May 30, 2014

Dinner at Oh Sushi

The last time I dined in Oh Sushi was like 2 years back, I never went back again as I have 437964 more restaurants need to visit. Until recently, I went back again for their sushi; so this post mainly for their food, if you wanted to know more about their interior, read my previous post here. Please remember to make your reservation during weekends (even weekdays you might need to get your reserve done) and I didn't called them ended up we were in the waiting list when we were there. Plus, it was a day before Mother's Day, that's why every restaurant is quite full house. Their service is good, I got their call in less than 10 minutes and they got our table ready when we were there on second time. Was not really hungry that's why we only ordered some to share together. 
Sashimi & Salmon Teriyaki Set | RM35
Oh Sushi used to have more bento set, now they left only 2 pages of bento set, I can say that they have lesser choices compare to last time, that's why we took a long time to decide what bento to order. We had the salmon teriyaki set which come together with 3 slices of salmon sashimi, you can see how thick the sashimi slices are! Nothing much to comment as this is just the normal bento we had. 
Gyoza | RM8
I always wanted to try Gyoza whenever I visit a Japanese restaurant. The gyoza come in 6 with the price of RM8, normally we can only get 5 pieces of goyza at other restaurants. These is quite good but I still prefer the one at Sushi Zento tho, the stuffing in gyoza here seems to be lesser and quite oily. They did not provide any ginger slices in their soy sauce (I'm not quite into ginger but here ginger slices did spiced up the taste of gyoza). 
Rainbow Roll | RM22
I ordered this as well during my previous visit, it's quite worth to order rainbow roll as you can try different type of sashimi in one plate. Previously, they do not have the mayonnaise on the platter, I do not know it's only for decoration or we can dip the sushi with it; I dipped the sushi with mayonnaise and I quite like the combination.
Soft Shell Crab Salmon Roll | RM19.90
Last but not least, we had their soft shell crab salmon roll which is in their promo list, each sushi roll cost only RM19.90 where normally it would be cost around RM25-RM30. Quite worth! The sushi is quite big in portion but I insisted to put a whole piece into my mouth lol, had difficulty to chew on it btw. Thumb up for their waiter and chef as they trying to serve your food as soon as possible (so that they can have more customer in return), the total time I was in the Oh Sushi is around 1 hour +, from order, serving, eat and until billing. Yay or nay? Laugh

3E-G-5, Block E, Ground Floor, Straits Quay 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang.

Business Hours
11.30am - 10.30pm (Daily)

Contact Number

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Going to my sister there and have our roadtrip tomorrow, but it's raining now. Feeling meh.

