September 29, 2012

Breakfast at Toh Soon Cafe is love!

When I attended my zoo members gathering (fyi, zoo members consist of my close friends during form 6 period, there is something special about us, whenever we met, we like to tease each other, but none of us feel unwell because of that, this is what BFF always do! Okay, back to topic now...), they keep commented about my blog that full of the sign of great food. Hell no, I'm not turning my blog into a food blog like a pro, just blogging about food does make me feel happy and I want to share all delicious bites with my friends. After-all, here is my little journal to stick down every dribs and drabs of my life, in case I lost my memory, I can read them back. Laugh
Now Penang having rainy season which I think soon to over by this weekend; the pouring rain did made me feel sad as I thought I can't have my breakfast at Toh Soon Cafe yesterday. It was like a faith, when I thought of this, the rain stopped, jumping here and there!
Luckily I been there few minutes earlier, people who came later need to wait for seat, lucky me! I'd blogged about this before, but not in details. Toh Soon Cafe is a small coffee shop situated at the back lane along the Campbell Street, surely parking is a problem there, I saw some of the cars being clamped yesterday, poor guy. You can park far-er and enjoy the beautiful street while walking over here.
I couldn't absorb caffeine with empty stomach, body problem I guess, it just make me feel sick; so I seized my day with milo (RM1.30).
You need to wait them to serve up your order, if you are too hungry to wait, you can get the curry puff (RM1.50, I think) before that.
Or if the curry puff couldn't fulfill you, packets of Nasi Lemak (RM1.40) are waiting for you to grab. I was quite excited for this and expected there are fish and egg waiting for me when I opened the outer layer, but I couldn't found egg in the packet, how sad!
Their signature, bread toasted which spread with butter and kaya (RM1.80) is a must whenever you visit at Toh Soon Cafe. The reason why everyone willing to wait for this is because the toast is prepare by using a charcoal stove, the taste is just too good to describe.
Toast and egg are perfect match, so I went with the flow to order 2 half boiled egg (RM1.40), added a dash of pepper and drizzles of soy sauce to enhance the taste. Non half boiled egg lover might couldn't take it, since it's really watery that you can actually drink it.
As for me, before I drank up the whole cup of concoction, I dipped my toast into the eggs as taught by my daddy since I was small. This is the classic way to enjoy your first meal of the day. I was blessed after this meal and it just cost me around RM8 (per person)!

Toh Soon Cafe
Address: Campbell Street, Off Penang Road, Georgetown, 10100, Penang.
GPS Coordinates: N5 25.118 E100 19.916 (in case you couldn't locate this little cafe)
Business Hours: 8am - 6.30pm; Closed on Sunday
Contact Number: 604-2613754

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  1. Your blog really turn out become food blog woh.
    Happy mid-autumn festival ya!!

  2. LOL Don't have a~ Still about me also, soon will back to normal le, half food, half me xD

    Oops, late jo wish you, Happy belated mid-autumn festival too ha :)