October 27, 2012

Love at Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

Since ppwen didn't try Sushi Zanmai before, we decided to give it a strike when we were in Sunway Pyramid, that was our late lunch on second day. When we were first reached Sunway, the first person we saw made us feel quite excited, guess who we met? Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh, she was there to attend the Anlene event held in Sunway, didn't managed to take a photo of her, but she is stunning with her age now! Back to topic, we couldn't locate the Japanese restaurant at first, we walked around and finally decided to ask the location at Information Counter. We had no idea it located at another Atrium, it's so obscure (for me lah~).
We reached there around 2pm+, I said our late lunch, laugh! We saw people queuing to wait for their seat, at this hour, you kidding me or not? But nice food worth to wait; I like their colorful candelier inside the restaurant.
I think we waited for around 15 mins+ to get ourselves a table; Yeah this is Sushi Zanmai, not Pasta Zanmai, both with different style.
They provided sweat sauce, thought I need to request for it; tried so many sweet sauce still I like Sushi King's diluted one. Laugh
Unatama Don (S) . RM19.80
I had no idea what to order at first since I went there few times, and I tried some of them before, ended up I had this Unatama Don, the roasted unagi simmered with egg! Luckily there was no tiny bones in the unagi, I didn't ate any, but ppwen claimed that she ate some. 
Kakiage Don (S) . RM10.80
Ppwen's. She always couldn't resist to prawn, over here, she had fried prawn and some vegetables. I planned to order this as well, she read my mind and ordered it, so I can tasted it at the same time too. Like the prawns as they were quite fresh.
Sushi on the day, couldn't remember the name already, of course salmon sushi is a must whenever I'm in Japanese restaurant. For the other two, I just simply heart them as well, the cheese and mayonnaise enhance the taste, and they tasted so creamy!
Hotate Teriyaki . RM10.80
The scallops are grilled with teriyaki sauce, it taste good with this reasonable price, chewy enough and I hope for more at the end. 
Photos always come first before we started our meal, the culture now. Peep the wasabi we had, I had it every bite when I was having my Unatama Don, to be clarify, actually I like wasabi and I take it as a enhancer to make my food taste better! Giggle
Raining season on-going in Kuala Lumpur, when will you stop? Even during our last day over there, we also walked under the rain inside UKM, while to attend friend's and junior's convo.

Sushi Zanmai
Address: First Floor, Japanese Street, Oasis Boulevard 2, Sunway Pyramid, 46150 Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 603-74923080

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Ola, my KL posts still couldn't finish even after a week. Smack