May 24, 2014

Tai-tai wannabe at TWG

I went to TWG for afternoon tea like finally and got to be tai-tai for around 1 hour plus; normally I don't get this kind of luxury one, just once awhile. Was always thought that the price will cause a burnt hole in my wallet by looking at the golden grand design, until Gurney Paragon has one outlet and I look at the price, it's quite affordable and the price is roughly the same as other cafes around Georgetown area. It's not the only place you can try the TWG tea, it's also available at Macalister Mansion. 
Some random shots while waiting for our kind of afternoon tea (we chose the brunch set). Wanted to order their macarons badly but guess what, the waiter told me macarons are not available at that hour. Felt to slam the menu and walk out from the restaurant lol but of course I was not doing that if not how can I post my experience there. We got no full-freedom shooting in the restaurant, cakes and cookies area are not for photography, felt to slam the menu for second time lol
When you are seated, they will hand you 2 menus (one for your tea selection and another one is food) and 1 tea book; the tea selection there is crazy, like 200 types or even more! Had no idea how to select a tea so we asked for recommendation. 
Their brunch set is only available from 10am to 3pm and we had Aviator Set. For the dessert, we had choice of 2 freshly baked muffins or scones served with TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream. I don't really like their chocolate muffins (it's chocolate and I'm not a chocolate person), too sweet but I still can accept if wiped with whipped cream. Scone is acceptable especially it wiped with the TWG Tea jelly which tasted like peach jam. In the set, we also get to choose patisserie from dessert trolley and we had the fruit tart. I can finished it by myself because it's really up to my liking, the sour strawberries are neutralized by the syrup and it really mixed well with the kiwi! It was like love at first sight, it was the first I saw from the trolley and I got it right. 
The Aviator Salad. If you do no like salad, you can go for other brunch set which comes with egg benedict/scrambled egg, quiche or beef tenderloin. We wanted a light afternoon tea that day. The Aviator salad comes with grilled chicken supreme, Romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, fresh parmesan shavings and topped with a poached egg and a touch of seaweed. You can poke the egg and let the egg yolk running around your salad, but we left it till the end and ate it like that. You can toss the lightly spiced sauce infused with Comptoir des Indes Tea which come together with the salad, it can really spiced up the salad if you don't like tasteless salad.
What's more come together in the set? A freshly squeezed orange or apple juice (nothing much to talk about this, just a normal juice you can get outside) and a TWG Tea pot from their extensive tea list, you can choose tea with price lower than RM19.90 with non-refillable condition once the water in the tea pot is gone. Why it's non-refillable? They insist not to give customer a single tea leaves in the tea pot, they brewed the tea and only pour the freshly brewed tea in the tea pot. So it's a yay or nay? We asked for recommendation and the waiter recommended us to try the Red Tea Mint Chocolate (if I'm not wrong), it's quite special and I hardly taste chocolate in the tea, which is good for me lol. If you don't like bitter, sprinkle a little bit of white sugar in your tea cup. 
A must-take-portrait when you are in TWG. Nah, just kidding. I'm a failed tai-tai as I finished the tea too fast and got nothing to do in the restaurant, normally tai-tai sit there for hours and gossip non-stop. Will I go back again? The answer is maybe, for their macarons and tea or after I finished explore other cafes or gathering. A good place to enjoy the luxury afternoon tea but not quiet enough if the restaurant is full house. In case you want to know, TWG = The Wellness Group. 

G10, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

Business Hours
11am - 10pm (Daily)

Contact Number
Not Available


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People always wonder: macarons or macaroons? Read this for clear understanding.

May 19, 2014

Pik Nik Everyday

Finally finished my Hat Yai posts, after drag for almost one month plus; Singapore trip will be up soon, not sure how long it will takes, but let's hope that I can finish it by next month maybe. Laugh. I don't feel to face laptop during my weekends or even after work for whole day long, not good for my eyes, I started to feel that I'll get tired easily if I face laptop or computer too often. I should have other activities which make me healthier, any recommendation? Let's see what I've done recently, no doubt, it is related to food again. Wanted to have some bites after I cut my hair this weekend (run out of idea how to cut my hair, so still remain as usual), we went to De Yard Cafe but too bad it's under renovation now. With no other choices, we went to Pik Nik
I went there like 3274395 times, so no photos needed whenever I'm there unless we order food other than their signature, when I said signature, all of you should know what I meant. If you can't get it, read my previous post and you will know the signature is their Waffle Salmon. I ordered the same food and beverage (winter melon lemon tea) everytime I was there, weird right? I just don't like to change when I used to something. But not this time, I wanted to have something different and I'm glad I did!
Mango Yogurt Smoothies . RM9
I had this, although we wanted Banana Yogurt Smoothies at first. After 2 minutes we placed the order, I heard the staff said: BO JIO, I still thought what are they talking about, then the staff came and told us their their banana is not available (bo jio means no banana in Hokkien, but bojio means did not inviting your friends to go out together in Hokkien; kind of complicated lol). We switched it to Mango Yogurt Smoothies, and I love it. I want to try all their yogurt smoothies, one by one.
Dory Dorry . RM12
Pumpkin Cream Spaghetti . RM13
We had these 2 hours after I had my lunch, no wonder I can't slim down anymore, I have unlimited food supply here in Penang! I don't really like dory fish when it goes to fish n chip, but here as a small bites, it's up to my liking, maybe mainly due to their tartar sauce. I think they should serve double portion of tartar sauce, it really taste good even I just had it plainly, ain't sure if we can request more as we didn't ask for it. Their spaghetti, one of those food that I'll surely go back to have more, they should add more variety on it, now only 3 flavors are available in their menu. Bits of bacon are added in the spaghetti, the pumpkin sauce is really creamy which I think the cheese that they sprinkle on top did a little help, I didn't waste any bit of their sauce seriously. Wanted to try their kimchi spaghetti on my next visit and hope that they won't let me down. 

