March 31, 2011

Cherish the Memories

Today is the last day for McDonald's breakfast promotion, had you guys lined up for the last hurrah? No more cheap breakfast for the coming weeks, any other promotion is up next? Went to faculty to get signature from supervisor and now we can make the hard cover for our thesis; do I need to make one copy for myself? After all that's my first book and I don't think I can come out with my second one (or maybe I'll be a famous storyteller?). Our gang went to the last AGM, those guys were hunted for food only, and I were there to trifle with them, I cherish every single event that can hold us up. Cozy. Felt good when one of my lecturer (the Oleochemistry's head) said: I'm impress by the perfume you make, they smell good; and I terpikat with it. These words made my day.

My gang (without 7zai, he was the photographer), I'm gonna miss you so much!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

There are so many things that I want you to know. I just don't know how to say them.

March 30, 2011

Time flies

Had my last lecture in this semester, which was also the last lecture in my study life. I don't know how to express my feeling by words, but I can tell my coursemates that I'm gonna miss you so much, especially to those I close with. The hardest thing about friendship is parting like when someone you love moves away; it seems as if our friendship was just starting until that one fateful day. I always say: time flies, we don't have lots of tomorrow waiting for us to create more memories; yet I'll always remember the happiness you guys gave me. My life wouldn't be completed without you guys, thank you.

My supervisor, Dr. Nik and I.

. . . . . . . . . . 

The clock talked loud, I threw it away, it scared me what it talked. -Tillie Olsen-

March 29, 2011

Carnation babe

After the viva, I do not know what is my aim now, final I guess; just to have some rest before getting started with it. Today was my last time to step in my lab, clean all the glasswares which I used along the semester for my thesis. Ciao. Finally get myself a new mouse, in carnation white. Planned to get a black one, then all my lappie accessories will be in black (I'm macho, laugh out loud), yet I thought to add some feminine element in it. Now, this little babe seems unfitted with my lappie, I miss the old mouse which was in black. 

Roomie gave me another hot stuff again, this time is the entry tickets for Fish Leong's new album promo tour. It's on this Friday at Times Square, anyone who is interested please get this from me, I have 2 now. Do you guys think I want to go? Since I'm a steamy-fish as well, yet I hate crowded area sometimes, be in two minds again now. My mood will decide then. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

If you could read my mind, you'd be in tears.

March 28, 2011


This was the moment I longing for 3 years in my university life: viva (the oral presentation of my thesis). Had been suffer for months to complete my thesis, and today I shall bring all of this to an end. Specially thanks to my supervisor, Dr. Nik for making time to meet up with me every time when I were in the bottle-neck. I never thought that I would have this chance to complete my own thesis, although it isn't a swanky one. Will be happier and more excited if I do the green thesis cover later on after I complete the make over. 

The baju kurung which has accompany me for years, my all-time armed whenever I have presentation (the important one). So I wore it to my viva, my very last presentation in my study life; quite upset with this fact: I'm leaving here soon. Too fast for me to create more memories with my friends and coursemates. Sentimental. Always talk the bad things about my uni, but I love here unconsciously, used to it maybe.
The viva session, not that ghastly that I thought, when you are the one who stand on the stage, you will know what you gonna say next. Tik tok tik tok, my 15 minutes was end like that, with tricky questions bombed by my examiner and I think I did answered every question of his. Went out for a movie, World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles, quite a nice movie, I like their spirit. I had Portuguese Grill Fish again as my dinner, and this time, I got more rice indeed. :)

. . . . . . . . . .

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"

March 25, 2011


Finally had my chance to dine in Kikyo, the Japanese restaurant which I had mentioned before. Went out earlier to avoid the traffic jam, this was clearly a wise move for us. Not really much people in the restaurant, might be because of the weather; flurry night. We went for buffet (you can also choose a la carte), since that was our purpose: eat something nice with unlimited supply. There is only 3 pages menu to hunt for food, not much choices we can made; yet those food were enough for us to get satiety.

