July 25, 2014

Huey & Wah . a favorite place of mine

I once post about Huey & Wah Cafe when they still operate in Straits Quay, if you couldn't recall just read here for details to get some pictures there. Few months back, they shut down the little cafe and move to Bellisa Row for a bigger shop which have more seats that can fit more than 30 plus diners. Wanted to go there badly and I always have a thing to Huey & Wah because of their gourmet marshmallow, even new cafes keep blooming in this island, I still die hard want to go Huey & Wah again to try their new menu. When I said menu, I mean snacks that come in fine portion, with that I can order more things to try like their cakes, ice cream and etc. 

If you are Penangites, you will know it's quite hard to get a parking lot at Bellisa Row but surprisingly we saw many empty slots there, might due to it was Sunday when we were there and people rush to else where to try out new cafes. 
That's Wah who is preparing the new flavor of marshmallow in the kitchen but why he cut his hair?! He used to has long shoulder hair when they still setting up this cafe. If you didn't plan to spend time in the cafe, you can actually go to the shelf and pick your favorite marshmallow, all of the marshmallow come in refill pack (2 sizes) and in a jar. 
Since downstairs already occupied, so we moved to upstairs and wait for our order to be served. Different kind of seats are available at level 1, board games are available in the cafe if you come in a big group and I guess the beanie seats will be first taken by diners compare to other kind of seats. It was also occupied when I was there, so we just pick the seats that near the bookshelf. 
Retail corner is available in level 1 and you can see those handmade stuff, mainly with accessories, books, soft toys and etc. Thing that I really impressed is the drop-exchange-share-take corner where you can actually bring a book or two that you no longer want to keep and drop it there, at the same time you can take books on the shelf to exchange. Do not have books to exchange? Then what you need to do is just to donate a minimum RM5 in the jar of honesty so that Huey & Wah can used that money to get more books. 
Milk | RM7.50 . Banana Smoothies | RM14
It's just not right if you come to have a cuppa without adding RM1 for their marshmallow, their main charm is the gourmet marshmallow that will enhance the taste of your beverage. Not all marshmallow flavor goes well with drinks, so they will have few choices of the marshmallow that fit the drink, and you just pick the flavor you like while ordering. We had milk with vanilla marshmallow (2 big cubes) and banana smoothies with chocolate marshmallows (2 big cubes); cold beverages can't make the marshmallows melt so I can't really get the chocolate taste unless I bite on the marshmallow but personally I like their banana smoothies as it taste so rich. Back to the milk + vanilla marshmallow, it surprised me as the vanilla enhance the taste of milk but I think I'm going to get diabetes if I drink like this every day. Laugh
Egg Mayo Sandwich | RM9.50
The snack we had that day, nothing special as it will taste good no matter how you make it, just some simple sandwich where we can make at home. But I like the way where they sprinkle some basil leaves on the top of the eggs, it taste so 'western' when you got some basil taste in the egg. They some have selection of breakfast or brunch if you reach there earlier.
Coconut Candy Ice Cream | RM10
We didn't order this at first, but the signboard on each table make me feel to try it when I was seated, the strategy of putting the signboard on each table works! So I quickly ordered another ice cream when the girl served us our sandwich; wanted salted caramel but the flavor sold out, so we give the coconut candy a try other than those normal flavor like vanilla or chocolate. Had you tried coconut candy, the candy that wrap in color paper that use to make tanglung? The ice cream taste is exactly like the candy taste! Special right? The Fatbaby ice cream is actually transported from Kuala Lumpur to Huey & Wah, they working so hard to get you the tasty ice cream in Penang, visit their webpage for more about the ice cream. 
Salted Caramel Marshmallow (jar) | RM18.90
Before I went back, I got myself a jar of seasonal marshmallow. I tried to put it in my milo this morning but I guess it doesn't go well with the taste lol, guess I need to find another drink with that flavor of marshmallow then; by the way stout marshmallow is perfect to be put into milo! Heart the quote: I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thoma A. Edison - 

368-1-14, Bellisa Row, Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang.

Business Hours
8.30am - 11pm (Sunday to Thursday); 8.30am - 12am (Friday to Saturday)

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  1. Good morning! Thanks for dropping by! :) Yes Wah cut his hair lol! It's an 'annual' thingy, so you'll see him having long hair in no time haha. Getting a parking spot on weekends is normally much easier compared to weekdays. There are also certain hours that works better, eg: about 5pm-7pm weekdays and early morning. :) We look forward to seeing you again soon! :)

    1. Thanks for the information on the parking lots, it really help much! Will drop by again to stock up the marshmallow in my house, btw the salted caramel marshmallow taste so good! Love it ^^