September 29, 2012

Breakfast at Toh Soon Cafe is love!

When I attended my zoo members gathering (fyi, zoo members consist of my close friends during form 6 period, there is something special about us, whenever we met, we like to tease each other, but none of us feel unwell because of that, this is what BFF always do! Okay, back to topic now...), they keep commented about my blog that full of the sign of great food. Hell no, I'm not turning my blog into a food blog like a pro, just blogging about food does make me feel happy and I want to share all delicious bites with my friends. After-all, here is my little journal to stick down every dribs and drabs of my life, in case I lost my memory, I can read them back. Laugh
Now Penang having rainy season which I think soon to over by this weekend; the pouring rain did made me feel sad as I thought I can't have my breakfast at Toh Soon Cafe yesterday. It was like a faith, when I thought of this, the rain stopped, jumping here and there!
Luckily I been there few minutes earlier, people who came later need to wait for seat, lucky me! I'd blogged about this before, but not in details. Toh Soon Cafe is a small coffee shop situated at the back lane along the Campbell Street, surely parking is a problem there, I saw some of the cars being clamped yesterday, poor guy. You can park far-er and enjoy the beautiful street while walking over here.
I couldn't absorb caffeine with empty stomach, body problem I guess, it just make me feel sick; so I seized my day with milo (RM1.30).
You need to wait them to serve up your order, if you are too hungry to wait, you can get the curry puff (RM1.50, I think) before that.
Or if the curry puff couldn't fulfill you, packets of Nasi Lemak (RM1.40) are waiting for you to grab. I was quite excited for this and expected there are fish and egg waiting for me when I opened the outer layer, but I couldn't found egg in the packet, how sad!
Their signature, bread toasted which spread with butter and kaya (RM1.80) is a must whenever you visit at Toh Soon Cafe. The reason why everyone willing to wait for this is because the toast is prepare by using a charcoal stove, the taste is just too good to describe.
Toast and egg are perfect match, so I went with the flow to order 2 half boiled egg (RM1.40), added a dash of pepper and drizzles of soy sauce to enhance the taste. Non half boiled egg lover might couldn't take it, since it's really watery that you can actually drink it.
As for me, before I drank up the whole cup of concoction, I dipped my toast into the eggs as taught by my daddy since I was small. This is the classic way to enjoy your first meal of the day. I was blessed after this meal and it just cost me around RM8 (per person)!

Toh Soon Cafe
Address: Campbell Street, Off Penang Road, Georgetown, 10100, Penang.
GPS Coordinates: N5 25.118 E100 19.916 (in case you couldn't locate this little cafe)
Business Hours: 8am - 6.30pm; Closed on Sunday
Contact Number: 604-2613754

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What hairstyle suit me most?

September 22, 2012

It's been one year

As per title, I'd been graduated for almost one year, I feel like it was only happened yesterday, how nice if we could have yesterday once more. Laugh. Well, we still need to move on for better life and glad that I joined my Zoo members to Esther's convocation just now. Bought a bouquet with big Chipmunk toy for her, not a real flowers tho, but she can keep it after that. Congratulation, my friend!

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It means I'd work for almost one year.

September 21, 2012

Sweet tooth at Chocolate Passion, Straits Quay

Found a newly opened chocolate cafe last few weeks yet only paid my first visit now, chocolate just wouldn't tempt me much. It's like a hidden gem because the cafe is located quite backward, if I was not happen to walk through I also don't know its existence. Oops.
Here is it, the Chocolate Passion which provide tiny bites of sinfully yet delicious chocolates, something which is not my type, but I wanted to give it a try anyhow! Always like white based cafe as it gave me a cozy feel, and sometimes the simple but noble feel.
This is how the cafe looks like from my place, only 4-5 tables available in the cafe, all in white. There is a cupboard on the left which displayed all the sale items and magazines for diners. Too bad that the owner strictly proclaim that no photography is allow on their chocolate showcase, it would be better if she allow me to do so. Laugh
Flower pots that place beside the showcase and counter, and the flower ain't real. Something funny happened when I squatted to take this photo, the owner (Callin Tan) stood beside and asked me what was I doing, she laughed when I told her I was taking photo there.
The chandelier hang in the center of the cafe, it would be nicer if all the bulbs were light up. 
Menu is place on every table, I didn't checked on their menu at first, I was enjoyed reading their story and rules for chocolate in life.
This set of chocolate fondue dishware is for display purpose, not for sale. Of course, you can order one set to try in the chocolate cafe.
Just love this shot on the table and chairs.
Hot Chocolate Affogato . RM12.50
This is recommended by the staff, she claimed that most of the diners will order this if they want to try on their hot chocolate. A scoop of vanilla ice cream is served together with the melted chocolate; to enhance the taste, you can pour the hot chocolate onto ice cream when you are half way eating it. I thought the chocolate will solidified after I poured them onto the ice cream, yet it didn't happen, it was like my ice cream melt even faster in the hot chocolate! Wouldn't try this on my next visit, but maybe this is the only one I can accept compare to thicker chocolate, laugh! My contradiction make me crazy, sometimes.
Avocado Chocolate Ice Blended . RM11.50
Since the day I knew they have this in menu, it become the first order item if I happen to visit Chocolate Passion. I did actually asked the staff to prepare this for me first while I was still digesting the menu. Never thought that avocado can actually mixed well with chocolate, and the freshness of avocado covered up all the chocolate taste, this is a-must-order blended for non chocolate lover like me (of course, chocolate lover are welcome to order this as well). 
Handmade chocolates . RM37 for 100 grams
The owner launched the range of 24 handmade chocolates, with different flavors; sometimes you couldn't find all the 24 handmade chocolates in their showcase, they might sold out, so grab them as early as you can. I ordered some of them (clockwise, started with the rectangular one), Mint, Rum & Raisins, Baileys and Extremely Dark Chocolate Truffle, 4 of these are 49.05 grams (RM18.15). It's good to try the Rum & Raisin and Baileys here, the taste not that strong like the liquor chocolate, they make the Rum & Raisin and Baileys paste to put inside the chocolate instead of the liquor. I always prefer dark chocolate, and the extremely dark chocolate truffle would actually suit me more, the cocoa powder outside is 100% with 70% dark chocolate inside. The mint flavor just like the one normally we can get from shopping centre, should have try the lavender flavor! Smack!
Photo of the day . The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. -John Ruskin-