Just share one of the food photo here (to prevent the awaken of hungered ghost), lazy to upload so many on here. Can you see the catsup on the top of these salmon teriyaki? One word to describe this: yummylicious. Other than this, we ordered lots of salmon sashimi,  shiro naguro (tuna) sashimi, ebi fried and shisamo. They were so nice until I'm still aftertaste about them. Bloated

March 23, 2011

She is 23

Kai Yien's (roomie) birthday on Monday, but we just helped her to celebrate by today; late but with heart. Yesterday mission was to buy the pressie for her: lip gloss from Majolica Majorca, which she wanted for long. We did surprised her, knocked the front door while she was doing her thesis writing, and with a cake on our hands we sang the birthday song to her. Hope you like this, my darling.

Few girls, bonded up to become sisters, we might be didn't meet up always (except for my housemates and coursemate), yet we are still that close. Kind of sad if I need to leave you all after April, I started to feel uneasy and scared; couldn't imagine the days without you guys.
Sister forever. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world.

March 22, 2011


Woke up late in this morning because of the king's weather, listened to the drip-drop outside my room, and it did a little bit made me dope off. Yet, I dislike raining day in the morning, especially during my school day. I hate the sloppy road, hate the water splash on my clothing and shoes. My day started with a gloomy one but followed up with frisk moment. Had Big Breakfast with coursemates, my second time in this month (found out that I ate quite a number of fast food nowadays), since they are doing their promotion still. 

Went to Midvalley with mission, and we did accomplished it. Roger. Spent 6 hours again in RedBox, just me and Michelle; and she lost her voice. I'm the lucky charm I think, every time whenever we have singing session, we surely get more time extend, sounds cool right? Every time, I meant it. Giggle. Didn't have chance to eat the Durian Pancake which I longing for, but she introduced something nice to me, the Portuguese Grill Fish at Oasis; spicy but nice, I actually wished to have more rice. Oops.
Did a crazy thing while waiting for the train to reach us, which made me nearly die beneath her hands, she clutched my throat. Oh my...

. . . . . . . . . . 

"Everyone has some one in their life that keeps them looking forward to another day."

March 20, 2011


Was rushing for my thesis, and a little bit more, I'm going to get rid of it (although I still have the viva), just a short while. Purposely out to get some clay to do the prototype toilet bowl; okay, I'm just helping out with the skill I have, not a shrewd one tho. We managed to find a cheap and nice one after we surveyed for few shops, quite satisfied with the get. Had our tea time at Paddington house of Pancakes. Was so excited when I saw cozy pillow putting on the chair, the retro colors are likey. Yet, the service was just so-so.

The thing that caught our attention was the price of the Tea set, it is just RM8.50++, quite okay if compare with its normal dishes. Then we thought: why not have a try? Sometimes it's good to have something new and fresh.

Dutch Pannekoek with lemon, sugar and butter, match with a yellowish passionfruit and mango crush.

Tummy Warmer is with the soup of the day, baked beans and egg kartofelpuffer, served with hot coffee.

We called it a day. Ended with bad thing: my mouse spoilt for no reason, how could it be? Going to get a new one pretty soon. 

. . . . . . . . . . .

I dislike weekdays, because you will have a 360 degree change. So different, why?

March 19, 2011


Still remember the Stadt I mentioned? We just suddenly had a mood to eat something nice (pampered ourselves), and I recalled the Kikyo Japanese Restaurant that located at Bandar Puteri Puchong; recommended by my roomie, a buffet style restaurant for only RM29.90++ per person. When we reached that area, it was already near to 9pm, and we thought it was not worth to eat a buffet dinner with only 1 and half hour time left. So, we went for another restaurant; Bandar Puteri Puchong is like a food heaven, which muster different style of restaurant that enough to make you drool for life. We went to Stadt, a German cuisine and bistro. First time exposed to German food, and its portion is not that huge compare to other German restaurant. It was enough for me! Yum Yum.

Keened to have some beer last few days with my friends, yet not now. That's why we didn't ordered the must-try German beer (quite regret for that, laugh out loud). And I like this: Thirst for life. If by chance I go to German restaurant again, I'll give myself a try. 

