October 28, 2012

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights with my girls

Some of my friends told me the same thing when I suggest them to have Korean cuisine, they said: Korean food is not nice while they didn't even try it before they said that. Quite sad since I'm quite fancy with Korean food also (mostly because they provide rice LOL), and the first time I had my Korean food was at Ko Hyang, located at The Gardens, Mid Valley, few years ago. It's operated by Korean family and they extended their business, total they have 6 outlets in Kuala Lumpur. By chance, I were back in Mid Valley, so we decided to pay a visit there to have pre-dinner before we headed to Wong Ah Wah, a thumb up for their chicken wings!
Didn't manage to get the Ko Hyang photo, I only have food photo here, it's just located right in front of the Cold Storage, The Gardens.
Kal Guk Su . RM13.50
It's made up of spinach handmade noodle, so the noodle color is in light green, the photo can't really show the color here. The noodle soup is serve together with vegetables and seafood / beef / chicken, here we chose chicken. The soup is quite lite and not too salty, so it fits everyone tastebuds well; we had it during a raining night, so it surely did warm us well.
Jab Chae . RM15.90
The cellophane noodles (Tang Hoon) is stir fried with vegetables and chicken / beef. The noodle is so chewy when we munched it. Yum!
Kimchi Ji Gae . RM15.90
How can we not to order the Kimchi Ji Gae? That's my love after since I had it there few years ago, the Ji Gae is with lots of ingredients, bean curd, cellophane noodles, chicken, kimchi and etc. Compare to those Korean Restaurant that I tried, the level of spiciness of this Ji Gae is at the top, very spicy yet make me want for more. It come together with a bowl of brown rice, healthy to the max.  

Didn't order much dishes in Ko Hyang, since we were headed to Wong Ah Wah for second round dinner, hunt for their chicken wings!

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights
Address: LG-KG05, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: 12pm - 10pm (Daily)
Contact Number: NA

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Don't know why the weather is so hot today!

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