July 8, 2014

China Town . Singapore

After finished our breakfast at Ya Kun, we went to China Town to experience the joyful atmosphere, before that we went to money changer to change RM to SGD as I thought I might get some souvenirs there; their rate surely better than ours in Malaysia. I had bad hair days throughout the trip as I washed my hair if I've the chance to go back our hotel, no idea why I sweat like a boss and it really affect my mood (and hair); whenever I sweat during my bad hair day, my hair get affected and started to become frizzy, it means no nice photo of me when I'm sweat! Why leng lui (pretty ladies in Cantonese) never sweat or I should say they sweat elegantly, you can't even tell from the photo they are sweating on that shot; somemore they can wear long sleeve or multi-layer clothes to bring out the fashion sense in them. From here, I know I can't be a leng lui whenever I'm expose under the hot sun, I'm so screwed
Enough complain, let's get back to our topic of this post - the China Town. It was started to get cloudy (look at the dark clouds in the photos) but still I sweat like no body business, it didn't help much tho. It was quite good to walk along the street, seeing thing I hardly see in my island and I remember we helped some kids to complete their survey forms from school. Food is so tempting but I can't digest any of it after the breakfast, maybe we can consider to have breakfast in China Town next time. 
Most of the shops selling the same thing with same price, so I just shopped in one shop and bought everything I want there. I have a thing with postcard, so I got myself some postcards but didn't send it back from Singapore, grrrr. We didn't have much time to walk around as we have tight schedule to follow from place to place, will def go back again if I have chance. Till then.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Writing the Singapore post make me feel to go back again.

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