny day.
Good because we can bask our washed clothes,
bad because it makes people feel idle.
I'll keep procrastinate my study which I shouldn't be.
I just couldn't help it.

| Blueberry Snow |

Icy cool snow in such weather is perfect.
I'm actually listening to Grace Kelly if you ask.
Suit this weather much.
"I could be hurtful, I could be purple
I could be anything you like"

October 29, 2010

Bite and Chew

After a tough period, outing is a must.
Choosing a place to go made us headache, at last we decided to go Pavillion.
Had been a month since my last visit over there.
So, everything seems 'fresh' to me.
Went to Fahrenheit but not many shops occupied yet,
will just visit once it is complete.

Lunch at Wong Kok Restaurant,

| Wong Kok's |

all of us ate spaghetti in a HongKong style restaurant, weirdo us?
The spaghetti come out satisfy for us, 
like the mushroom sauce 
yet the Creamy Seafood Pasta from Fish Manhattan still the best
* drools*

Had some window shopping afterwards,
so many nice dresses over there, 
luckily we manage to hold our itchy hands for that.

| Snow Flake's |

Went to Snow Flake for our high-tea, those mouth watering desserts look great.
Just it was too icy for us.
Should order a hot one next time.
I shared with Jayne, our red bean with black pearl and taro.
The taro was extremely nice!

Planned to have KFC for dinner at first.
When we passed the Subway, the scent allured us successfully.

| Subway's |

My Subway Melt, with parmesan oregano bread.
6 inch is definitely not enough for us, 
we started to feel hungry when we reached our room.
Big stomach we have!

| The quaternate |

Narcissism in the toilet as usual.
As you can see, the outing is all about eat.
We always spend a lot to eat yummylicious food, I heart this much!
Eat is felicity.

Bloody red on my fingers

October 27, 2010

I'm so dead

Officially finish my first part of final.
It's so nice to have 13 days to study for my next 2 papers,
I need to use it correctly.
Hope that I can do well in the coming papers.

| Chemical Instrumental's Notes |

I'm so dead now.
Please, let me pass this paper.
*Pray hard, HARDER!*

Okay, don't talk about the sad thing anymore.
I guess I'll rest my mind for 1 day,
quote from Michelle: Tonight I can online without the feel of guiltiness
So, any plan for tonight?

I feel that I love my blog berry much

October 26, 2010


| Plait |

It looks like centipede right?
my darling roomie help us to tie it
sister hair with Jayne
but the hair color is not the same
her marshmallow brown and my natural browny black

hedonism of the day: Figaro!


October 25, 2010


2 papers were down, another 3 to go
my countdown clock is tick-tocking right on my desktop
18 days to finish my final
hate to face my last paper on the last day of final
everyone should has already in holiday mood
while I still need to bend my head over the equation

I need a sketchbook, or a scratch-book indeed
from Art-Friend perhaps
had been practiced for long time
guess it is time to unleash my talent

| Plastic spoon |

small gift from Koko Krunch
have some sweet bite
good to boost your brain during exam week

Good luck to you

October 23, 2010

Stupid Final

Need to face 2 papers on Monday
one on Wednesday
then we will have a 13 days break before the last 2 papers
so am I going back to my sweet little hometown
or staying at uni after the final?
if I stay over here, where should I stay?
so many questions popped out and all with unsure answer

I can't wait for the last paper
we gonna have sisters outing on that day after my paper!
if time is allow, deal?
I hope I have time for my craft-work
more and more ideas detonate in my mind
and I think I'll go to the Pipit Wonderful Market
on 13th of November
any accompany?
we need to walk in crowds under the broiling weather
*I guess*
with my little pinky baby (optional)

| Muddle colors |

see the combination?
this is so called 'interesterification'
which involves the exchange of colors among the flip-flops
Orange + Black = Orangy black
in the end, chemistry makes me crazy
I want to get rid of you

| I was born to tell you I love you |

October 19, 2010


Do I love coffee?
not addicted
yet I like to sit in a coffee house and have a taste of it
I might not know how to degustate a coffee
but I like the scent of coffee berry
it makes people feel uplift for a moment

| White coffee |

Hope you'll like it
coursemate bought this back from Malacca for me
so, have a cuppa?