15, Nagore Road, 10050 Penang.

Business Hours
3pm - 12am (Sunday to Thursday), 3pm - 1am (Friday to Saturday)

Contact Number


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Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.

May 18, 2014

Sawadee Hat Yai . Part 6

And so, our last destination of the day - the floating market, I forgot where the floating market located, so if you wanted to know, just google it or leave it to your tour guide if you have one. I started to feel tired and thirsty when I reached the floating market, so not much photos were taken due to heavy flow of crowds, kept my camera safe was my main concern. 
It was hard to decide what to buy since most of the floating stalls selling the deep fried food, saw these little sushi which cost only 5THB for each, spotted the one and the only angry bird sushi! We planned to get some of the sushi after we survey other stalls, end up we did not manage to have these after 10-20 minutes we went back the stall, sushi SOLD OUT. Why this happened on us? Sigh
Wonder how you pay or they give you back your change? Using their self-made basket, it's so convenient and clever.
The stall that attract most of the people goes to this beverage stall, it's quite cheap for the drink and you get to bring back the cup, it only cost around 25-30THB. We bought 3 of these, and now we are not using it for drink, but we used it to put pens and combs. 
Some of the food we had at the floating market, not much choices tho, we were planning to have dinner there but too bad most of the food can't really fulfill us. For me, I do not know what to eat, wanted to buy bihun soup kind of food, but it is quite hard to find a table, and it is so troublesome if you hold the paper bowl, standing aside to finish it. So we just had something easy to carry and left the place after one hour walking around. Were then went back to our hotel and ate some expensive hawker food nearby the Lee Garden Plaza.

We did not waste our last day morning to get last round shopping at day market, the van driver only come and pick us from hotel around 12 noon. The must-buy-item at Hat Yai goes to the Zebra brand dishware, we got our items with half price cheaper than in Penang; imagine you visit my kitchen now and you will see most of the things are from Zebra brand. If you have plenty of times, I think you can find a lot of cheap stuffs around the market. 
We ended our Hat Yai trip at Black Canyon Coffee, we do have the same restaurant at Penang but we did not pay our visit there, maybe nothing special attract me to visit? Laugh. We had their Pad Thai (char koay teow) and it's quite good, thumb up for that! 
Last but not least, food that I bought from Hat Yai, half of them goes to my colleagues, another half still with me till now, I really seldom eat it. I bought them because they are extremely cheap, kiasu to the max. 

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A raining Sunday is a good day!

May 16, 2014

Sawadee Hat Yai . Part 5

Let's continue my journey with me after the Naga Head statue we visited earlier, this round I might cut short some temples so that you wouldn't get bored of these. The Naga Head is somewhere near to Samila Beach where you started to see people heading to the beach to get some sea breeze. The hot sun was really killing us but the strong wind did some help to make us feel better.
The main purpose to here is for The Golden Mermaid statue on the Samila Beach. At first we wanted to take photos with the statue, but you have no idea how long you need to wait for that, you can see people trying to climb on the statue and accidentally drop the flowers, which I felt sad about it. We end up snap the mermaid statue and off to bench to get some rest. The Golden Mermaid is with a story, narrated by Khun Wigitmatra, a mermaid sat and combed her hair on a beautiful beach on a starry night. A young fisherman met and frightened her and she fled into the sea. The fisherman waited for her but she disappeared forever.
Before we left Samila Beach, bro-in-law bought some souvenirs and we girls decided to get another coconut ice cream, my sister just couldn't get enough on this. Personally, I think this coconut ice cream is better than the one we had on the first day, the glutinous rice is the best we had! Maybe it was just icy stuff make us feel better during the hot weather. 
Next, we went to the latest attraction in Hat Yai  - Hat Yai Cable Car, which located on top of the Hat Yai Park and Guan Yin statue, there are a few attractions near to this place where I will talk more about that later. The price for the cable car is 200THB per pax (go and back), basically there are only 2 cable cars available, you need to wait for some time to reach your turn. 
The Great Brahman is at the other end of cable car, the Great Brahman is the Hindu god of creation which force present within all things, which we always named him as 4-faced Brahman. Therefore, a lot of tourists come over here to worship and pray for blessing, saw numerous of golden elephants located around the Brahman statue? They are all donated by people who wish came true after praying the Great Brahman. The three-headed elephant called "Erawan" is the famous shrine to the Great Brahman.
We did some praying at The Great Brahman, you can get the set of praying stuff (joysticks, oil, candle and flowers) at 60THB. There is a method on how are you going to pray the Brahman, if you do not know, you may ask the people who sell the joysticks, he will tell you on the method (he speaks fluent Hokkien). I have a everything-also-know-sister, so she is the one who teach us the way, she learnt it during last visit to Bangkok. We were so lucky to see people put the firecrackers at the place they provided for votive people.
After came down from the top hill, we went to several temples nearby the cable car station, Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj (the tallest Standing Buddha in Southern Thailand, we can actually see the statue from far) and Hat Yai White Guan Yin. There are around 4 temples nearby the cable car station, once you came down from the station, you can slowly visit and pray at each temples, we are running out of time, so we just have some walk and prepare ourselves to our last destination - floating market. Stay tuned for that. 

