October 28, 2012

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights with my girls

Some of my friends told me the same thing when I suggest them to have Korean cuisine, they said: Korean food is not nice while they didn't even try it before they said that. Quite sad since I'm quite fancy with Korean food also (mostly because they provide rice LOL), and the first time I had my Korean food was at Ko Hyang, located at The Gardens, Mid Valley, few years ago. It's operated by Korean family and they extended their business, total they have 6 outlets in Kuala Lumpur. By chance, I were back in Mid Valley, so we decided to pay a visit there to have pre-dinner before we headed to Wong Ah Wah, a thumb up for their chicken wings!
Didn't manage to get the Ko Hyang photo, I only have food photo here, it's just located right in front of the Cold Storage, The Gardens.
Kal Guk Su . RM13.50
It's made up of spinach handmade noodle, so the noodle color is in light green, the photo can't really show the color here. The noodle soup is serve together with vegetables and seafood / beef / chicken, here we chose chicken. The soup is quite lite and not too salty, so it fits everyone tastebuds well; we had it during a raining night, so it surely did warm us well.
Jab Chae . RM15.90
The cellophane noodles (Tang Hoon) is stir fried with vegetables and chicken / beef. The noodle is so chewy when we munched it. Yum!
Kimchi Ji Gae . RM15.90
How can we not to order the Kimchi Ji Gae? That's my love after since I had it there few years ago, the Ji Gae is with lots of ingredients, bean curd, cellophane noodles, chicken, kimchi and etc. Compare to those Korean Restaurant that I tried, the level of spiciness of this Ji Gae is at the top, very spicy yet make me want for more. It come together with a bowl of brown rice, healthy to the max.  

Didn't order much dishes in Ko Hyang, since we were headed to Wong Ah Wah for second round dinner, hunt for their chicken wings!

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights
Address: LG-KG05, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: 12pm - 10pm (Daily)
Contact Number: NA

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Don't know why the weather is so hot today!

October 27, 2012

Love at Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

Since ppwen didn't try Sushi Zanmai before, we decided to give it a strike when we were in Sunway Pyramid, that was our late lunch on second day. When we were first reached Sunway, the first person we saw made us feel quite excited, guess who we met? Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh, she was there to attend the Anlene event held in Sunway, didn't managed to take a photo of her, but she is stunning with her age now! Back to topic, we couldn't locate the Japanese restaurant at first, we walked around and finally decided to ask the location at Information Counter. We had no idea it located at another Atrium, it's so obscure (for me lah~).
We reached there around 2pm+, I said our late lunch, laugh! We saw people queuing to wait for their seat, at this hour, you kidding me or not? But nice food worth to wait; I like their colorful candelier inside the restaurant.
I think we waited for around 15 mins+ to get ourselves a table; Yeah this is Sushi Zanmai, not Pasta Zanmai, both with different style.
They provided sweat sauce, thought I need to request for it; tried so many sweet sauce still I like Sushi King's diluted one. Laugh
Unatama Don (S) . RM19.80
I had no idea what to order at first since I went there few times, and I tried some of them before, ended up I had this Unatama Don, the roasted unagi simmered with egg! Luckily there was no tiny bones in the unagi, I didn't ate any, but ppwen claimed that she ate some. 
Kakiage Don (S) . RM10.80
Ppwen's. She always couldn't resist to prawn, over here, she had fried prawn and some vegetables. I planned to order this as well, she read my mind and ordered it, so I can tasted it at the same time too. Like the prawns as they were quite fresh.
Sushi on the day, couldn't remember the name already, of course salmon sushi is a must whenever I'm in Japanese restaurant. For the other two, I just simply heart them as well, the cheese and mayonnaise enhance the taste, and they tasted so creamy!
Hotate Teriyaki . RM10.80
The scallops are grilled with teriyaki sauce, it taste good with this reasonable price, chewy enough and I hope for more at the end. 
Photos always come first before we started our meal, the culture now. Peep the wasabi we had, I had it every bite when I was having my Unatama Don, to be clarify, actually I like wasabi and I take it as a enhancer to make my food taste better! Giggle
Raining season on-going in Kuala Lumpur, when will you stop? Even during our last day over there, we also walked under the rain inside UKM, while to attend friend's and junior's convo.

