December 25, 2012

KissA Koyotei Cafe at last!

It's Christmas today but still our company didn't shut down like others, glad that we were working and had a little present exchange session during our working period. I hope all of us did enjoy and perhaps we can make another round next year! I'm back here for a short post regarding to a random night out with Ah Yeep, at first we planned to pay a visit at 2012 Apocalypse art gallery (his cousin is one of the artist!), but the warehouse is closed at night. Ended up we only had chance to dine together and we simply picked a place.
Here is it, KissA Koyotei Cafe which located at Hutton Lane, opened for years but I never step inside to dine; I used to have plenty of ideas where to dine but that night all the ideas just disappear and this restaurant blink inside my mind.
The restaurant is famous with their waitress who wear the ladies servant costume, sorry for the blurry photo, they were too busy serving diners so I couldn't really get their close photo. Me and Ah Yeep did talking and eating more, that's why photos are not much to show over here, one thing we can conclude is there are a lot of Japanese coming in the restaurant to dine!
Hot green tea is a must whenever I visit Japanese restaurant, never did I tried cold green tea before (I mean in Japanese restaurant lah); they are so kind to provide us a small portion of refreshment before they served the main course, a combination of mushroom, potato and carrot cubes, it would be better if they are heat up, but after-all Japanese restaurant serve food in cold, mostly I mean, so don't expect that much for this.
Salmon Teriyaki Set . RM25
For this set meal, you can choose either Shioyaki (a type of grilled salted style) or Teriyaki, I fancy Teriyaki style more, that's why I suggested Ah Yeep to take this, luckily he kind of like this.Like typical Japanese set meal, this included chawanmushi, appetizing small dish, miso soup, pickles, fruits and the most important, the white rice! The grilled salmon is quite crispy and certainly is up to standard.
Kitsune Udon . RM15
Nope, I didn't go for rice this round, change it to udon as I craved it for weeks, so not me right? I actually hold myself quite hard not to order food with rice that night, laugh! It's not hard to make Kitsune Udon, that's why whenever you go, the taste will be the same as well, but I'm not really like this fried bean curd, it's not that sweet like I thought, I expected more in fact. After-all, I still feel that my mama's homemade udon soup is best of the all, no MSG added in. Yum yum!
Yaki Gyoza . RM12
No idea why I always feel to order this, feel to eat something else instead of only our main course, couldn't stop myself throwing food inside my mouth nowadays LOL. This Gyoza is not bad (like I'm seldom critic food) but a little bit too salty with the soy sauce.

KissA Koyotei Cafe
Location:  No 148, Ground Floor, Jalan Hutton, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 11.30am - 2.15pm and 6pm - 10.15pm; Closed on Monday
Contact Number: 604-2266272

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The so call my-feel call me to do so, and I nod.

December 16, 2012

Get A Life

Hello dearies, I abandoned my blog for a week to buy time gathered with friends and family; so I'll only make a short update today, please stay tuned for the next post. My sister is back in here and I'm blessed to get some souvenirs from her, owh, seriously I miss the pineapple cake from Chia Te, Taiwan, you may see this in my Instagram. I changed two of my car tyres, renew road tax and insurance that make me seriously broke now, yet I'm glad with that as I know I'll be safer with the new tyres. Not much update for the week, mostly eat, drink, play and sleep, that's all, but hey sometimes I feel great not to online everyday. Laugh out loud
It's time to open a new chapter for my life, a brand new one so that my next year will be more colorful and maybe a brand new me?

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Never thought that I'll get a bruise on my arm because of wormie.

