October 10, 2015

[ Penang ] Dcova Cafe @ Logan Heritage

Another back dated post. Went to have breakfast at Dcova Cafe early of this year right after Chinese New Year; yeah I know this is way too old but I still feel to post it now, I like to blog everything here. My sister decided to have breakfast with me and BenDan at the island, as she started to feel bored for the breakfast at mainland (right before so many cafes blooming in the mainland). After scanned through the cafe list, we decided to have breakfast at Dcova, since three of us never been there before. 
If not mistaken, the cafe is just newly opened for around 3-4 months on the time we went, but surprisingly there was only one table occupied; good for us, we can hoo-ha as we like. I quite impress on the menu design, but the selection of food is quite limited; we just chose a few that are recommended by the food blogger. 
Hot Matcha Latte | RM11.50 . Cafe Mocha | RM9.50
Didn't have a closeup shot for the cafe mocha, when I was about to take the closeup shot for it, I observed some lipstick stain on the cup; we quickly asked the waitress to change another cup for us. Hmm, this a little bit make me feel disappointed, they should make sure everything that served to customer are clean and hygiene. They did apologized to us, yet we still checked the cup to make sure no more dirt on it. Can't comment on the cafe mocha as I didn't try it, the matcha latte was just so-so.
Carbonara Dcova | RM18.90
Ebiko Alfredo | RM21.90
Classic BLT | RM19.90
Frankly speaking, I don't really remember all the taste, so I think I'll just go through what we had that day. Now everyone of you should know BenDan's favourite pasta will definitely go to Carbonara, I think the carbonara is up to his liking as I didn't see him complain anything about it, the egg yolk is a plus point to make the pasta more creamy. As for Ebiko Alfredo, we didn't manage to finish it; it's a kind of Japanese style pasta with ebiko and seaweed added in the pasta. The taste was okay when we just started to try it, but I can't accept too much of ebiko taste, I'm not really a ebiko fans by the way. To our surprise, the sandwich is the best dish we had that morning, the simple sandwich wouldn't go wrong, the bacon is good but not so greasy. 
This ain't a cheap breakfast I would say, but with this price I might have better breakfast out there; will not go back for their food but can consider to have a cuppa at their shop. 

Logan Heritage No. 4, Lebuh Bishop, Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
10am - 10pm Daily, 10am - 12am for Friday to Saturday

Contact Number


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October 4, 2015

[ Penang ] Random tea time at Brown Pocket

Matcha Latte | RM10.90 . Apple Duet | RM16.90
We had our brunch too early, around ten in the morning where people normally just started to have breakfast, and we did not have lunch after that; yeah I know my meal schedule is a mess during weekends. We were quite starved before the movie so BenDan decided to have a quick meal at Brown Pocket (I just thought to get some small bites and bring them to cinema), it was still fine for me as we never been to cafe together like ages. Throwing confetti. Not much diners in the cafe due to the haze. Ordered a duet so we can have both pancakes and waffle in one, their waffle is still the best I had, it seems like better than the one I had previously, good job. 
Just a short update, couldn't resist not to post these beautiful photos, you may read my full review of Brown Pocket here. Till then. 

October 3, 2015

[ Penang ] Ssambap Korean Restaurant, Krystal Point

Do people still read blogs nowadays? I think not much people do so (unless they wanted to search for new food hunting places and travel itinerary) compare to last time and this cause bloggers not to update blog that often as well. That means I got nothing to read and I have no idea what should I do whenever I'm online, plus I'm not a Facebook-kind of people, so how? I'll try to keep my space active though no one will even care about it, but I feel good to read through my old posts especially those photos.
Okay, way out of topic. I've been to newly opened Ssambap Korean Restaurant which located at Krystal Point together with BenDan's friends, that's a birthday dinner for BenDan. If not mistaken, we tried to make a reservation before we head there as we knew there will be a huge crowd of diners during dinner hour, too bad no reservation is allowed (maybe it just apply to weekend). We need not wait to get our seats, and not much diners that night like what mentioned by food bloggers, maybe the upsurge is passed. 
This is the Korean restaurant that provide most banchan, nine in a row including a bowl of salad. All the banchan are quite tasty which feat our taste bud; the staffs never offer to get our empty plates refilled, we need to ask for that which I feel quite troublesome as most of the staffs were hook up with other job like taking order, helping diners to grill the meats bla bla bla. Sometimes they just ignore us when we ask to refill the banchan, but remember it is really okay to refill the banchan here. 
Kimchi Stew | RM18 . Soft Tofu Stew | RM18
Each stew or soup is including one bowl of steamed rice, you can add-on the steamed rice which rated at RM3. BenDan always prefer sundubu jjigae (aka soft tofu stew) than kimchi jjigae because it wouldn't too spicy and sour; egg and seafood added in sundubu and make it taste so fresh, we finished the whole bowl of sundubu jjigae that night. Yet only kimchi jjigae has glass noodles in it, so we quite struggle what to order sometimes, so we had two different stews that night to share around; both tasted okay, still have room to improve anyway. 
Stir-fried Rice Cake | RM20
This is heavenly good when you eat this when it is still warm, the tteokbokki (aka rice cake) is well cook, not too soft and not too hard, which I quite like it. They served this with one hard boil egg where some other restaurants didn't have it, the fish cake that cooked together is good as well, so tasty that I wanted more of the fish cake than the rice cake, oops
Grilled Pork Belly | RM25 . Chicken Bulgogi | RM25
Like always, we must order minimum 2 sets for the barbeque, steamed egg is available as well and refillable at RM5. Other than steamed egg, the staffs will also grilled the kimchi and garlic where you can eat together with the meats and wrap in the green. The chicken bulgogi is quite good but the pork belly is over grilled which make it too hard to chew. The steamed egg is quite mild, so we didn't refill it at the end. Overall it's quite good and they have lunch special promotion for weekday, you can get 1 barbeque, banchan, rice, soup and drink that only cost RM19.90!

1-1-24, Krystal Point, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Business Hours
11am - 3pm; 5pm - 10pm (Daily)

Contact Number

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