July 28, 2014

By The Sea Lifestyle Store . bubbly hi-tea with sister

Due to the Raya holiday, all of us have a long weekend this week but I wanted for more, 5 days just simply couldn't satisfy me now, nah just kidding. Did not plan for any short trip this time, but I kinda have a fruitful days for doing those spontaneous task/event, originally my main task was to settle my company's annual dinner photo-booth props but I did not really doing it, put it to least priority then. Smack. Viewed my old album and realized that there are some nice places that I forgot to share, be prepared as this is a very very backdated post! I still remember my sister brought me to By The Sea Lifestyle Store after I done my CNY visiting to my friend's house at mainland; this is not our first choice but due to the holiday some cafes got themselves off day too!
Since it called by the sea, so the beach feel is a must in the cafe; they whole cafe is cover with sea blue color and they even put sand and the sunshade to make you feel beach-y. They sell not only food and beverages, some cute items, clothes and accessories are put on shelf and mean for sales. I was eyeing on some of their phone casing and booklet but I left the cafe with empty hand.
If you like those stuffs that they put in the cafe and feel to grab it home, you may just ask the staff for the price (if I'm not wrong). Personally I like the corner with all the postcards sticking on the bluey door, told you I always have a thing with postcards thingy. If you happen to be there and if you are so lucky that there are not much diners in the cafe, I would suggest that you can pick the seat with shorter chair near to the retail corner that sell lots of accessories as we seated on the taller chair, and our butt are too big to be fitted in the chair and make us feel uncomfortable. 
Ta-dah, their handmade menu with cute hand writing in in, they provide a lot of small bites in the cafe and I had hard time to decide what to have. End up, we just order what we like from the menu and realize that we had too much for both of us, compare to others
Peach Dream | RM7.90 . Cafe Mocha | RM8.90
Wanted ocean blue on my first glance on the menu but I don't like to have bluey thing goes inside my stomach so end up I have the peach dream that really cool me down in the hot weather. As for my sis, she never wrong with mocha, she will only order mocha or mocha and still mocha from their coffee selection. We had too much food and this explain why we couldn't finish both of these beverages end of the day. 
Rum & Raisin Mille Crepe Cake | RM12.90
Since it was during Chinese New Year period, most of their cakes were sold out but we were lucky to get the rum & raise mille crepe, I was thinking that the taste would be quite similar with those rum & raisin ice cream we can get outside. But I was wrong, the taste is quite weird to be put into the mille crepe cake, maybe it's just not up to my liking; a little bit of bitter but the chocolate chips on the top of the cakes kind of neutralized the bitter taste. 
Honey Toast | RM7.90
The toast is served in a fish-shape plate that quite suit me and my sister laugh out loud, you see how thick is the toast that make me full until I couldn't consume anything more on that night. I guess we ordered too much of food, anyway it was only 1-2 hours after we had our lunch; my only idea during that time was to figure out how to settle all the food on our table. Overall the toast is quite good together with the vanilla ice cream, the honey won't too sweet after mixed with the melted vanilla ice cream.
Sebastian | RM7.90
The snack that I heart the most that day, the sebastian in bigger portion was sold out so the staff recommended us to have the one in smaller size so I assume the price will be cheaper than RM7.90. They put the prawn, scallop and cheese in the sea shell and baked it, a paper umbrella is put on top before they served us our sebastian in smaller portion. The taste is good just the portion is really that so small, each of us only manage to get 2 bites on it. 

6924, Jalan Ong Yi How, 13400 Butterworth, Penang.

Business Hours
3pm - 11pm (Monday to Friday); 2pm - 11pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Contact Number
04-323 3449


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Holiday can don't end so fast? Laugh.

July 25, 2014

Huey & Wah . a favorite place of mine

I once post about Huey & Wah Cafe when they still operate in Straits Quay, if you couldn't recall just read here for details to get some pictures there. Few months back, they shut down the little cafe and move to Bellisa Row for a bigger shop which have more seats that can fit more than 30 plus diners. Wanted to go there badly and I always have a thing to Huey & Wah because of their gourmet marshmallow, even new cafes keep blooming in this island, I still die hard want to go Huey & Wah again to try their new menu. When I said menu, I mean snacks that come in fine portion, with that I can order more things to try like their cakes, ice cream and etc. 

