October 18, 2012

Teaser before I got the photos

I not really have the photo during Eddie and Brenda's actual wedding day, so once I got the photos I'll share them over here, so stay tuned, for around 1 month++ okie? Normally as for girls, when friends around you started to get marry, your chances to be their ji mui is higher, but this time Eddie thought out from the box, he invited me and Ai Hua to be his heng dai
Here's is the bow tie for heng dai(s) and we all look like rabbit with it and suit with formal white shirt and black bottom. Rock it, guys!
The flower loop or hair accessories for ji mui(s), guess what, they have boy ji mui(s) also! I grabbed the loop from them after the event, as a souvenir for myself. Glad that through this event, I knew lots of people (mostly Brenda's ji muis), we shall meet again!

Also, not to forget, I met 2 awesome photographers during the wedding, they are from CASH studio, and video above is a teaser for their pre-wedding photoshoot. They did a great job on the photos and videos, click here to give them a like in FB, support them will you? I really enjoy viewing all the albums that done by them, so peeps enjoy the video. Copyright of CASH studio

. . . . . . . . . . .

Going off from the island now.