December 5, 2012

La Vanille Pastry . Cupcakes & Macarons

When I started to have post ain't related to food, like one or two, I think people start to think that finally this girl has activities other than only eat, eat and still eat. Well, I always back with more food post after then, and this presume that I need more exercise to burn all the calories, swing away the fat. I'm dragging those real old food post, but pulling this new one over others, because I didn't see much people commenting or posting about this shop yet; hope that it's not too late to introduce new cafe for you guys.
Heart the color La Vanille Pastry used, the pastel blue and look at their logo, the little rabbit sit inside cupcake cup, make itself looks like a cupcake. Not hard to locate the cafe, it's just some distance from New World Park and Equator Academy of Art.
Your truly's reflection before enter the cafe, o...okay I was cheating, it was taken after I came out from the cafe while my tummy full of sweat tooth; not really think of taking this photo when I reached, I just wanted to feel the air-con in this broiling weather, it kills fish. 
You'll get to see this on your right once you enter the little cafe, so many decors that make this place feel warm and cozy, scroll down for more interior of this cafe. Cup with their logo are for sale, you can grab them back if you like them.
There were no other diner when we were there, I like this most, so that I can walk around the cafe like a boss and staff over there also didn't bother me. After you found a seat, please place your order at the counter and get your tableware there, but no worry, they will serve you your meal/dessert themselves, in case you strike down all the food or drink. I like the way they use tiny thing to decorate the shop, and among all I heart tiny colorful cans/tins and the wording plate, so zakka-feel.
Did I mentioned that I like to collect nice name card as well, surely I got their's too, seriously gonna get a name card holder, how about handmade name card holder? So so so lazy, my postcard scrapbook also half way done, will post it up once I finished it. When leh? 
Other than cupcake and cake, they have macaron as well. This time I didn't try it, an excuse so that I can come here again next time; but when we talk about macaron, until now I feel that Ete Cafe got the best one in town, although I just tried macaron twice.
Cookies! Not sure is this for sale or not, I think so. Before continue to food part, just to clarify that other than those sweet tooth that girls most like, they also provide few choices of light brunch, like sandwiches and fish & chips those kind, Om Nom Nom!
Ham Cheese with Fries . RM6.50
Other than this, we also ordered Tuna with Fries, both look the same that's why I just post one of it, don't mind right? If you need more sauce for fries, go to counter and take it okay? (Self-service). Maybe this look a bit normal but I really like it, taste like the one which make by my mama. That's the knack for all restaurant/cafe, to make us feel like home with the food, I got it here!
Peach Goo . RM6.50
I think this is one of their signature since I saw one big cake putting in their freezer. I googled, and Goo here means something sticky or slimy, that's how the cake's name came from. Even the cake is a bit sticky still it wouldn't make you feel greasy even if you have more, and I can ate the peach slices when munching the cake; not really a cake lover, but I can accept it with full heart after the mille crepe.
Hokkaido Cupcake . RM3.50
This is the most hit cupcake nowadays, whenever you browse through Groupon or EziVoucher, it's not hard to find a coupon to get this Hokkaido cupcake, now I also saw people online selling this cake. Finally I got to try this, luckily it's not sweet at all, and inside the cake, there put some cream filling so that the cake isn't too try or normal when you taste it.
The guest book in black and provided gold color pen for diners to leave some words, too bad I forgot left mine there since I was rushing to the next round. Will make it next time!

La Vanille Pastry . Cupcakes & Macarons
Location: 122 A, Hutton Lane, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 04-2264024
Website: (Coming soon)

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Thanks God tomorrow is last working day for this week!

December 3, 2012

Penang Island Jazz Festival 2012 for my December

Hello December, couldn't believe it's year end now, December not always my favourite month but the Christmas feel does always make me feel warm although I'm not really celebrate it every year, so I kinda like this month. Wonder will doomsday really happen in weeks time, or should we start to store food so that we don't need to walk out in dark for 3 days? Let's not bother about it, live your life loud is the most important thing now; le sista and her hubby are flying to Taiwan today, they really enjoy their life now, my jealousy mood on now! Still, safe journey and please bring back souvenir and thing as many as you can stuff inside your luggage. I want them all!
Kicked start my December with the Penang Island Jazz Festival; my first time to attend this festival and gosh, it was raining all night long but still people were enjoying themselves with umbrella or raincoat. Forgot about the mat thingy we needed to sit on, we didn't grab one as well, we sat on the raincoat instead, with umbrella on hand ofcourse. The ang moh sat beside us left earlier and they gave us the mat before they left, I'm blessed and told'ya, good people is everywhere around the corner. If you slip the Jazz Festival this year, get your ticket ready earlier on nexy year and rock with them; good music night I had just now. Gonna hit the bed now, ciao readers.

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I use my eyes to see the world and beautiful thing, in my own view, not yours.