October 10, 2012

Sushi night at Sushi Zento, Precint 10

Hi, did I ever said wrote that even how hard I try to taste new restaurant or cafe which are mushrooming in Penang island, I also couldn't finish them all. My money just couldn't grow as fast as those restaurants, plus I haven't finish all my debts and car loan, but I just started to work for only one year, life will getting better isn't it? Cross fingers. After tonnes of nice food I try, some of them really make me to crave for more, still at the end, they all need to queue behind my love. (You guys should know what I like now?) I want to shout out loud that: I love to eat rice! Truly a Asian to the core, wonder can I really survive without rice? Laugh

What will you do to end your exhausted day after work? I chose to have nice dinner with friend, a delightful one. This time, we were back to Sushi Zento where I first tried during my birthday celebration, click here for the previous post. If you google this restaurant, most of the reviewers were commented on their services, not a good one tho; but I found that the service over there is quite okay (maybe I went there twice during weekdays and not much diners to serve), they are quite efficient btw. 
Chawanmushi . RM6
If you follow my blog, I used to order set meal at Japanese restaurant; this time it was something different, we had ala carte all night long, sound so sumptuous. Chawanmushi was first served up, you see nothing on the top, but all the ingredients are bedded at bottom.
Salmon Fried Rice . RM10
See I told'ya, I couldn't live without rice. I wished for something special than just simply a bowl of garlic rice, that's why this came to my mind to try their salmon fried rice. The outlook make me drooled, you can see that minced salmon is fried together with rice, you can have it on every bite. It would be better if it's not that salty, at first the taste is acceptable, but becoming more salty at the end.
Yaki Gyoza . RM8 for 5 pcs
A must have dumpling, tasted it once and I knew I'll order it again and again. Under the dumpling skin, we have minced pork and vegetables, thanks to vegetables, the texture is quite okay (not too chewy) when we munched it. The soy sauce is the bonus, dip dumpling in it to enhance the taste! I forgotten that these are not Chinese style boiled dumpling, the way to taste Gyoza is different as well, somemore I asked my friend where is the ginger. Whack my head please!
Italian Roll . RM20
I understand how the name come from after they served this up. As usual, bottom one is normal sushi maki which stuff with cucumber, crab stick and egg, this was then topped with thick layer of raw salmon, mayonnaise and cheese. Blow torch (if not mistaken) use to melt the cheese on top before served up, the best part is, the salmon still in raw condition! This is how the name come from, the preparation is very Italian style and be frank, the portion is quite big, thanks God we didn't order Dragon Roll as well.
Salmon Hand Roll . RM6
Hate myself that update this post in this hour, looking at the photo make me drool and hungry, see how juicy is the salmon! Normally, I wouldn't order hand roll as the seaweed is hard to chew or bite after expose to air for long time. That's why this came first before other dishes while the seaweed still remain fresh; the main purpose to have this - salmon-lah of course! 
How can I forgot about  my favourite salmon sushi on conveyor belt, but I only had one plate of salmon sushi last night, the rest I was hunted for salmon+scallop sushi, which cost me RM5.80 per plate. Om nom nom, this sushi night did compensated me for did not shown up during Sushi King Bonanza last week.

Sushi Zento
Address: 10-A, 11 & 12, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Precint 10, 10470 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am-11pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 604-8992725

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Wonder if visitors of my blog really read my crappy words, or only enjoy my photograph, or none of them?! Laugh


  1. next time if u come Singapore! bring u go a japanese restaurant called
    "Sushi Express" S$1.50 per plate!!!
    Super worth!

  2. Whao! Seriously? Is it under your treat? xD
    Thanks first ^^