Sushi Zanmai
Address: First Floor, Japanese Street, Oasis Boulevard 2, Sunway Pyramid, 46150 Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 603-74923080

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Ola, my KL posts still couldn't finish even after a week. Smack

October 26, 2012

Raining night @ Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar

Make up my mind that I will not update food blog at night since doing this will actually make me drool and crave for food. So now I'm blogging about food that I had in Kuala Lumpur early in the morning, yet it's not a wise move either, I blog this before my breakfast and then I wish for food as well! Someone, save me by throwing nice food into my mouth please, I'm so lazy now to dig the food out. Laugh
After the tired climbing at Batu Caves, we decided to have something nice to pamper ourselves, plus it's the first night for us there, nice food is a must (actually we plan it before the trip, hahaha). At first, we wanted to go Levain but too bad it closed at 9pm, so we couldn't chill after the dinner over there, at last we chose Palate Palette since it's super duper near to our hotel. Eating mode ON.
You can see from the name, the restaurant is full of colors and joy, where I wanted to pay a visit few years ago, and I paid it now :)
Starry starry night~ I like the pattern!
The restaurant consist of 2 floors, but I think normally during weekdays, upper floor is closed. We thought diners will not a lot during Thursday night, that's why we did not made reservation, just walk in. This is a big NO if you want to have indoor tables; when we were there, the "Reserve" plate on each table did really make me feel sad. We had no choice to sit at outdoor table but with rooftop.
The photograph corner. Didn't took lots of interior photo, since I really feel bad to walk around diners while they having nice meal.
The outdoor look, heart the idea where they put colors at every corner, if you go with big group of friends, outdoor definitely more suitable since the loud chatting sound won't affect other diners. 
They placed water candle on each table, but too bad, the wind was strong and follow by pouring rain, the candle just drown like that.
Apple Mint . RM11.50
This is bartender's choice, that's why I ordered it, because I have no idea when everything come to drinks. Maybe I should just order Mocktails, to kick my night; I thought it before but deleted it once this thought appear in my mind. Laugh! They mix the mint leaves into apple juice, it's quite refresh after we had the heavy dinner there, to distinct most of the oily food in my tummy.
Caffe Latte . RM8.50
Gan's choice, just love the way they serve this drink, brown sugar is provided to enhance the taste, great combination if compare to white sugar. The caffe is quite bitter at first without any sugar added, so I saw Gan pour a few spoons of brown sugar into it. Peep the wall behind, they drew colorful "Love . Laugh . Live" and some Tetris blocks as decoration.
Palate Salad . RM15.90
Their signature salad with the twist of Ceasar which they claimed that it's good enough for the Lord. Other than their fresh crisp romaine lettuce, they tossed it with special house dressing and chicken bacon. The white thingy on the top is cheese flakes, they added chips, fruits and tomatoes to add in the salad texture. The portion is quite big, sharing is recommended.  
Fish and Chips . RM19.90
Admire the way they serve the food up, it's totally different from the Fish and Chips that you can find from outside. The chips they mention are not fries, but the real crispy chips with a spicy taste, tartar sauce is provided where they sprinkle some chili powder on top. Assorted potato and yam chips is plug on the Tempura fried Dory fish with silver chopstick. Again, something need to say, normally what you will get for Fish and Chips outside is with small portion, but over here, the fried Dory fish they give is quite huge.
Sundried Tomato-Battered Chicken Chop . RM28
This is a disaster for me, because the chicken chop taste so good and awesome, I just feel to have more of the chicken breast meat. Again, wanted to praise them for the "decor" on the food, the chicken chop is cut into half instead of whole piece. The dish is come together with buttered corn-on-the-cob and garlic mash potatoes; the chicken chop is placed on the top of mash potatoes! It would be better if they give more mash potatoes gravy, the bottom one is too dry. Chili sauce is provided but even if you didn't dip it, the chicken chop already taste good.
Lamb & Onions . RM20
We all first thought that we will getting a lamb chop dressing by onions or cook together with onion, but the photo above prove us wrong, totally. We were saying that what the heck they prepare the lamb in this way, and all the criticism stopped when we ate it. You know, I seldom eat lamb as I really don't like the foul smell (some people really like the smell!), and this totally surprise me; the lamb is marinated in honey Worchestershire, onion also covered the foul smell successfully. Mint yogurt sour cream placed around the plate, and chili flakes sprinkle on the top of lamb! So hey, don't judge a book with it's cover anymore, really in love with this dish.

