October 26, 2012

Raining night @ Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar

Make up my mind that I will not update food blog at night since doing this will actually make me drool and crave for food. So now I'm blogging about food that I had in Kuala Lumpur early in the morning, yet it's not a wise move either, I blog this before my breakfast and then I wish for food as well! Someone, save me by throwing nice food into my mouth please, I'm so lazy now to dig the food out. Laugh
After the tired climbing at Batu Caves, we decided to have something nice to pamper ourselves, plus it's the first night for us there, nice food is a must (actually we plan it before the trip, hahaha). At first, we wanted to go Levain but too bad it closed at 9pm, so we couldn't chill after the dinner over there, at last we chose Palate Palette since it's super duper near to our hotel. Eating mode ON.
You can see from the name, the restaurant is full of colors and joy, where I wanted to pay a visit few years ago, and I paid it now :)
Starry starry night~ I like the pattern!
The restaurant consist of 2 floors, but I think normally during weekdays, upper floor is closed. We thought diners will not a lot during Thursday night, that's why we did not made reservation, just walk in. This is a big NO if you want to have indoor tables; when we were there, the "Reserve" plate on each table did really make me feel sad. We had no choice to sit at outdoor table but with rooftop.
The photograph corner. Didn't took lots of interior photo, since I really feel bad to walk around diners while they having nice meal.
The outdoor look, heart the idea where they put colors at every corner, if you go with big group of friends, outdoor definitely more suitable since the loud chatting sound won't affect other diners. 
They placed water candle on each table, but too bad, the wind was strong and follow by pouring rain, the candle just drown like that.
Apple Mint . RM11.50
This is bartender's choice, that's why I ordered it, because I have no idea when everything come to drinks. Maybe I should just order Mocktails, to kick my night; I thought it before but deleted it once this thought appear in my mind. Laugh! They mix the mint leaves into apple juice, it's quite refresh after we had the heavy dinner there, to distinct most of the oily food in my tummy.
Caffe Latte . RM8.50
Gan's choice, just love the way they serve this drink, brown sugar is provided to enhance the taste, great combination if compare to white sugar. The caffe is quite bitter at first without any sugar added, so I saw Gan pour a few spoons of brown sugar into it. Peep the wall behind, they drew colorful "Love . Laugh . Live" and some Tetris blocks as decoration.
Palate Salad . RM15.90
Their signature salad with the twist of Ceasar which they claimed that it's good enough for the Lord. Other than their fresh crisp romaine lettuce, they tossed it with special house dressing and chicken bacon. The white thingy on the top is cheese flakes, they added chips, fruits and tomatoes to add in the salad texture. The portion is quite big, sharing is recommended.  
Fish and Chips . RM19.90
Admire the way they serve the food up, it's totally different from the Fish and Chips that you can find from outside. The chips they mention are not fries, but the real crispy chips with a spicy taste, tartar sauce is provided where they sprinkle some chili powder on top. Assorted potato and yam chips is plug on the Tempura fried Dory fish with silver chopstick. Again, something need to say, normally what you will get for Fish and Chips outside is with small portion, but over here, the fried Dory fish they give is quite huge.
Sundried Tomato-Battered Chicken Chop . RM28
This is a disaster for me, because the chicken chop taste so good and awesome, I just feel to have more of the chicken breast meat. Again, wanted to praise them for the "decor" on the food, the chicken chop is cut into half instead of whole piece. The dish is come together with buttered corn-on-the-cob and garlic mash potatoes; the chicken chop is placed on the top of mash potatoes! It would be better if they give more mash potatoes gravy, the bottom one is too dry. Chili sauce is provided but even if you didn't dip it, the chicken chop already taste good.
Lamb & Onions . RM20
We all first thought that we will getting a lamb chop dressing by onions or cook together with onion, but the photo above prove us wrong, totally. We were saying that what the heck they prepare the lamb in this way, and all the criticism stopped when we ate it. You know, I seldom eat lamb as I really don't like the foul smell (some people really like the smell!), and this totally surprise me; the lamb is marinated in honey Worchestershire, onion also covered the foul smell successfully. Mint yogurt sour cream placed around the plate, and chili flakes sprinkle on the top of lamb! So hey, don't judge a book with it's cover anymore, really in love with this dish.

Nice dinner we had with Gan and ppwen's friend, Krystal. I spotted that there are a few of nice restaurants along the street! How about we visit them on my next KL trip? Laugh

Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar
Address: 21, Jalan Mesui, 50200 Kualau Lumpur.
Business Hours: Every day from 12pm-12am; Friday & Saturday till 2am; Closed on Monday
Contact Number: 603-21422148

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