Roasted chicken was my choices, but I did had a try on the medium-well rib-eye steak; both was not bad and the price is reasonable. Have a sip with buddies over here will be a good opt, with chatter, laughter and joy. I want to enjoy my life to the fullest. 

. . . . . . . . . .

It's good when we back to the start.

March 18, 2011

The S-Day

Suppose to hand in my thesis by today, yet a message spoil the plan. Our AhNik (my beloved supervisor) messaged us and told us that he was in office, find him in order to get our draft back. He didn't have time to help us check, I feel that my thesis is dying bit by bit again. Went to lunch with Michelle, Beatrice and Melman at McDonald's, my second time in this week. All of us were ordered Spicy McDeluxe together, and with some jokes, we named today as S-Day. On the way back to our faculty, a Snake dropped from a tree, and it was just beside me, am so lucky that it didn't dropped on me. So, it was so suit when we called it as S-Day. Stress and Sadden all come in 1 day, we just faced it with our Strong and tough heart. Thanks to our Supervisor that he managed to give us back the draft by the Same day. He Sacrificed a lot because of us.

Peek the sauces that we took? We are like vampire which obsess with the red and bloody thing, we are like that since the first year. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

And, today is Stadt day too, what's that? Will post about it soon. Stay tuned for more.

March 16, 2011

Scrape a tear

Felt that everything was not going well today, I meant it, every single thing that happen today! I only left 2 days before pass up my thesis to the dean, yet the lab assistant still hold my GC-MS analysis, he haven't do it while I already gave him 3 weeks time to analyse it. I lost my appetite as well, too stress I think; only two meals per day: brunch and dinner. Were moodiness  for days, I miss my family, I miss those happy moment that I used to have, I miss you! All the feeling burst on time, and I did collapsed. Sob sob.
Can I cry now? Because I had done the discussion part of my thesis! Edit a little bit more for other chapters, then done. Laugh out loud.

I got my third meal today, supper. China burger from Connaught night market, thanks to you Jayne, it saves me from hunger. Wink

. . . . . . . . . .

"If you love me, hold me dear forever, always; If you can't, I hope it never started" I saw it in Facebook, which is so true.

March 15, 2011


I felt not to go to the morning class at first, didn't get enough sleep last night (or I should say I didn't slept at all? Felt like I were awake like a sad zombie). The lecturer gave us quiz as not many people were going to the class, I were lucky frankly. Went to library afterwards, to continue my thesis writing, which is like a mess right now; yet I think (or I hope) it will be done soon, very soon. I'm in love with the quiet places now, library would be the choice for me to stay in, seeing books around me and that's what I need now.

. . . . . . . . . .

Today, it didn't rang at all, stay quietly. Have I lost you forever? I say a big NO. I need to stay strong no matter what happen.

March 14, 2011

Hot wire

I got no more holidays after since today! 3 assignments waiting for me to complete before our study week which is the first week of April, and the thesis writing is definitely drive me crazy! I called today as 'assignment-day', since we got assignment for each of our classes just now. Hope to finish it as soon as possible. Please, after this week, after the doomsday I said, I hope to get some rest or fun.
Heard the good news about our Malaysia's king of badminton? Dato Lee won in the All England 2011, proud with him; but why we don't get a public holiday on behalf of his honor? We should have a day off, I mean I need a day off seriously.

My roomie gave me some good deal again, this time is the McDonald's voucher, which I think it's really a big deal for everyone. Spend only RM5 and then you'll get 2 FREE Big Breakfast which worth RM13.80. Is it sound cool to you? I'm drooling already, anyone?

By the way, I had already started to write and draw something in my journal, will tweet some thought in it soon. Kind of nervous. O.o

. . . . . . . . . .

"They say the good things take time, but great things happen in a blink of an eye." I think I had blink too much until I lost the great thing, or it's just the great thing haven't happen on me? It's now depends on you, do you know it?