Nice dinner we had with Gan and ppwen's friend, Krystal. I spotted that there are a few of nice restaurants along the street! How about we visit them on my next KL trip? Laugh

Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar
Address: 21, Jalan Mesui, 50200 Kualau Lumpur.
Business Hours: Every day from 12pm-12am; Friday & Saturday till 2am; Closed on Monday
Contact Number: 603-21422148

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My body clock fix at 7am-8am now!

October 25, 2012

The Batu Caves

I did not get enough rest either even after Eddie's wedding; a week after his big day, I went to Kuala Lumpur (again) with ppwen, a little flee for us from the pile of work. The reason why we drove down all the way to Kuala Lumpur was to meet up with our dearest girls; just met up with some of them, left out Jayne, Michelle and Syndy this time. All of them mean a lot to me, where we used to get through every thick and thin during our uni life, thank you all!
Before met up with them on weekends, we had our own plan to discover places that we didn't been during our 3 years stay in KL. We didn't get lost in the big city, thanks to our technologies, we were using an apps in my smartphone, Waze, highly recommended and please download it. So after crapping so much, I still didn't say where I'd been on the first day; but I think all of you might know it already since my title is so big! Ta-dah, it is Batu Caves.
Saw many pigeons at Batu Caves, I think there are thousand of pigeonssss; and tourists were so excited to stand in the middle of pigeons for photo. I not really dare to take this kind of photos, I scare pigeons will fly and bump on my face! OMG!
It's breathtaking isn't it? Wonder how the founder will had the idea to build a temple in a limestone hill.
The 272 concrete stairs def make me feel tired even before I started to conquer it, we rested half way and others did the same thing too!
The tiredness was worth after we saw the amazing view inside the limestone hill. Due to the atmospheric pressure (might be), I couldn't adjust my breath smoothly but luckily I didn't black out at there. Okay, I know I'm weak, laugh!
When we were in the Temple Cave, the temple was like having a praying ceremony, the music they played flow over the cave, cool~
When we went deeper, there's another smaller temple, and I totally heart the air, fresh enough. Wonder what people looking at?
The limestone cave! That's why people will try to finish the stairs just to have this view, nice no? One thing I forgot to mention, other than pigeons, there are a lot of of monkeys climbing here and there, and the next thing they will do is to attack people who hold food/drinks on hand, just like the monkeys in UKM!

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"Zing", where are you? Laugh.

October 18, 2012

Teaser before I got the photos

I not really have the photo during Eddie and Brenda's actual wedding day, so once I got the photos I'll share them over here, so stay tuned, for around 1 month++ okie? Normally as for girls, when friends around you started to get marry, your chances to be their ji mui is higher, but this time Eddie thought out from the box, he invited me and Ai Hua to be his heng dai
Here's is the bow tie for heng dai(s) and we all look like rabbit with it and suit with formal white shirt and black bottom. Rock it, guys!
The flower loop or hair accessories for ji mui(s), guess what, they have boy ji mui(s) also! I grabbed the loop from them after the event, as a souvenir for myself. Glad that through this event, I knew lots of people (mostly Brenda's ji muis), we shall meet again!

