May 29, 2010

hair cut

my sister's fish ear ring
given by her hubby
but I think it's too big for me
no chance to wear it also

soon I'll going out to have a hair cut
cut it short so that my hair can look neatly and not messy
my sister say my hair is totally run out of shape
isn't it?

May 28, 2010


1st of all
happy Wesak Day to all my friends
and happy holidays ya

everyday went to work
the most important thing to do with
is to key in all the data into the computer
nearly done I guess
they will finish it up when I enjoy my few days holiday
they blame me because of that

our receipt
spot my name there?

* * * * * * * * * *

Went to watch Prince of Persia last night
it contains some touching part
like this movie

I like Princess Tamina
she is gorgeous inside the movie
and she have a pair of stunning eyes
like Prince Dastan as well
very 'yeng'
watch it if you do feel it is nice

May 21, 2010

Jogging *kononnya*

another week is soon to be over
and I had a chance to go for jogging after
working for several days
I saw sunrise just now
orangy sun
what a beautiful and healthy morning
kinda enjoyed it

May 19, 2010


soon will going out to work
but feel wanna update blog 1st
feel excited actually
because today will learn something new
our shop will totally computerize
but sure got lots of things need to change again

Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume
1. Covet
2. Covet Pure Bloom
3. Lovely
for Michelle and her friend

May 16, 2010

[Zoo Is Cute]'s Reunion

Just came back from my zoo family's gathering
it had been a long time we meet each other
we did had fun
although not all the members can came for this gathering
I miss you all seriously
we still as close as last time during the f6 time
let's gathering again

family photo

May 15, 2010

just a simple 1

Just a short update
now I'm working at the perfume shop again
but for temporary I just work from
Monday to Thursday only
too lazy to work

* * * * * * * * * *

heart this song nowadays
[I'll always love you]

* * * * * * * * * *

I saw this in magazine:

this remind me of Kchai
he have the same Diana mini as well
but in blue colour

* * * * * * * * * *

I want to play unlimited
can I?

May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

We bought a cake-Tiramisu
and go to dined together
but hope mummy really enjoy the day
Happy Mother's Day

May 8, 2010



May 6, 2010

Coffee Lane

Went to Coffee Lane with friends
I never knew there is a cafe in King Street
it is a brew-to-order cafe
with brewing methods including the syphon brewers
we can saw the boss demonstrated his brewing skill
using the syphon brewing method
the apparatus used is something that we would have seen
in laboratory---bunsen burner and glass flasks!

we ordered:
Peaberry Lintong
Java Arabica
Brew Drip Coffee

erm, how to say?
quite normal with the coffee
not enough 'thick'

but the ambiance is nice
and Wi-fi is provide in the cafe

May 4, 2010


What to do when you are in Penang?
what else other than EAT?

went to Kocha Taiwanese Delight with my family
at Burma Road
the most famous Taiwan style restaurant in Penang
and there were long queue waited to be seated
the interior design is nice
and the price is reasonable too

the environment is comfortable with the soft light
every table has a different lamp
there has a huge aquarium with lots of colorful fishes
daddy and I were enjoyed looking at the fishes

watched Ice Kacang Puppy Love with Farhana
and I think she had fun seeing me cried non stop in the cinema
but that movie is touching wei
and she bought me a box of ice cream

traditional ice cream
inside it has 5 different flavors
1st time to try the papaya ice cream
quite special

after movie with her
I went to dine with my family again
my sister really like Sakae Sushi I guess
went there again

crabmeat chawanmushi

May 2, 2010


I had a nice outing with my relatives
we went over to Butterworth just to try out the seafood
at Ong Cheng Huat Seafood Reataurant
nearby Bagan Lallang

the place was crowded as it was lunch hour
it just open from 11am until 5pm
you must try their fermented coconut wine,
known by the locals as Tuak
it taste a bit sourish sweet and has a gassy feeling
my nephew said my face was red after I drank it

we ordered what they famous with
spring baby chickens
deep fried prawn popiah
steam fish
steam clam
fried bee hoon
fried ice cream
and another 1 I forgot the name already
we missed out the boil octopus
and too bad all the crabs were sold out!!
but we satisfied with the food

when they were ordered the food
they said '蒸鱼', I thought they called my name
me: yes?
cousins: huh??
then they laughed at me
how embarrassing

oops, we were too hungry
so I just manage to snap the picture after the meal
but actually my family just had our lunch an hour before this meal