March 12, 2011

de Journal

Am not sure what I want actually, so I just simply pick something nice to myself, a journal I called it. Will record everything that happen around me, or maybe something beauty that thrill through my mind, and something that I love, all in one journal. "Monologue", suit my journal well, no conversation, no dialogue between people, just me myself in the sanctuary. 

If I don't have a project going, I sit down and begin to write something - a character sketch, a monologue, a description of some sight, or even just a list of ideas. -Thomas Perry-

. . . . . . . . . . 

"Who am I? I am no body"

March 11, 2011

For the first time

Had been planned for around 3 weeks, and finally I got the chance to go out with ppwen, the mid-semester exam and thesis writing are the reasons that dragged this outing. Too bad, my little Tehooo couldn't follow us as she had her lab work to do on the same day. Kraftee Bee Cottage is the thug that brought us to Times Square, which sell those handmade things; we just thought that we might can get something nice over there yet it is closed when we reached there. How despondent we were, seriously. 
Digi is doing their roadshow in the middle of the mall, and ppwen, the girl who wore a yellow top was the lucky one to get the free magnets from them. I think I am the one who brought this luck to her, Giggle. Blove ocean delegate fish, my simply thought, that's why I chose the blue one for myself, thanks to ppwen for that hearty magnet. 

Had a funny movie together, Rango. Was shilly-shally between I'm Number 4 and Rango, we went for latter since we wanted to something easy and relax. Okay, this definitely a comedy for us, laugh non stop in the cinema and the chameleon (Johnny Depp) is so ugly and funny! I like a quote from Man with No Name inside the movie, "No man can walk out on his own story." 

Always, a meal at Times Square make me headache, there have not much restaurants compare to the others, was wondering what to eat once we reached there. Finally, we just sticked to the original plan, went to the restaurant nearby the GSC cinema, Sek Hou (I think it is under the GSC property). Their menu is something like Kim Gary, another Hong Kong style restaurant, but I think I prefer Kim Gary after this. But you guys can have a try over there, since when you show them 4 GSC tickets which is same movie and same date, they will give you 20% off while you dine in.
We were like whirlwind shopping in the mall afterwards, since I got something to buy. Oh ya, I got myself a journal finally, heart it so much! Maybe it is not a perfect one as I said that time, but I like it, simple and nice. When I brought back this journal and show to Jayne, she was kind of shocked because she planned to buy me one during my birthday. Oops, so I think you have to think for another now (but I truly felt touched because of your thought).

Photos of us. Took quite a number of photos until we got a perfect one. I think we did make people walking around arrested their attention on us. Bashful. Nice outing with you, our first outing. :)

. . . . . . . . . . 

Somehow, I feel that, I don't care anymore. Maybe it's time, don't make me give up on you please.

March 10, 2011

I'm here

Was talking and discussing about finger nails in the class just now, started to feel want to get healthier nails like before, as nowadays I applied quite a lot of nail polish on it. Not only this, I always need to osculate with those toxic chemical such as acetone during my lab work, which successfully make my nails become weaker. That's why I promise myself that, no more manicure in short times. 
And then, I look at my bag, the design did a little bit make it looks like very messy, but I like it, makes me a sporty person. Should I put some colors on it? Something like a handmade zipper (sad to say that one of them were spoilt).

. . . . . . . . . .

"I won't ever leave you, even though you're always leaving me." -The Time Traveler's Wife.

March 8, 2011

Give up or not?

Was cleaning my desk and found out a pressie that I got from last times, during my second year I think. Bookmarks, with face expressions on it, that's why I never use them as they are so cute to keep. Smell something fishy? They are tack on the fishes and mews printed kraft. Always like something which is related to fish, is it because of my name? I recalled: you like to eat fish!

. . . . . . . . . . 

Trying to do what you want to do, where there is love and inspiration, you can not go wrong. "Never give up". Am I need to hold it?

Because of you

I'm officially free from any mid-semester exam, it had dragged us for weeks to finish it. It's time to concentrate on my thesis writing then. If I can. My skin condition is bad due to the lack of sleep, not enough water and more reasons, hope it will become better after this. Were been invited to have breakfast with the gang this morning, but I rejected, so not me! Well, I think I were tired and worried about my lab work that time. Let's have it another time, guys? 