Also, not to forget, I met 2 awesome photographers during the wedding, they are from CASH studio, and video above is a teaser for their pre-wedding photoshoot. They did a great job on the photos and videos, click here to give them a like in FB, support them will you? I really enjoy viewing all the albums that done by them, so peeps enjoy the video. Copyright of CASH studio

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Going off from the island now.

October 16, 2012

Until the seas part

Got the invitation to attend Eddie and Brenda's wedding; it was like half year back, I felt excited when I clicked 'Attend' on the FB that time. It's a fate that I done my internship at Euro, knew lots of nice people which we are still contacting each other right now. Promised Eddie to take the liability in his wedding and play a minor roll (okay, quite important lol) during his big day; glad that I actually can contribute during the day, for a friend / brother like him. Let's start from the lao tia meh before the actual day.
My contribution started on Friday noon, since I'm not working that day, why not helping him to prepare wedding thing. There were many first time for me, to travel so far (Kulim) all by my own, to see St. Anne Church in real, and to have black outfit from head to toe under the sun. Red roses was what they chose for the bouquet, bloody roses seemed to whisper the passion of their love under the sun.
Back to their home sweet home and there were many things waited us to be settled, one of it was to decorate the house. I myself feel that this spot in this house is quite nice, I took photos before started my job there, laugh
Snoopy collection at the rack.
Something that I very fancy in his room, the antique phone! Did I mention that they set a theme for their wedding - Retro, and here they have a little retro space for themselves too. The phone is not for decor but it's in use and imported from overseas, cute no? 
This is what I did for the day, 100 balloons to fill up his room and living room. You have no idea he is a romantic guy by looking at him.
I assume that girls will gone crazy if they had all the items on the dresser, hand cream, skin cares, body cares and etc. Peep on the Notorious perfume from Ralph Lauren, it shows that Brenda has brilliant taste, the scent of Notorious just suit her right.
Rose petals (fake one lol) all over the mattress, fruits were placed on top as well, each of them represent different prayer or wish.
The wedding couple slippers, which have 'husband' and 'wife' wordings on the top of them. Not much photos were taken on the day, and the next day as well, busy with my stuff, stay tuned for the next post, if I happened to get some photos.
Before I forgot, the wedding ring (focus on the wrong side, omg!) is from Cartier, the design is simple enough. Like you can watch from drama, the wedding ring goes on the left ring finger as it's the only finger with vein that connects to the heart. Till then.

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"Sweetheart, sweetheart...."

October 10, 2012

Sushi night at Sushi Zento, Precint 10

Hi, did I ever said wrote that even how hard I try to taste new restaurant or cafe which are mushrooming in Penang island, I also couldn't finish them all. My money just couldn't grow as fast as those restaurants, plus I haven't finish all my debts and car loan, but I just started to work for only one year, life will getting better isn't it? Cross fingers. After tonnes of nice food I try, some of them really make me to crave for more, still at the end, they all need to queue behind my love. (You guys should know what I like now?) I want to shout out loud that: I love to eat rice! Truly a Asian to the core, wonder can I really survive without rice? Laugh

