June 28, 2014

MOF @ My Izakaya . Singapore

When it comes to a new country other than mine, I'm a total road-idiot moreover I didn't take part to plan any of this, I was just enjoy myself and go every places which was planned. After the USS, we planned to have dinner at Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant as they offer cheap buffet at $26.90 per pax. It was a total disaster when we only knew about they were under renovation that time, we didn't expect that to happen and we did not prepare any other plan. Since we were so hungry (after some time, our tiredness made us forgot our hungriness, can live without food now lol) and tired that time, we decided to go Tiong Bahru Plaza to hunt for our dinner.
Tried to find a restaurant which is not available in my country and we got this: MOF @ My Izakaya. We were led to their outdoor area (of course the waitress did ask us if we mind to be seated at outdoor area when we were queuing outside), luckily the rain stopped when we were there, a great time to sit outdoor and get some fresh breeze. 
Macha Shakes with soft serve ice cream . $6.80
Diced Salmon Bibimbap . $12.80
Pork Hot-Stone Bibimbap . $12.80
White Clam Soup . $7.80
Before that, I prepared myself to have Korean food but now we forced to dine in Japanese restaurant, it explained why I insisted to have bibimbap (I craved for Korean food that night) but the Japanese style of bibimbap is not that spicy but sweet. Overall, the food is good, we munched the food as fast as we could so that our rice wouldn't become char after long time; I just realize everything we ordered are in hot-stone or in a pot! I love the diced salmon bibimbap the most, but I think I churn up too much and it became minced salmon bibimbap, I can't even have mouthful salmon! Their service is good and I can't help myself to fill in their survey form and give them a thumb up. 
After the dinner, we bought some chicken and mushroom curry puff from Old Chang Kee which is quite famous I heard. Not bad tho. 
Last place we visited in day one was Clarke Quay, it's really full of people along the pubs. We didn't get a drink there, but we bought a Gong Cha wintermelon milk tea and sat on the stairs to enjoy the night view. I think we walked too much in a slipper, I can't feel my legs that night (throughout the trip) and I remember I fall asleep in 1 minute after we back to our hotel. Laugh.

#02-16/17/18, Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road.

Business Hours
11.30 am - 10pm (Daily)

Contact Number
+65-6338 5523


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