If you are Penangites, you will know it's quite hard to get a parking lot at Bellisa Row but surprisingly we saw many empty slots there, might due to it was Sunday when we were there and people rush to else where to try out new cafes. 
That's Wah who is preparing the new flavor of marshmallow in the kitchen but why he cut his hair?! He used to has long shoulder hair when they still setting up this cafe. If you didn't plan to spend time in the cafe, you can actually go to the shelf and pick your favorite marshmallow, all of the marshmallow come in refill pack (2 sizes) and in a jar. 
Since downstairs already occupied, so we moved to upstairs and wait for our order to be served. Different kind of seats are available at level 1, board games are available in the cafe if you come in a big group and I guess the beanie seats will be first taken by diners compare to other kind of seats. It was also occupied when I was there, so we just pick the seats that near the bookshelf. 
Retail corner is available in level 1 and you can see those handmade stuff, mainly with accessories, books, soft toys and etc. Thing that I really impressed is the drop-exchange-share-take corner where you can actually bring a book or two that you no longer want to keep and drop it there, at the same time you can take books on the shelf to exchange. Do not have books to exchange? Then what you need to do is just to donate a minimum RM5 in the jar of honesty so that Huey & Wah can used that money to get more books. 
Milk | RM7.50 . Banana Smoothies | RM14
It's just not right if you come to have a cuppa without adding RM1 for their marshmallow, their main charm is the gourmet marshmallow that will enhance the taste of your beverage. Not all marshmallow flavor goes well with drinks, so they will have few choices of the marshmallow that fit the drink, and you just pick the flavor you like while ordering. We had milk with vanilla marshmallow (2 big cubes) and banana smoothies with chocolate marshmallows (2 big cubes); cold beverages can't make the marshmallows melt so I can't really get the chocolate taste unless I bite on the marshmallow but personally I like their banana smoothies as it taste so rich. Back to the milk + vanilla marshmallow, it surprised me as the vanilla enhance the taste of milk but I think I'm going to get diabetes if I drink like this every day. Laugh
Egg Mayo Sandwich | RM9.50
The snack we had that day, nothing special as it will taste good no matter how you make it, just some simple sandwich where we can make at home. But I like the way where they sprinkle some basil leaves on the top of the eggs, it taste so 'western' when you got some basil taste in the egg. They some have selection of breakfast or brunch if you reach there earlier.
Coconut Candy Ice Cream | RM10
We didn't order this at first, but the signboard on each table make me feel to try it when I was seated, the strategy of putting the signboard on each table works! So I quickly ordered another ice cream when the girl served us our sandwich; wanted salted caramel but the flavor sold out, so we give the coconut candy a try other than those normal flavor like vanilla or chocolate. Had you tried coconut candy, the candy that wrap in color paper that use to make tanglung? The ice cream taste is exactly like the candy taste! Special right? The Fatbaby ice cream is actually transported from Kuala Lumpur to Huey & Wah, they working so hard to get you the tasty ice cream in Penang, visit their webpage for more about the ice cream. 
Salted Caramel Marshmallow (jar) | RM18.90
Before I went back, I got myself a jar of seasonal marshmallow. I tried to put it in my milo this morning but I guess it doesn't go well with the taste lol, guess I need to find another drink with that flavor of marshmallow then; by the way stout marshmallow is perfect to be put into milo! Heart the quote: I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thoma A. Edison - 

368-1-14, Bellisa Row, Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang.

Business Hours
8.30am - 11pm (Sunday to Thursday); 8.30am - 12am (Friday to Saturday)

Contact Number



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I rarely get angry, but when I do, it means you are over my limit.