Chocolate Passion (by Choc Artisan)
Address: 3A-G-36 Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am - 11pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 604-8906121

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Just realize chocolate ain't that bad after-all, still, don't like sweet one.

September 19, 2012

Starwalk 2012

A day where we don't have work, yet I still need to wake up even earlier to attend the Starwalk 2012, which departed from Birch House Times Square Penang; my first time for this kind of healthy event. I couldn't imagine the crowd until I went to the starting point. Hell crowded! Each of us entitled a lucky draw number and a yellow wrist strap before the walk, another blue wrist strap after the walk.
The view where we started to walk, guidebook wrote that the event will be started sharp at 7am, yet too many people haven't register on time, that's why it was kind of delayed. 
Many Starwalk committees were on duty that day, to make sure that we were in the correct path to go back to the finish point.
This really make me laugh out loud when I saw it, really impressed by the intelligent of Penangites. No dustbin was provided so we all put on top of this, waiting committee to clean it later. No more free drink for the late comer, first come first serve theory.
Was really excited when we all see this banner, even at here we also needed to throw our luck draw number in the bin. Help!
A certificate of participation was given once we finished the walk, and we need to write our name on it, laugh. Too bad I got no chance to grab any prizes there, say good bye to gold plate, camera, television, GPS and a lot more. See you next year!

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Finally ate the Nasi Lemak at Weld Quay!

September 15, 2012

Sunshine . 42° La Boheme Penang

Attempt new cafe or dining restaurant is what I like to do during my weekends, mostly on Friday where everyone is busy with their work, this would definitely buy me more space in the cafe / restaurant. Pouring rain stopped when I about to depart from my house, maybe God knows I don't like the bad weather whenever I'm out. Laugh. My partner in crime was dragged along for the food hunt.
This is it - 42° La Bohéme which is located a few shop further down from The Ship at Sri Bahari Road. Parking will be a problem as not much "legal" parking lots along the road, we parked at the huge parking lot opposite the Cititel Hotel, it's not far from the cafe tho. I should have capture the French cafe together with the sign board, *only half of it seen in the photo*.
Found another sign board in little garden which is well-managed by the owner outside the cafe, it's quite discreet that you might not notice it. They took the name from Puccini's opera "La Boheme" and it means unfettered life, it's just like the cafe give you the feeling of.
Spotted the unique flowerpot, where you seen it million times in your kitchen but not here; the cat statue also sit quietly in its place.
The interior of the cafe a.k.a pre-war double storey house, yet the cafe only operate on the ground floor. Love the geometric pattern floor tiles which shows the history of this house, and only 4 to 5 tables are set up inside, so cosy like you are at home.
The so-called counter area, where Huvi and Matthieu (the couple) placed all the pastries on the table for diner to pick up. The pastries aroma flow all over the space, which turned our tummy up-side-down, but we didn't try those nice looking pastries, next time perhaps.
I took the name card, just love to collect nice and creative cards. The polaroid-like business card is awe with the face of the cafe on top.
Spread of books and magazines are provided in the cafe, to kill time; like their idea to put them in the old suitcases, easy to keep.
Found another bright little piano at the corner, as a decor.
The detach sewing machine that caught my sight, just like my daddy's one at home; with different brand. 
Apple juice versus Ice lemon tea, these chills us up while we waiting for the food. They prepare your food one by one, that's why they need more time on that. Meanwhile, you can make yourself at home there to take photos, discover their each and every decor.
Bruschetta with bacon, mushroom, onion and tomato sauce . RM18
My first time to have French pastries as lunch, thus we didn't ordered their quiches set as we thought it might can't fulfill us, so both of us go for their bruschetta. It's an antipasto from France, a roasted bread topped with ingredients you choose and not to forget the mozzarella cheese. They are not miser in giving you lots of bacon where you can have them in every bite on the bruschetta.
Bruschetta with salmon, oregano, mozzarella and white cream . RM18
The salmon is cut into cube pieces, and topped on the roasted bread, you can see it from the photo above. All the bruschetta come along with fresh veges, onions and tomatoes, those are quite savoury. I can't stop myself from making 'on nom nom' sound while eating both of the bruschetta, I cherish every bite and feel them diffluence in every part in my mouth. The have different menu for weekend I guess, or I should say seasonal menu, salads, pizzas and a lot more, waiting for you to discover.
Creme Brulee . RM16
This is the main reason why we come over here, to try out their creme brulee; other than this, they have also creme caramel. It was a bit too charred on top that make some bitter together with sweetness on the brulee, yet the custard base still creamy and smooth. It will be better if they put blueberries and strawberries on top to add some flavors to the brulee. Thumb up!
Little pot of plants are hanging on the window that make me think of Amelia Cafe, which have the same decor as well. Universal decor.
Photo of the day . Rainbow always appear after the rain or hardship

