December 28, 2015

Paper goods from Stickerrific

Been MIA for months and hey, I'm still here! BenDan and I just came back from Bangkok for weeks; I'll try to post about our trip and itinerary once I'm free. Since it's almost end of the year, it will be good for me to share my Christmas present that I got for myself; sound familiar? You can read my previous post here where I got my first Midori Traveler's Notebook, proud to say that I'm still using it and I brought it to Bangkok to jot down some important notes and feeling throughout the trip! This time, I got my refill from STICKERRIFIC instead, didn't get much items as I like to keep my TN plain and simple. 
The overall.
The parcel reach me before Christmas and it's so nice to find the hearty note from the founder of Stickerrific, Szetoo, she also include some stickers, bookmarks and more. I can use these to decorate my TN.
For me, this is one of the must-have-item whenever you get yourselves a TN - PVC Flat Sheet; it can be used as bookmark or ruler, best to use it with Blank Refill Insert. Was planning to get this from Tabiyo (out of stock) or Taobao until I found Stickerrific which offer almost the same price with Taobao and they have plenty of stocks!  
Got myself another 3 pieces of masking tapes or to be exact we called it washi tapes and one masking tape box with cutter. In Stickerrific's store, you can find all kind of masking tapes, I had hard time to choose just a few from them. As of the box, we can only keep the masking tape from the same brand (Masté), I overlook this when I purchase the box. Gonna get another box for other masking tapes which bigger is size, do share with me if you know where to get the box. 
Last but not least, I also got myself a set of Weekly Year 2016 Diary, two books that separate into January-June and July-December have been packed in the package. I found the weekly diary can help me more than the normal blank refill, of course if you do not like the weekly diary, you can also get yourself the monthly diary. For the weekly diary, you can either choose the package from horizontal one or the vertical one; in my opiniong, the horizontal one have more spaces than the vertical one. The diary guide and seals (stickers) are also come together with the package. With these, let's plan for another trip next year! 

. . . . . . . . . .

It's not hard to observe that I got myself a new watermark as well.