July 20, 2014

Tourist Spots . Singapore

I'll put an end for my Singapore trip in this post, just roughly get through what I've done after the lunch until night time; basically there was nothing much on our last day as we decided to have a good sleep and go to airport after some bite at hawker stall nearby our hotel. After our lunch at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant, we went back hotel to get some rest before more walking comes to us. 
Since I'm first time in Singapore, so the Merlion Park become my tourist spot and I die die also want to have one photo with that. I was thinking that crowds will be lesser over there under the hot sun but seems like I was wrong, groups of people standing there and finding a good spot to take photo with the merlion! By the way, I was happy to be there even I sweat a lot that time. 
We reached Marina Bay Sands but decided to go Gardens by the Bay first by crossing the Dragonfly Bridge which linking both places. It was like a no ending road inside the linked bridge, I think we spent quite some times to reach Gardens by the Bay but it was worth the walk as the scenery at the garden is simply awesome. We didn't spent a tokens to try their OCBC Skyway, people were queuing for that and I don't think we have time for that, save it for next time. 
Felt relief when we finally get the air-con inside The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, the place is so grand and huge, we didn't manage to finish the walk inside even we spent hours there. We just went to the shop that we survey earlier and get our stuff; end up we just realize all the stuffs in Changi Airport offer a better price, should have just get my bag in airport. We shopped like a boss, nah just some reward for myself after working for 2 years+, after all I should treat myself better for working like a slave. Laugh
So, we set my birthday dinner in Bay Sushi at Level B2; forgot to make reservation and we waited awhile before we get our seats. I think diners were a lot that day so the serving was quite slow and I feel that their service is not that good as we keep asking for our need but waiters were too busy to entertain us. I like the design by the way, woods and the tatami kind of feel. The food is okay (yet expensive) but personally I don't think I'll pay another visit there as their sushi roll is not really 'eater-friendly'; the sushi is so huge that we couldn't just finished it in one mouth like we usually do, when we try to bite it half and the stuffing wrap inside started to drop. I saw diners next to me having the same problem as well, end up I finished the stuffing inside then only start to munch on the outer layer. 
Lastly, we bought our ticket up to the Sands Skypark that cost around $23, worth it or not you judge by yourselves; for me, I really get a memorable birthday night. I was speechless when I was up there, get the breezy wind all over my body and the night view from there is just good to end my night there. Souvenirs are available on the deck but I didn't get any, I just got myself a drink. 
What I feel about Singapore? Clean and convenient but I don't like the hustle-bustle life over there, a good place for travel since their service is quite good compare to ours. Do not worry if you are first time there, the signboards are clear enough to bring you places that you want to go. Will definitely go back again but not so soon even though it didn't cost us much to travel there.

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Started to plan for my next trip.

July 19, 2014

Joyeux Cafe . in the rain

Finally paid my visit to Joyeux Cafe which is located in the Nagore Square, we visited it during a rainy morning and there was no one in the cafe except us; rainy day or the cafe is still new and not much people notice it yet. Joyeux means happy or cheery in French, but the rainy day or the dim lights in the cafe a little bit made the cafe looks gloomy; my camera always hard to get nice photos in low light source and you will see there are noises in my photos later part. Nah, I'm not complaining, not going to spend more on camera anymore as my baby nex serve me well whenever I'm out for trips or event, so stay with me as long as you can yeah my babe. 

