January 27, 2013

Say Hi to Zoo Negara!

When is your last time to visit zoo? My last time was like years ago, so we took this opportunity to visit Zoo Negara but too bad there is renovation on-going to enlarge the zoo, we got no fate with some of the animals; roar roar, where is my bear? Took plenty of photos inside the zoo, but I only chose some to share here, I think you all should know how the animals look like bah. BTW, if you want to know more about our Zoo Negara, please visit to their site first, all the rate and feeding time are stated inside the page. 
We used half day to finish the area, no kidding, I can't felt my legs after the tour, seriously I felt like doing the  whole weeks walking in one day. I'll let all the photos do the talking part (in fact it's quite weird to intro the animal one by one isn't it?), enjoy!
Who you think of when you see a giraffe? Kwang Soo from Running Man! I think I need to catch up Running Man, I stopped for months, too many episodes to catch up tho. Someone please help me to kill all the lazy bugs in me. That's the post, good night!

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Why today so hot? Sweating while writing this!

January 22, 2013

Smile like no one else can do

Ola, I'm back in Penang and I still carry my holiday mood to work; seriously I need to get back the passion towards my work, pray hard! Just feel to have a short post saying that I'm still alive before I hit on my evil bed; will find other time to update those posts, wait me will you? My first ever Black & White photo in my blog, seems cool isn't it? Kids is so happy whenever there is a camera facing them, son of my cousin keep chasing me for more photos, and so excited until his saliva drip on my bed sheet. Oh my gosh
Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. Just smile with your heart.

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Mission: save $ for coming tripss.

January 17, 2013

Restoran Lan Je Steamed Fish @ Kota Damansara

I once said wanted to post some of my precious moment during my KL trip last year (can you imagine, it's another new year but I still procrastinating all my last year posts, kill me please!), and so here's the first dinner I had in KL. Really, another time to intro you guys the apps - Waze, you need it when you are in the middle of the lost city! Thanks to it, we were safe in the big big city and we might be lost for little while, yet we still found every destination we wanted to go. Back to the post now.
Why go restaurants that soon will mushrooming in my lovely Penang, that's why we hunted for those KL food that couldn't find at other places. Our first and yummy stop is at Restoran Lan Je which famous with their steamed fish (yeah, not stim fish aka me!).
We were the first customer that day, we reached when the shop just about to open, and maybe the drizzling rain was one of the cause that stop people from stepping outside their home sweet home. Parking is not a problem here, there is huge parking lot in front of the shop lots; finding a table for yourself can be a bigger problem here, so it's better if you can call for reservation before you go there.
People there were busy chopping lots of chili padi, for the steamed fish used; upon order, they will ask you what spiciness level do you want - non spicy, mild, spicy and ears burning; these are defined on how many chili padi they sprinkle on the fishes.
Coconut Juice . RM4.50
Normally if I dine at seafood restaurant, I always prefer to have coconut juice, to reduce the heatiness I'll have due to the food. I had quite a number of coconut drinks during my KL trip, feel lucky that I didn't get sick even-tho I didn't had much water, daily.
Steamed Fish . RM14-RM18 (varies according to size)
Almost everyone that go for the Restoran Lan Je was having a whole fish to themselves, hence we follow the suit, each of us order one whole fish; the size of the fishes are not small if you want to know. There is only one type of fish, that is tilapia fish and one style of cooking the fish; so if you want to have stronger taste, order the spicy one. Laugh. The tilapia fish is topped with dashes of soy sauce, chili bean paste sauce, diced garlic, shredded ginger (my first time eating so much of ginger) and some veges. I like the fish as they steamed it just right, and my parents will be very happy if they see how I clean/eat every meat that I can find from the fish.
Fried Sambal Kangkong . RM7
For our health balance, we should have more dishes to share, that's why despite of the fishes, we also ordered some other dishes like this one. Boys really don't like to have veggies huh? That's why if you out with boys, I think fried sambal kangkong will be a good choice for all, a common dish in Malaysia.
Egg with Prawn . RM6
The last dish of the day, just normal homecook, to set of how delicious is the tilapia steamed fish they served. In KL, it's important to know how to find delicious food with cheaper price (like this Restoran Lan Je), not all food is expensive like what I had previously. LOL

Restoran Lan Je Steamed Fish
Location: F-50G & 51G, Jalan Teknologi 3/9, Bistari "DE" Kota, Kota Damansara, PJU 5, Petaling Jaya.
Business Hours: 11.30am - 3pm and 6pm - 9pm; Closed on Tuesday
Contact Number: 012-6699919, 016-6689919

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See you guys after I back from my little trip.

January 4, 2013

Peri-vileges of Nando's

If I say there are 10+ posts pending to post up, will you think that I'm crazy? Nope, I'm not crazy but lazy, and I always feel happy and excited to share the latest post with you guys first instead of old one (some of them due for almost 2 months I guess). Give me more time and I shall finish them all to share nice food and good places.
Finally had my Nando's dinner with dearies ppwen and Wei Wen last 2 night, we got ourselves a FOC whole chicken voucher and topped up some drinks plus salad. Quite some time didn't eat their Peri-chicken, kind of miss it; normally I'll only order Mild Peri-Peri for my Peri~ometer, this time I (should be we) decided to give Hot Peri-Peri a strike and I kind of like it! Love Nando's? Now they coming out with their Nando's card and you can enjoy all the Peri-vileges, all you need to do is tell the staff you want the card and choose the card design you like (click here to check the card design, total they have 4 now); this only cost you RM10 for lifetime membership.
I got myself one eventho I seldom dine over there, I can't resist to beautiful design card; wish that I can actually collect all restaurant or boutique member cards for free! Anyone sponsor me please? Laugh. Back to topic, thought that I will only get the card and registration form to fill in, who knows I got this little boxie and the sticker at the back indicate the design of the card. I met a hard time on which design to pick for, all cards have their uniqueness, how nice if I can grab all of them! Showing puppy eyes.
It's like a pandora box, nah not full of evil but great goodies; for sure you will have your card inside, a limited edition Nando's design key chain and also one complimentary designer drink voucher, all these should worth more than RM10.
Follow the instruction on the boxie to activate your Nando's card, 3 different way and I chose the easiest one, just a few clicks and ta-dah I'm registered as the member and my card will be activated within 2 working days. Click here for more details.
So why wait? Faster go and grab yourself a Nando's card today! I got my first ever orange card in my purse, color up my wallet and I seriously need a card holder now, no place for more cards already!!! Bom Dia my dearies and ciao!

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Happy 5201314 to you guys. Big Love!

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy new year to all my dearies here, I'm finally back in Penang; was at Kuala Lumpur for days but too bad couldn't really meet up with my sisters there, will make it next time okie? The purpose for me to get down there is to shop for my life CNY clothes, and also the last trip during Year 2012. Went to many places and ate lots of food which I gonna update those posts soon (IhopeIcan LOL).
That's the haul I got during the trip, peep the H&M bag, I finally got a thing inside the big big shop, nothing else just the bag. I shopped like a boss but I just realize I only grab small amount of clothes, will continue the rest over here. 
So, a brand new year must have a new resolution, I haven't got mine yet, but I want to have a happy life ahead start from now, which is what I feel right now. Should make a wish-list or to-do-list so I can follow the path and get the satisfaction once I cancel them one by one.

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Small matter also can make me happy.