July 20, 2014

Tourist Spots . Singapore

I'll put an end for my Singapore trip in this post, just roughly get through what I've done after the lunch until night time; basically there was nothing much on our last day as we decided to have a good sleep and go to airport after some bite at hawker stall nearby our hotel. After our lunch at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant, we went back hotel to get some rest before more walking comes to us. 
Since I'm first time in Singapore, so the Merlion Park become my tourist spot and I die die also want to have one photo with that. I was thinking that crowds will be lesser over there under the hot sun but seems like I was wrong, groups of people standing there and finding a good spot to take photo with the merlion! By the way, I was happy to be there even I sweat a lot that time. 
We reached Marina Bay Sands but decided to go Gardens by the Bay first by crossing the Dragonfly Bridge which linking both places. It was like a no ending road inside the linked bridge, I think we spent quite some times to reach Gardens by the Bay but it was worth the walk as the scenery at the garden is simply awesome. We didn't spent a tokens to try their OCBC Skyway, people were queuing for that and I don't think we have time for that, save it for next time. 
Felt relief when we finally get the air-con inside The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, the place is so grand and huge, we didn't manage to finish the walk inside even we spent hours there. We just went to the shop that we survey earlier and get our stuff; end up we just realize all the stuffs in Changi Airport offer a better price, should have just get my bag in airport. We shopped like a boss, nah just some reward for myself after working for 2 years+, after all I should treat myself better for working like a slave. Laugh
So, we set my birthday dinner in Bay Sushi at Level B2; forgot to make reservation and we waited awhile before we get our seats. I think diners were a lot that day so the serving was quite slow and I feel that their service is not that good as we keep asking for our need but waiters were too busy to entertain us. I like the design by the way, woods and the tatami kind of feel. The food is okay (yet expensive) but personally I don't think I'll pay another visit there as their sushi roll is not really 'eater-friendly'; the sushi is so huge that we couldn't just finished it in one mouth like we usually do, when we try to bite it half and the stuffing wrap inside started to drop. I saw diners next to me having the same problem as well, end up I finished the stuffing inside then only start to munch on the outer layer. 
Lastly, we bought our ticket up to the Sands Skypark that cost around $23, worth it or not you judge by yourselves; for me, I really get a memorable birthday night. I was speechless when I was up there, get the breezy wind all over my body and the night view from there is just good to end my night there. Souvenirs are available on the deck but I didn't get any, I just got myself a drink. 
What I feel about Singapore? Clean and convenient but I don't like the hustle-bustle life over there, a good place for travel since their service is quite good compare to ours. Do not worry if you are first time there, the signboards are clear enough to bring you places that you want to go. Will definitely go back again but not so soon even though it didn't cost us much to travel there.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Started to plan for my next trip.

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