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Decided to have a hair cut by this week. 

May 10, 2014

Sawadee Hat Yai . Part 4

I was posting about our breakfast at Chokdee Dim Sum and Bak Kut Teh in previous post; after some shopping at 7-eleven, we were back to hotel to wait for the tour guide from JR Tour. He came on time and is able to communicate in mandarin (you can request a tour guide with your preferable language from the agency), in case you did not notice the price I posted in previous post, it was only around 2100THB for 5 pax and we went to 8-9 places in total, including the floating market! Worth-till-drop! 
The little danbo is quite lucky to join us for the trip, I always bring it along wherever I go even I didn't really use it as a prop to take nice photos. Maybe I should make a danbography wherever I go since now we do have legography from Andrew Whyte. 
Since most of the places we wanted to visit are near to Songkhla, which is quite far from the Hat Yai city (correct me if I'm wrong), so the first place we went is Wat Hat Yai Nai, which is 10-20 minutes from our hotel. Just to let you be prepared, most of the places we went are temples which are quite famous in Hat Yai, most of the tourists go to Hat Yai is to make a vow to god; you will impress on how nice they build the temples! Since it was the first temple we went, I decided to pray a little and donate some RM together with my bro-in-law. Met this little cute girl and her meows in the temple, cute no? 
After that, I felt asleep in the van as we traveled more than 1 hours to reach a small island in the Songkhla Lake which named Ko Yo. The temple we visited in Ko Yo island is Wat Phranon Laem Pho which has a massive golden reclining Buddha to welcome us. Was impressed by the golden reclining Buddha as it is so huge and pageantry, we spent some times to enjoy the weather near the lake. 
We were then went to the restaurant nearby the Ko Yo island to settle our lunch, we were still quite full with the heavy loaded breakfast, so we just ordered some dishes. Our tour guide was not joining us for lunch, as they have a special room for tour guide to dine I think; overall all the dishes are quite good but more expensive than the one we had in Kan Eng restaurant. 
The Songkhla Aquarium is inside our day tour list, even we were not planning to go in to pay a visit (it will draw most of our time), tour guide also must bring us to the places that listed, unless if you notice you are short of time to other places, you can request the tour guide to skip the place you do not want to go. We just went there to take some photos and some walk in the garden; for your information, the aquarium entrance fee is 250THB for childrens, 400THB for adults and 400THB for the Go-Kart (5 laps).
We told the tour guide to skip the elephant ride since most of us are not interested on it under the hot sun. He was then brought us to Naga Head at Song Thale Park, one of the attraction for Songkhla Lake and it was constructed in Year 2007. The Naga Head or "Nag" (Naga means dragon in Malaysian and Thailand language) is said to symbolize wisdom and intelligence. Talk about this Naga Head, it is actually separated into 3 parts, the head (which shown in the photo) is at Laem Son On Dam, the body is in the Lan Chom Dao, which is near to the lotus pool, and the tail is near to Songkhla Golf Course. The head and tail are about 3km apart! The way the sculptures are meant to evoke the image of large dragon moving its way through the city, too bad I couldn't find its body and tail in the garden! Laugh

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Feel lucky that we are back from Hat Yai already! Till then.