December 28, 2015

Paper goods from Stickerrific

Been MIA for months and hey, I'm still here! BenDan and I just came back from Bangkok for weeks; I'll try to post about our trip and itinerary once I'm free. Since it's almost end of the year, it will be good for me to share my Christmas present that I got for myself; sound familiar? You can read my previous post here where I got my first Midori Traveler's Notebook, proud to say that I'm still using it and I brought it to Bangkok to jot down some important notes and feeling throughout the trip! This time, I got my refill from STICKERRIFIC instead, didn't get much items as I like to keep my TN plain and simple. 
The overall.
The parcel reach me before Christmas and it's so nice to find the hearty note from the founder of Stickerrific, Szetoo, she also include some stickers, bookmarks and more. I can use these to decorate my TN.
For me, this is one of the must-have-item whenever you get yourselves a TN - PVC Flat Sheet; it can be used as bookmark or ruler, best to use it with Blank Refill Insert. Was planning to get this from Tabiyo (out of stock) or Taobao until I found Stickerrific which offer almost the same price with Taobao and they have plenty of stocks!  
Got myself another 3 pieces of masking tapes or to be exact we called it washi tapes and one masking tape box with cutter. In Stickerrific's store, you can find all kind of masking tapes, I had hard time to choose just a few from them. As of the box, we can only keep the masking tape from the same brand (Masté), I overlook this when I purchase the box. Gonna get another box for other masking tapes which bigger is size, do share with me if you know where to get the box. 
Last but not least, I also got myself a set of Weekly Year 2016 Diary, two books that separate into January-June and July-December have been packed in the package. I found the weekly diary can help me more than the normal blank refill, of course if you do not like the weekly diary, you can also get yourself the monthly diary. For the weekly diary, you can either choose the package from horizontal one or the vertical one; in my opiniong, the horizontal one have more spaces than the vertical one. The diary guide and seals (stickers) are also come together with the package. With these, let's plan for another trip next year! 

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It's not hard to observe that I got myself a new watermark as well.

November 7, 2015

Birthday Staycation in Eastern & Oriental Hotel

Posted this photo in my Instagram few months back and most of my friends thought that we went to have pre-wedding photoshoot. In fact we just checked into Eastern & Oriental Hotel for a short staycation to celebrate BenDan's birthday; I thought to celebrate his birthday in a different way which is flee from the hustle bustle city (even though Eastern & Oriental Hotel located at the most happening area). We were longing to visit two hotels but ended up I pick this hotel than Hard Rock Hotel as they provide extra complimentary services which I'm going to talk about later. 
Between Heritage Wings and Victory Annexe (new wing), I chose the latter where we can have sea view from the suite's balcony. The receptionists at the front desk are very friendly and helpful, we were invited to have a seat at lobby while they were helping on the check-in process. Welcome drink and wet towel are served while we waited for the room key. We were then told that they have upgraded us to their Heritage Wings' Premier Suites, which means bigger room for us but we need to wave goodbye to our sea view. Was not really happy about that but the receptionist mentioned that we are still able to enjoy the complimentary services that applicable for Victory Annexe's guests only, we accepted this although the distance from Heritage Wings to Victory Annexe took us around 2 minutes in walking. Afterall, we should feel grateful whenever we get upgraded service. 
The best part about the Premier Suite is it has separate living room, bedroom and luxurious bathroom. I just love everything in the bathroom, only the huge bathtub is enough for us to rejuvenate ourselves; the double vanity counters is the plus point, one for him and one for me depending on type of the toiletries provided at each vanity counter. I've been struggling to crawl out of the bed every time I lay on it as the bed is too comfortable to be true, different sizes of pillow are provided for your need. 
Everything that you can think of or you need is in the room; I brought my own hair dryer but I didn't even open it as it is provided in the room as well, and the hair dryer model is same as mine! A thoughtful move as the good hair dryer is a must-have-item for most of the girls. Two flat screen TVs are available in bedroom and living room; they even have double wardrobes next to the TVs in the bedroom. Mineral water and tea bags are complimentary but the CBTL coffee capsules are chargeable. 
Complimentary water limo service for 2 person from hotel to Straits Quay are included whenever you stay in Eastern & Oriental Hotel, reservation need to be made at Bombay Shop located at Heritage Wing and the seats are subjected to availability. Since we only stay for one night, plus the schedule of the water limo is not really cater for our time so we left this behind and continue to go around the hotel.
Both Heritage Wing and Victory Annexe has their own Fitness Centre and swimming pool. We went to the Infinity Swimming Pool that located at Victory Annexe, it is with privacy assured as only hotel guests for Victory Annexe have exclusive access to the pool (even we were upgraded to Premier Suite at Heritage Wing, we were still able to access to the infinity pool). We were happily dipping inside the infinity pool, chilling by the pool and overlook the extensive view of Andaman Sea, it is simply spectacular and relaxing. 
Evening cocktail hours is inclusive for Victory Annexe hotel guests only from 5pm - 7pm in the Planters Lounge, all of these are encompass in the room rate. Both al-fresco and indoor seating are available in Planters Lounge; a good selection of drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol) and snacks (mainly tapas or canapes) are served in buffet style. We had our seats indoor as it was a warm evening, after munched on quite a bit of the snacks, we decided to walk around and chill by the pool side to enjoy the breeze.
We didn't went out of hotel to hunt for dinner and decided to have BenDan's birthday dinner in the Sarkies instead, we were really fully immersed ourselves in the luxury hotel. Since we had some wines during the evening cocktails hour, so we opt for normal weekend buffet dinner; it was my first time to dine in Sarkies and I'm quite satisfied with the quality of food that provided by them. I didn't request Eastern & Oriental Hotel staff to have a birthday cake or celebration for BenDan, but we did saw other diners celebrate his/her birthday that night with birthday song played, as for my man he felt relief that I didn't did this to him. Laugh. The dinner is not a complimentary by the hotel, we paid for the dinner which we feel it worth the money.
After a restful night, we woke up early in the morning to have the complimentary breakfast with the choice of buffet breakfast at Sarkies or continental breakfast at Planters Lounge (only for Victory Annexe hotel guests), we chose the latter as we had our dinner at Sarkies the day before. The food selection at Planters Lounge might not as extensive as Sarkies but I prefer the environment there as it is less crowded there. We were the first few to reach the Planters Lounge and we were welcome to place an order with any of the staff there if you need their services. So we ordered both scrambled egg and poached egg yet the poached egg was too salty to our liking. Other than that, we had the usual continental breakfast which I quite like it especially the grilled mushroom and smoked salmon. What a fruitful breakfast we had there!
Before leaving the hotel, we had our last chilling session at the infinity pool and we really enjoy our one night staycation there; we thought to have a next visit there in future. Glad that BenDan is enjoying his stay and bear with me to take photos around like a paparazzi despite of fulling concentrate to celebrate his birthday. I'll opt for Victory Annexe again on the next stay, hopefully didn't get upgraded again so that we can have a extensive sea view straight from the balcony itself. To make a reservation in Eastern & Oriental Hotel, kindly visit their webpage here. Till then.

