July 31, 2010

The Library

Had a great Friday night with my coursemates and friends
like what kc said, outing is a must
because that night was the last night of his bachelor life

planned for several weeks
and we finally make it to The Library
we were started to play music along the way to The Curve
so our party mood: ON
especially those guys

7zai and shelvi didn't join us to drink
they ordered green tea
and what we did were chatting whole night long
and we did enjoyed our night over there

we watched SALT together
I feel that Inception is better than Salt
2 of my coursemates fall asleep in the cinema

* * * * * * * * * *

I had been stalked by some one
what a funny guy

July 30, 2010

marry your best friend

| It's not a lack of love,
but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriage. |

-Friedrich Nietzsche-

when I saw this quote
it make me think of 1 movie - Valentine's Day
inside the movie
Reed asks his friend why he can maintain a happy marriage?
and he reply: Because I married my best friend

July 26, 2010

honey water

My housemate, Tehooo is going to her field trip for several days
gonna miss her much
take care there and good luck

| honey water |

made by tehooo before she left to field trip

* * * * * * * * * *

everyone has their own secret sanctuary
just somewhere over the rainbow
where you need not pretend to be okay all the time
and hide your true feeling

July 25, 2010

need you now

| and I wonder if I ever cross your mind
for me it happens all the time |

July 24, 2010

Despicable ♥

after we get our thesis, we will have no time to go out anymore
I mean not that often
so we must enjoy our easy life first
so yesterday Michelle and I were out to Midvalley
just both of us
we went to RedBox and sang quite a lot of songs
planned to do window shopping
but at last we did bought something
went for movie as well
a movie that I wanted to watch for long time
thanks to Mich because you accompanied me to watch it
but I think you like the movie too

this was my first time to watch a 3D movie in cinema
it was so solid
I thought it will make me feel dizzy
but in fact it wouldn't

can you spot Mich and I?
a new way to take photos with the spec

so, what was the movie I'm talking about?
| Despicable Me |

all of the characters inside this movie are cute
and the Minions are so funny
the way they communicate is cute
although I cannot get what they are talking about
they use their languages
what I can say, this is a touching movie
I like the youngest girl inside the movie-Agnes
she is so innocent and cute
I cannot get my eyes from her
can I have a girl like her?

you see
she is so cute!!!

"Does this sound annoying? pop, pop, pop..."

and I like when she says:
"Can I hold your hands?"
"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die"

July 22, 2010


What if I back to my childhood
and start-over my life
will it still be the same like now?
or a slightly different?

| merry-go-round |

* * * * * * * * * *

we take photos of things
we never want to forget

July 20, 2010

steamboat . party

Had a steamboat gathering at KC's house
it's fun to grab food and steal food from people's plate
what I can say is
unity make the strength
get what I mean?

we love to eat the seafood tofu
yum yum
gonna have another gathering I guess
since we still left some money to use with

after our steamboat session
they started their activities like usual
and we did made a lot of jokes during the games

not to forget
we drank liquor last night
Absolute Vodka that bought from Singapore
and Chivas bought from Langkawi
the most craziest gathering we had

we had a good good night

love earth

we live in a beautiful world
love yourself
love our earth

| sky |

July 19, 2010


Morning peeps
Hope that everyday is a beautiful one

| coffee |

July 18, 2010

a day out

the 1st week of schooling is always easygoing
our sisters have their own plan themselves
left me and Michelle
so both of us decided to go out
*yet we are so lazy to step out from our room*
Mich want to repair her camera
we went to the place she bought it-Lowyat Plaza
She can't get to see it for the next 1 month
we saw lots of DSLR and half-DSLR sell at cheap price
but the worker (we named him 'uncle') over there
told us it's hard to use with
better not to buy
he is such a nice guy and humourous
lunch at Old Town Times Square
We didn't order our favourite Nasi Ayam Rendang
no appetite to eat
so we just ordered noodle and she cannot even finished it
not nice I think

had some window shopping after that
nothing to buy
we don't really like to shop at there
too many shops and crowded with people
but we are so lucky to know that
there have a charity campaign
| Creative Walks with Charity Campaign |
many local handmade artists set up their booth
this event is for charity purpose
at the same time
to promote the creativity among Malaysian citizens
I like their handmade products
all are cute and nice
and we did bought something at there

Then we went to Pavillion to meet up with Mich's friend
finally saw her in real person
very cool and steady
Raymond come to join us afterwords

we went to The Loaf to have our high-tea
2nd time to eat the Uhu!hu!
like the cheesecakes

then finally we dine in Tony Roma's
our 1st time to go there
and Mich say this was the 1st time she dine with Raymond
and you guess what we ordered for our drinks?