Soon I'm going to quit my lab work, tomorrow will be the last day if everything is going well; and only wait for the result of GC-MS. Say good bye to my last lab work, to my last mid-semester exam in my life; I left not much time here, I just realized. :(

. . . . . . . . . .

"I do well tonight because of you, this is fate." I'm proud to be your lady luck, it's like a charm on you? Laugh out loud. You're welcome. 

March 6, 2011


I hope that this would never happen, I hope that I can change the ending...; ever have these thoughts running in your little mind? It works on me, I mean I do have them in me. But I knew we can't change anything since it had already happened. We just can wish for the best at the end. So, cheers. Live your life bright, high, and happy, you deserve it.

Where flowers bloom so does hope. -Lady Bird Johnson-

. . . . . . . . . . 

"She is the kind of girl who is always smiling and loves to laugh. If you are falling down, she will be right there to pick you up. She is the one who always says sorry, even if it's not her fault. Even if she is feeling like the scum of the earth, she will never let you know. This is the girl who is afraid of love, because she has already lost so much.". It is referring to me, isn't it? I accord with every sentence of it. 

March 5, 2011

Sip on you

Woke up early in the morning, tempted by the Starbucks; so I'm now craving to sip on it. When was my last time to have it? Not less than 2 months I think. Did I tell you all that I couldn't drink coffee with empty stomach, because the caffeine will definitely make me anguish. Once, this did made me deterred to coffee, but I didn't stop it after-all, they are great (although I'm not a coffee lover) and will just drink it when I'm okay with it. Going to get myself a Starbucks tumbler during my birthday, a gift to pamper myself. Can't wait!

"I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too, Thursday I don't care about you, It's Friday I'm in love." Friday I'm in love by The Cure. Of course, I'm in love with my Saturday, Sunday if only if there's nothing to do on Monday. 

. . . . . . . . . . .

I didn't forgot what you told me, okay, maybe a few, but this doesn't mean I'm not care about you, it's just your things make me tense.

March 4, 2011

Strike a deal

Ever heard about Tetris this game? I started to play this since I was still in six, or younger. I'm still remember the time me and my sister first got our game-boy, and we have this game in it, the easiest game that we knew, we snatched to play it. Laugh Out Loud. And now, I have this game again in Facebook, the Tetris Battle. They have the new feature, so called  - Old Navy. I have a try on it since I play infrequent now. This is how it looks like for the new feature:

The denim style, even the tetris cube also in different denim color. Quite impressed by the idea, and nice song is playing along while you play this game. It's quite a easy game if you want to wear down your time; Jayne said it looks like my spectacle's case, in denim also.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Cucumber vs balsam pear, had struck a deal with someone. So, I guess from now on, I force to eat the cucumber whenever I see it.

March 2, 2011


Was talking about iPhone this afternoon, iPhone 5 is soon release, ever think to own one yourselves? It's a new trend now to own a high-technology and nice figure cellphone, a luxury need? In fact, I do like the iPhone and wish to own one (perhaps after working?), because of its figure and its function, me ain't sure. Or you can go for BlackBerry (I like the name actually, berry cute). 

Freaking shock when my coursemate show us his cellphone on the night before, was spoilt yet still function well. Kinda cool right?

March 1, 2011

I gotta feeling

Hello, March. I left another 2 months to finish my study life (not to say the internship part), apart with my friend make me sad indeed. Everything come in this month, haven't finish my mid-semester exam, thesis, vi-va and need more time to revise for final. Tension level keep increasing without a node, sometimes, proper break could help it out. That's why we had a night out to Green box for singing session. My first time to go at night time, RM34++ for each person including buffet and it's until 2a.m. midnight. Worth?

We were enjoyed, sang those rock songs, jumped here and there, yelled as loud as we can, could you imagine we did this? Sure you can, because we are this kind of loco. I'm lucky that I didn't lost my voice after this. Sound of the day: Dirty Bit? Giggle. Party ON.