October 5, 2012

My first Insta-post

After-since smart phone has intruded in my life (or others), those apps provided by Apple/Android seems cooler and everyone prefer update their goings-on using the apps. So am I, yet for those interesting incident, I still prefer blog about them here, laugh

I placed a Instagram gadget over here few months ago, to share thing that I see and I eat with everyone who yet to have smart phone. Only 6 latest photos are available btw, so I'm going to blog about some of my old insta photos here, first ever insta-post! *Scroll down*

1. Food
I love food! This is the fact that my friend know about me, and I willing to spend on food instead of beautiful clothes and accessories. Almost 50% of my Instagram photos are full of food, this is the aftereffect staying in food heaven, munch munch

2. Love from friends
I do take photo when people around me surprise me with tiny something, nosh, pens, book, and etc. By this, I'll always remember their sincerity towards me, okay, even without photo, I'll still remember! Photos show souvenir from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

3. From my eyes
Sometimes it's hard to tell a story by words, yet it's easier to tell your story from your photo, and it all started from your eyes. Deep

4. Accessories
When I buy new love, as in accessories, I wouldn't take a photo on it; sometimes I'll only have a photo of them when I wear them, at least for me they look alive. Not really know what am I talking about, just the feeling is totally different, you can ignore me btw. 

5. Me? Or not me?
I seldom have my selca photo uploaded in Instagram, can only found 10 photo with my face out of 200+, is that means I'm not really a narcissistic person? Or maybe I'm not really a photogenic person, but personally I love the 4th photo of mine, look cool!

This is the first time (or maybe the last time) for me to post my insta-photo, just found out that I'm not really a good story teller, and this post is totally a disaster. But I like. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

Going to be a busy bee for the following 2 weeks.


  1. Haha, I fall in love with Instagram recently too!

  2. Yalo, can see so too, coz last time didn't see you update instagram but now got LOL

  3. wow lu eh portraits so leng lo, haha... wow

  4. 'Sometimes it’s hard to tell story by words, yet it’s easier to tell your story from your photo,and it all started from your eyes.'This sentence NICE ^^

  5. Thanks, I also simply write it, then quite okay wo LOL