42° La Bohéme Penang
Address: 42, Sri Bahari Road, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 10am - 6pm; Closed on Monday
Contact Number: 6017-9762153

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A Korean lady said to me: You have beautiful smile.

September 10, 2012

A walk to remember

What do you call a goodies bag without the bag? I had no idea too. Unlike previous year, we need to bring own woven bag for the collection of goodie, to protect our environment and go green! View photo below to see what we got during the collection.
One of the purpose to join this event is to get their tee shirt, but the design just so-so, The Star logo at the back looks even nicer than the front one. Oops! Few packs of snacks and biscuits, candies, chewing gum, vouchers and mineral water are come along with the tee.
Sneak peak on the words I like: A Walk To Remember. Walker's Guide is given to us, pointing the route of the day, we going to stroll along the heritage trail! I need to calm myself not to get excitement, if not I'll jumping here and there, as jump not equal to walk. Laugh! It's quite lame and cold, fit to the current weather, cooling night.

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Can't wait for Friday! *Om nom nom*

September 9, 2012

Late celebration at The Eighty Eight Restaurant

When I scan through my bloggie, I just realize that food and eating had become part of me right now; I should have other activities instead of eat only! Too bad, this post is still relating to food. Spent my Friday night with Calvin to tried out The Eighty Eight Restaurant which is newly opened in town, and a late celebration for his last month birthday. Okay, I knew it due for one month.

Asked for the location before hunting for this restaurant, what we know is it located next to Cosplus signboard along the Kelawai Road.
Felt safe once we stepped inside the restaurant; feeding our stomach had became prior than other matters. Been led by a sweet madam to our table and she handed us their just 4 pages menu. Choices are not much yet we can told that all of them are fine enough for us.
The interior. Most of the furnishings are in earth color, the space is quite big but only 10+ tables available in this restaurant.
When we were there, only 2 tables were occupied; we were wondered should we call for reservation before the dinner, a big NO for that day. We can see that most of the guest are foreigners / businessmen, might due to their menu pricing, some are quite costly tho.
A must have decor, salt and pepper on table for those fine dining restaurant. 
Crispy homemade bread was served once we placed our order, it come together with mustard butter, I think so, this is awesome!
Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Scallop . RM28
Something special about this restaurant, they served soup in elongated bowl, while others mostly served in a small round bowl. The pumpkin soup is thick enough and you still able to taste the pumpkin puree, the highlight of this soup is the pan-seared sashimi grade scallops, it's fresh and chewy, I just don't know how to describe the taste when I bit on it; heavenly good!
Spaghetti . RM38
This spaghetti is cooked together with smoked salmon, vodka and lemon / orange slices. The cream sauce is differ than others as you can peck the citrus taste and it do not have the greasy feel even you have it more. Notice the black thingy on the top of my pasta, I first thought it was caviar, laugh; it's actually the lumpfish roe which is often treated as caviar alternative and cheaper than caviar, for sure. The fresh citrus cream sauce still within my mouth when I burped few hours later. Laugh out loud.
Salmon . RM45
The air-flown Norwegian Salmon is cooked using the sous-vide technique. I google it and sous-vide (French) is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bag in a water bath for longer than normal cooking time and controlled temperature. The salmon  is served with its seared crispy skin, the fish is succulent and it's still fresh inside. Not to forget that it served together with fava bean puree, roasted onion jus, sautee beans and cured red raddish.
If not mistaken, this 2 sides are came along with the salmon, yet I ate quite a portion of them and no wonder Calvin was not that bloated that night as I was. Laugh. Wondered how the chef cooked the roasted potatoes that make me couldn't extricate from them, and it's better if the sweet carrot can be cooked until softer than this it. I just like to have fine dining like this, to try out special and new dishes prepare by chefs. I saw a group of diners enjoy their meals with fine wine throughout the night too. 

The Eighty Eight Restaurant
Address: 49-A, Kelawai Road, 10250 Pulau Tikus, Penang.
Business Hours: 12pm - 2.30pm (Lunch); 6.30pm - 10.30pm (Dinner); Closed on Tuesday
Contact Number: 604-2262821

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Watched The Cold Light of Day, it's not that good like what we expected.