October 16, 2012

Until the seas part

Got the invitation to attend Eddie and Brenda's wedding; it was like half year back, I felt excited when I clicked 'Attend' on the FB that time. It's a fate that I done my internship at Euro, knew lots of nice people which we are still contacting each other right now. Promised Eddie to take the liability in his wedding and play a minor roll (okay, quite important lol) during his big day; glad that I actually can contribute during the day, for a friend / brother like him. Let's start from the lao tia meh before the actual day.
My contribution started on Friday noon, since I'm not working that day, why not helping him to prepare wedding thing. There were many first time for me, to travel so far (Kulim) all by my own, to see St. Anne Church in real, and to have black outfit from head to toe under the sun. Red roses was what they chose for the bouquet, bloody roses seemed to whisper the passion of their love under the sun.
Back to their home sweet home and there were many things waited us to be settled, one of it was to decorate the house. I myself feel that this spot in this house is quite nice, I took photos before started my job there, laugh
Snoopy collection at the rack.
Something that I very fancy in his room, the antique phone! Did I mention that they set a theme for their wedding - Retro, and here they have a little retro space for themselves too. The phone is not for decor but it's in use and imported from overseas, cute no? 
This is what I did for the day, 100 balloons to fill up his room and living room. You have no idea he is a romantic guy by looking at him.
I assume that girls will gone crazy if they had all the items on the dresser, hand cream, skin cares, body cares and etc. Peep on the Notorious perfume from Ralph Lauren, it shows that Brenda has brilliant taste, the scent of Notorious just suit her right.
Rose petals (fake one lol) all over the mattress, fruits were placed on top as well, each of them represent different prayer or wish.
The wedding couple slippers, which have 'husband' and 'wife' wordings on the top of them. Not much photos were taken on the day, and the next day as well, busy with my stuff, stay tuned for the next post, if I happened to get some photos.
Before I forgot, the wedding ring (focus on the wrong side, omg!) is from Cartier, the design is simple enough. Like you can watch from drama, the wedding ring goes on the left ring finger as it's the only finger with vein that connects to the heart. Till then.

. . . . . . . . . . . 

"Sweetheart, sweetheart...."


  1. OMG! You saw it? Can I have one set also for my birthday? *wink wink*

  2. Lol...u have so much of the details....that I feel ashamed of not ;)

  3. Nah, I went there a day earlier and stay almost half day in the room to help up Eddie ma, while helping then snap snap xia~
    I'm always waiting for your photos le!