Seems like I always tell a lot of grandmother stories before I start my post, hmm I think I do so to let you know more about me, like people really care about it lol. The menu are quite limited here maybe they are still in the mid of thinking better dishes, but coffee selections are too less to choose from, I really had hard time to choose what hot beverage I want. 
I like the design with all the woods and brick wall, give me a feel that I called home. You will only find flower in glass pot decor on their long table, there is nothing on the small table and I observed that there are some tessellated mosaic on the long tables. Pot of chessman is prepare on the table, so that we could use that tessellated mosaic to play some chess game, how thoughtful. 
White | RM10.90
I just feel to have hot beverage in the rainy day and I give the espresso + milk a try hoping that it wouldn't be that bitter after added the milk in the espresso. Luckily it didn't turn me down, but I doubt it is the espresso as it tasted like normal long black, nah I have zero knowledge on coffee so excuse me on that. The table become a good background especially those water stain mark make it looks even better, I took the same angle on the food but I don't think it's good to share same thing here to make you feel bored.
Carbonara | RM18.90
The set menu that available during brunch/lunch time I guess, it comes together with one fresh salad and ice lemon tea. We couldn't finish the salad as it comes in big portion and another reason is the citrus sauce only drench on the top of the veggie, so the bottom part are too dry for me. They didn't cook the bacon and pasta together so you couldn't get the bacon taste on the spaghetti, but they are generous enough to give us one big piece of bacon, personally think that the basil leaves are too much for the pasta. 
Ben | RM14.90
Here I can finish the veggie because of the hollandaise sauce, it will be better if they give more hollandaise sauce so I can dip the pancake with that sauce too. I forced to poke the yolk so that the the pancake have something to dip with; overall I quite like the pancake as it's quite soft. It comes with 2 poached eggs but one of it was quite cooked and I don't get the running yolk but the bacon is so good! Sorry for my Malay readers, it's not a halal cafe. 
Will give it another try few months later and hope they have more selection in their menu. Finished my post with a photo on my favorite lacy pants from H&M with the geometric pattern floor tiles as background. 

79, Jalan Nagore, 10050 Penang.

Business Hours
9am - 10.30pm (Sunday to Thursday); 9am - 12am (Friday to Saturday)

Contact Number


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Bon Odori today but I didn't go, sometimes stay at home is another bliss.

July 16, 2014

No Signboard Seafood . Singapore

Told you, it's about food so if you are in hungry mode please do not continue this post, it might make you crave for food; I shouldn't post this in this hour as well, it makes me crave for seafood, especially crabs! Before the trip, we really work hard to search for nice food in this country, we are the one who willing to spend money on food more than anything else; this trip is said to be worthwhile after we had the nice luncheon in No Signboard Seafood
No Signboard Seafood have around 6 branches in Singapore, the one we went is at Geylang which is just 5 mins walk from our hotel; we planned to have a shower and rest after the lunch. There were not much diners when we were there, maybe it was just open or most of the people choose to have seafood at night time, so that they can slowly enjoy the seafood whole night long. There are 2 partition in the restaurant, one is outdoor another one is indoor with air-con supply; all of us of course went to the latter one. 
Sin-Chew Mee Hoon | $15
I just roughly state the price of the mee hoon as different portion are with different price, moreover we ordered another plate of this since this portion can't fulfilled us. Why we don't want to order another dish than this? Because it taste so good that we still stick to the same dish after we finished the first place. I'm not really like mee hoon as I always feel it is quite dry without any sauce, but this is different, it wouldn't too dry and it's up to my liking.
Crispy Cereal Prawn | $30
Wouldn't want to have only crab, so we order another seafood which is prawn, not bad tho and the prawns are so fresh. If you did order other seafood than crab, you should finish the seafood first before the waitress serve you the crab, because the taste of this prawn become so tasteless after we had our crab. The crispy cereal are so much until we couldn't finish, kind of waste I think. 
Chilli Crab | $60/kg
Fried Buns (Man Tou) | $0.50/ea
You can see that I keep mention crab in this post, but if you come here without order the crab, is it kind of weird right? So we order their signature chilli crab (you can order black pepper crab if you like, one of their signature as well) and the fried buns together as the fried buns really go well with the tomato and chilli-based sauce. The sauce are too much we couldn't finish it, if you are a big eater, you may order more fried buns to clear the sauce; without the buns it will make you feel a bit spicy. 
Wonder how big is the crab? Look at the claw in the photo, my thumb is only around 20% of the claw, so huge! The amount of fresh crab meat we can get from the claw are so much and juicy; this is the food that I missed the most throughout the trip, will definitely go back again because of this! 
Before they served you the food, they will first served you soy sauce and one bowl of water with lime inside, we do not know what's that until I asked the waitress. She told us that we will get the strong crab smell on our hands after the meal, the smell can only be removed by using the lime. We tried, and it did work!

No. 414, Geylang, Singapore 389392

Business Hours
12pm - 1am (Daily)

Contact Number
+65-6842 3415


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