1 jar of Carlsberg
3 of us shared it but Raymond drank the most
we all drank it with different feeling thought
but we quite enjoyed it
so Mich, next time perhaps?

Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Chicken

Ribs with Sirloin

* * * * * * * * * *

I lost my appetite
didn't eat that much if compare to last time
what happen to me?
I want it back...

July 14, 2010

New semester

I'm so lucky
still staying with my previous roomie and housemates
I heart them so much
and of course
our sisters stay near to us too
just opposite our block
no one can ever separate us?
maybe our bond is too strong for them to break

keys for our 'house'
gonna stay my very last year over there
somehow I feel that 3 years is too short for us to enjoy our uni life
must enjoy it fully
by the way
I'm just coming back from bowling with my coursemates
had a great day with them
and maybe a great night with them?

* * * * * * * *

you have to be apart from the people you love,
but that doesn't make you love them any less.
you love them more...
| The Last Song |

July 7, 2010

Public holiday

I had a date with my boss, Emy
just both of us
we went to Balik Pulau to eat Laksa
which she doesn't tried before
and we ate 2 bowl of Laksa each, both are different stalls
she just wanted to compare which 1 is nicer
I wanted to try Pasembur
people say it is nice
too bad the stall is closed on Wednesday

When she knew that I didn't been to Tropical Fruit Farm before
she took me to go over there
just to let me know how it looks like
it can be fun only if there is not raining day

tables and stools are prepared
so that we can enjoy eating our fruit while viewing the scenery
I was amazed by the toilets
they don't have concealment at all
'open-air' I can say
If you stand up with pants off
I think people down there can see it clearly

We planned to watch movie at first
but today was movie day, that's why we abrogated the thought
we went to Parkson and tried out all the new perfumes
and there are many more for me to learn

had our high-tea at Big Apple
we talked a lot
and I learned a quote today
| Don't choose the best, choose the one that suit you |

forgot to say that today is our public holiday
because 7/7 is the day where Penang being
a part of the UNESCO's World Heritage Cities Programe
I'm naturally very proud with it

the Clan Jetty forms part of Penang Heritage Trail
there are a few number of clan jetties
we went to Yang Jetty
all with wooden walkway and houses are built on stilts in the water

look familiar?
you can see it in [Ice Kacang Puppy Love]
but I think they took it at Chew Jetty

doesn't it look like I back to the past?
surrounded by wooden houses
and the ice cream is cheap, just 50 cents per scoop

went to a temple as well
where people normally free captive animals at there
it's located nearby the clan jetties


Ah Woon came to join us after that
I think this is the last time for us to see each other in this sem
but we can meet up in KL if time is allow
and she planned to buy a Polaroid too

Emy helped us to take our photo

We dined at Kirishima which located inside the Cititel Hotel
it was my 2nd time to went there

nice to eat with
it made me bloated since I ate a lot for today

at last we managed to watch a movie:
The Back-up plan
a comedy + romance movie

Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous
still so thin after she had gave birth

* * * * * * * * * *

Tried a new product today
and gonna have a free one in coming days
*grin from ear to ear*

* * * * * * * * * *

Paul the octopus
why are you so good in prediction?
Germany lose

July 6, 2010

our old place

Met with my zoo members just now
we went back to our secondary school-PCGHS
the place that we first knew each other
Met up with teachers as well but some of them cannot recognize us
people do change in 3 years time
so did our school
I like the new toilets they built
just like the toilets in shopping mall
*thumbs up*

so we decided to take a picture of us
not many of us went back
just 5 of us, others are busy with their stuffs
had a great breakfast with them and our beloved Mr. Lau

and I manage to play badminton with YongSin
before I went back to my home
what a lovely morning I had with them
| big grin |

July 4, 2010


I'm officially quit my job now
so what I have to do is enjoying my last week holiday
but kinda miss my colleagues
In this few years
I have more and more colleagues
it's fun to work together with them actually
and we love to have gathering
that's the time we can gather together and chit chat
I hope we have chance to meet again
*we will*
good to have you in my life

See you all soon

July 1, 2010

Auction sale

I don't like when there are any stock in from office
just like today
5 boxes of perfumes need to be stocked and displayed
it's a tiring day for us

what do you feel when you see the photo below?

auction sale of perfumes?
we were too busy
need to serve customers, need to settle down the new printer
and the perfumes are too many to keep
then we just simply put aside whenever we got customers
feel funny when I saw it

3 days more