What will you do to end your exhausted day after work? I chose to have nice dinner with friend, a delightful one. This time, we were back to Sushi Zento where I first tried during my birthday celebration, click here for the previous post. If you google this restaurant, most of the reviewers were commented on their services, not a good one tho; but I found that the service over there is quite okay (maybe I went there twice during weekdays and not much diners to serve), they are quite efficient btw. 
Chawanmushi . RM6
If you follow my blog, I used to order set meal at Japanese restaurant; this time it was something different, we had ala carte all night long, sound so sumptuous. Chawanmushi was first served up, you see nothing on the top, but all the ingredients are bedded at bottom.
Salmon Fried Rice . RM10
See I told'ya, I couldn't live without rice. I wished for something special than just simply a bowl of garlic rice, that's why this came to my mind to try their salmon fried rice. The outlook make me drooled, you can see that minced salmon is fried together with rice, you can have it on every bite. It would be better if it's not that salty, at first the taste is acceptable, but becoming more salty at the end.
Yaki Gyoza . RM8 for 5 pcs
A must have dumpling, tasted it once and I knew I'll order it again and again. Under the dumpling skin, we have minced pork and vegetables, thanks to vegetables, the texture is quite okay (not too chewy) when we munched it. The soy sauce is the bonus, dip dumpling in it to enhance the taste! I forgotten that these are not Chinese style boiled dumpling, the way to taste Gyoza is different as well, somemore I asked my friend where is the ginger. Whack my head please!
Italian Roll . RM20
I understand how the name come from after they served this up. As usual, bottom one is normal sushi maki which stuff with cucumber, crab stick and egg, this was then topped with thick layer of raw salmon, mayonnaise and cheese. Blow torch (if not mistaken) use to melt the cheese on top before served up, the best part is, the salmon still in raw condition! This is how the name come from, the preparation is very Italian style and be frank, the portion is quite big, thanks God we didn't order Dragon Roll as well.
Salmon Hand Roll . RM6
Hate myself that update this post in this hour, looking at the photo make me drool and hungry, see how juicy is the salmon! Normally, I wouldn't order hand roll as the seaweed is hard to chew or bite after expose to air for long time. That's why this came first before other dishes while the seaweed still remain fresh; the main purpose to have this - salmon-lah of course! 
How can I forgot about  my favourite salmon sushi on conveyor belt, but I only had one plate of salmon sushi last night, the rest I was hunted for salmon+scallop sushi, which cost me RM5.80 per plate. Om nom nom, this sushi night did compensated me for did not shown up during Sushi King Bonanza last week.

Sushi Zento
Address: 10-A, 11 & 12, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Precint 10, 10470 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am-11pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 604-8992725

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Wonder if visitors of my blog really read my crappy words, or only enjoy my photograph, or none of them?! Laugh

October 5, 2012

My first Insta-post

After-since smart phone has intruded in my life (or others), those apps provided by Apple/Android seems cooler and everyone prefer update their goings-on using the apps. So am I, yet for those interesting incident, I still prefer blog about them here, laugh

I placed a Instagram gadget over here few months ago, to share thing that I see and I eat with everyone who yet to have smart phone. Only 6 latest photos are available btw, so I'm going to blog about some of my old insta photos here, first ever insta-post! *Scroll down*

1. Food
I love food! This is the fact that my friend know about me, and I willing to spend on food instead of beautiful clothes and accessories. Almost 50% of my Instagram photos are full of food, this is the aftereffect staying in food heaven, munch munch

2. Love from friends
I do take photo when people around me surprise me with tiny something, nosh, pens, book, and etc. By this, I'll always remember their sincerity towards me, okay, even without photo, I'll still remember! Photos show souvenir from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

3. From my eyes
Sometimes it's hard to tell a story by words, yet it's easier to tell your story from your photo, and it all started from your eyes. Deep

4. Accessories
When I buy new love, as in accessories, I wouldn't take a photo on it; sometimes I'll only have a photo of them when I wear them, at least for me they look alive. Not really know what am I talking about, just the feeling is totally different, you can ignore me btw. 

5. Me? Or not me?
I seldom have my selca photo uploaded in Instagram, can only found 10 photo with my face out of 200+, is that means I'm not really a narcissistic person? Or maybe I'm not really a photogenic person, but personally I love the 4th photo of mine, look cool!

This is the first time (or maybe the last time) for me to post my insta-photo, just found out that I'm not really a good story teller, and this post is totally a disaster. But I like. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

Going to be a busy bee for the following 2 weeks.