* * * * * * * * * *

I got the fabrics already
denim stripe and purple with white polka-dot
waiting for the 'main character' to reach me
then my project shall start

October 16, 2010

Another birthday girl

Happy birthday to our Syndy
time for her to turn double 2 after ours
and we had a crazy birthday celebration for her
and I sacrificed just for her - uglified myself

| Secret Recipe |

Bought the White Chocolate Macadamia for her
since she don't like chocolate
but too bad we don't have refrigerator and it melted 
hope you don't mind about that

| Wrapper |

Wrapper for her pressie
can you see the design?
1 + 1 =
Me + = You
You =
she loves that meaningful pressie from us
stay healthy and happy my Syndy

ps: I like the Durian Durian from Secret Recipe
let's go to have another bite

October 13, 2010

Factory visit

Finally I had done my proposal presentation on Monday
Felt relieve after that
glad that I'm still alive from the questioning part
good luck to my coursemates who gonna present on tomorrow and Fri
pray hard for you all

Had a factory visit just now
we went to Sime Darby Jomalina Sdn Bhd 
it was a good experience for us 
although we don't really want to go there at first

| Golden Jomalina's Board |

| Helmet + Rubber Shoes |

we have to put on the personal protective equipment
to protect ourselves
feel weird why we were on the formal wear?
of course, it was requested by our lecturer
wearing formal wear and walking under the big sun is killing us
we prefer our club's t-shirt

I like the feel 
when all coursemates go some places together
so I'm looking forward to our trip

Sushi Bonanza is back!
we didn't miss the chance
but too bad we didn't get to eat the unagi sushi

| Member Card |

Get myself the Sushi King's member card
and grab some free gifts as well
a small round bowl, voucher and also the calender

October 9, 2010

A day out

Went to Zouk Cafe with friends in The Gardens
now they have the lunch promo - Buy 1 get 1 Free
so we went there for a taste
the place is calm and spacious
suitable for those who want to do some chit-chat
but we felt disappointed with the food

| A kind of  fish |

sorry to say that I cannot recall the name of this
taste good if compare with others yet not the best that we had

| Seafood Aglio Olio |

Felt excited at first when we saw it serves with the scallops
but it ain't cooked
not the same like what I had ate before

This is just a dining experience of us
and I didn't intend to forbid you from trying for yourselves
after all
it's still worth a visit though

Starts from 2nd until 17th of this month,
Trunks & Toys Exhibition by Louis Vuitton is 'foray' in The Garden
the collection, some of which are from the 
Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris
it's worth to spent your 10 minutes time
just to see their antique trunks and vintage toys
happy to say that: We were at there
| Louis Vuitton's booklet |

Like the booklet which full of the pictures
and the info about the trunks and toys


I woke up early this morning
but did nothing 
just simply blogging, surf net, listen to songs I like
and of course, I ate my breakfast
with a packet of lemon's flavor biscuit that given by darling roomie
Thank you

| Sushi King RM10 voucher |

I got my voucher already
Thanks to 7zai and sorry because I didn't go to pick it up myself
So sushi bonanza next week?

* * * * * * * * *

I like it on the desk

October 8, 2010


I have my proposal presentation on Monday
first day and the second person to be up on the stage
scratch my head and still can't figure out how lecturers arrange the presentation time
but I should feel happy with that
at least I can finish it fast and enjoy few days before the final
Good luck to my coursemates and me

| Post Express |

I received this little parcel these few days
going to start my project soon
right after my final ends
and perhaps more parcels are coming after this week

* * * * * * * * * *

I found a shop that I seriously in love with
located in The Gardens
I wish I could own every single item on the shelf

October 7, 2010

A tiring day

Finally, went to sing k with Michelle
just both of us
Kinda enjoyed, and we sang for 4 hours until we barely lost our voice

Brought her to Haagen-Dazs
her first time and it didn't failed you right?

| Haagen-Dazs |

Macadamia Nut and Rum Raisin
the latter is my all-time-favorite, is it because of the taste of rum?
I love it

| Me |

credit to Michelle for this photo
my hair grow longer and longer but with slow speed
am I suit long hair or short hair?

* * * * * * * * *

I want to buy that dress 

* * * * * * * * * 

We helped Michelle to dye her hair
the color is nice and we love her new look
look fresh

October 3, 2010




| fishes |

Good luck ♥ 

October 1, 2010


Have I told you all that I have a darling?
and I love her so much
we are official roommate for 3 years, never separate
this call FATE
darling, give you a big muakx

| My darling roomie |

I just love this photo, do you feel the same?

no more 4 hours sleep

I had handed in my proposal
nightmare ends and I can have a nice sleep 
no more dozed off in front my lappie
we realized that this thesis thingy can easily make us broke
hundreds will spend on it I think
I had the complicated feeling when I hold my proposal
we endured all kind of hardships just to finish that
Grateful I should say

| Me with my masterpieces |

Had lunch with some of my coursemates
I need to defecate that I'm not really have a big stomach
but they just don't believe it
because while I say I'm bloated, I still dig for those yummylicious food
I just can't resist nice food
I bet you also same with me right?

| Menu of Boston Restaurant |

* * * * * * * * *

I beg your pardon...