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October 10, 2015

[ Penang ] Dcova Cafe @ Logan Heritage

Another back dated post. Went to have breakfast at Dcova Cafe early of this year right after Chinese New Year; yeah I know this is way too old but I still feel to post it now, I like to blog everything here. My sister decided to have breakfast with me and BenDan at the island, as she started to feel bored for the breakfast at mainland (right before so many cafes blooming in the mainland). After scanned through the cafe list, we decided to have breakfast at Dcova, since three of us never been there before. 
If not mistaken, the cafe is just newly opened for around 3-4 months on the time we went, but surprisingly there was only one table occupied; good for us, we can hoo-ha as we like. I quite impress on the menu design, but the selection of food is quite limited; we just chose a few that are recommended by the food blogger. 
Hot Matcha Latte | RM11.50 . Cafe Mocha | RM9.50
Didn't have a closeup shot for the cafe mocha, when I was about to take the closeup shot for it, I observed some lipstick stain on the cup; we quickly asked the waitress to change another cup for us. Hmm, this a little bit make me feel disappointed, they should make sure everything that served to customer are clean and hygiene. They did apologized to us, yet we still checked the cup to make sure no more dirt on it. Can't comment on the cafe mocha as I didn't try it, the matcha latte was just so-so.
Carbonara Dcova | RM18.90
Ebiko Alfredo | RM21.90
Classic BLT | RM19.90
Frankly speaking, I don't really remember all the taste, so I think I'll just go through what we had that day. Now everyone of you should know BenDan's favourite pasta will definitely go to Carbonara, I think the carbonara is up to his liking as I didn't see him complain anything about it, the egg yolk is a plus point to make the pasta more creamy. As for Ebiko Alfredo, we didn't manage to finish it; it's a kind of Japanese style pasta with ebiko and seaweed added in the pasta. The taste was okay when we just started to try it, but I can't accept too much of ebiko taste, I'm not really a ebiko fans by the way. To our surprise, the sandwich is the best dish we had that morning, the simple sandwich wouldn't go wrong, the bacon is good but not so greasy. 
This ain't a cheap breakfast I would say, but with this price I might have better breakfast out there; will not go back for their food but can consider to have a cuppa at their shop. 

Logan Heritage No. 4, Lebuh Bishop, Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
10am - 10pm Daily, 10am - 12am for Friday to Saturday

Contact Number


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I'm aunt-to be!